Children Bed Furniture

  1. The Christmas Gift Guide

    It's that time of year again! If you find yourself wondering year after year what on earth to do with all those "toys", we may have a solution for you. Many of our beds incorporate extensive storage systems and accessories which help to keep toys contained. No more standing on the Lego on the way to the bathroom at 1am... Read More
  2. The Benefits of Buying Children’s Bedroom Furniture Online

    Buying furniture can be somewhat stressful. More stressful still, is buying furniture for your child’s bedroom. You want them to feel like they have an opinion in what they’re getting, after all: it is their bedroom. However, after dragging them around furniture store after furniture store they often can’t be bothered and just want to go home. It’s a hard... Read More
  3. Be on Trend with Our Thuka Trendy Beds

    Every child needs a different bed to meet their needs. Find a great bed from our Thuka trendy beds range with various options available including underbed drawers for storage, large underbed drawer with a mattress and bunk beds. Thuka Trendy Single Bed A The Thuka Trendy Single Bed A is a solid whitewashed pine low sleeper. All Thuka beds are... Read More
  4. What Mattress Is Right for Your Little One?

    Choosing the Best Mattress for your Child When choosing a mattress, in general, the more coils a sprung mattress contains the better the support it will give. However, you may find that other factors are more important for your individual child. If he or she wets the bed, for example, you will need to prioritise hygiene and choose a mattress... Read More
  5. Creating Space with High Sleeper Loft Beds

    Children’s bedrooms are generally smaller spaces and require parents to make the most of the layout of the bedroom to maximise its potential. High sleeper and loft beds are raised and have usable space underneath in the way of drawers or a wardrobe. These can be a great way of maximising space in a small room and children love the... Read More
  6. Steens: The Complete Child's Bed Set

    Steens offers a wide range of high-quality beds for children of all ages. With comfort a top priority, Steens is a brand that you can trust. Providing beds that grow with your children. The beds are also available with a great selection of fun accessories. Choosing a bed for your child can prove tricky with so many options to consider... Read More
  7. Show Your Child How Easy It Is to Make a Bed

    A neatly made bed can make all the difference to the look of a bedroom, but busy working parents often do not have time to make all the beds. These tips from Children’s Bed Shop showing your child how to do this simple task will not only help to keep your house neat and tidy but also instills good habits... Read More
  8. Our Five Favourite Stompa Casa Beds

    Here at Children's Bed Shop we love the Stompa Casa High Sleeper range, and so do our customers. This well-known and reputable manufacturer really understands what makes kids and parents tick, and manage to combine what they want into one great space-saving and long-lasting bed. Kids will love the fun, the playtime, the imagination and the styles - parents will... Read More
  9. National Bed Month - 9 Beds your child will love

    Moving from a cot into a bed is a big step for any child, as is the move from a toddler bed into a bed more suitable for a growing boy or girl. Here we look at some great beds that both you and your children will love, whether they are going into a bed for the first time or... Read More
  10. Kids Bedroom Storage to Decor: Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

    From space and money saving solutions to kids bedroom storage, we have put together some top tips on how to decorate your child’s bedroom. This task can be a fun and challenging experience. With so many different designs and concepts to choose from, there is definitely something for all children whatever your budget. 1. Set a Budget Before redesigning of... Read More

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