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  • Spring is Almost Upon us – How to Get your Child’s Bedroom Ready!

    On 20th March we said goodbye to winter and hello to spring; the great thing about spring is the fact we are only one season away from summer but not only that it’s beautiful to see the trees and flowers starting to blossom again. At this time of year, it’s when we all start getting the tools and paint brushes out to attempt some DIY… if this year you’re focusing on the kid's bedrooms our cabin bed range from Julian Bowen is a great place to start for some inspiration.

    The little ones will get all excited knowing they’re getting their room decorated and no doubt have some crazy ideas for colours and themes which we all know if we went ahead with they’d be bored of it within a matter of weeks!

    Whether you’re doing the kids room because it needs a freshen up or because they’ve grown out of the current decor our Julian Bowen range has plenty of items to choose from; from a Julian Bowen Midsleeper, to chairs, chest of drawers and bookcases.Let your decor ideas blossom this spring

    This time of year it’s good to splash some colour and bring the bright vibes to life. Pastel colours are always a winner in our eyes, they’re neutral colours which can be suitable for all year round and of course, they’re not anything too bright and luminous that are going to give you a constant headache when cleaning the kid's rooms.

    If you’re looking to keep the walls a basic colour why not look at having one feature wall with gorgeous floral paintings, this way the spring and summer season will always be present in your life so when the weather does get miserable outside your children will still have something to brighten their mood and will be happy to play inside.

    By sticking to neutral, tame colours accessorising the room is easy, our Julian Bowen range includes a lot of whites, light greys and wood which will all go perfectly with your kiddies calm decorated room.

    A Julian Bowen Cabin Bed for their Sleepy Heads

     Before decorating your kid's room you’ve got to face the task of emptying it out first and that’s when you will realise how much stuff they have!

    After lumping all the toys, shoes, clothes and books out of the way we guarantee the realisation will start sinking in as to where all of this will then go once the room is decorated. That’s where our cabin bed range can come in useful, not only does it provide a luxurious bed for the little ones but they come with plenty of built-in storage. If you find one of our cabin beds isn’t exactly what you’re looking for then our Julian Bowen Midsleeper might be the ideal alternative.

    Although it doesn’t come with built-in drawers it does have plenty of space under the bed due to it being a midsleeper, this way you’ve got space to fill with drawers and storage units which you can choose.Be Spring Ready with Children’s Bed Shop

     Getting the kids room ready for spring doesn’t always mean having to decorate the whole room, you can make some smaller changes which will still have a huge effect on the room.

    From new bedding to twinkle lights, little features like this will brighten up the room; and who doesn’t love fresh bedding?

    Whether you are opting for a new Julian Bowen Midsleeper or cabin bed or just going for the smaller features to update the room we’re here to help with our expert tips and guidance.

  • Celebrating Mother's Day with your Little Ones

    We’re approaching the beautiful time of year where we celebrate how fantastic our mums truly are. From making the children’s beds to hoovering the whole house along with making delicious meals; as they say, not all superheroes wear capes!

    This one is probably one for the dads out there to read up on as you can help your little ones surprise their mum on Mothers Day and plan something wonderful to show her exactly how much she means to the family and to make her feel special.

    Our Children’s Bed Shop experts want to help you plan the perfect day and give you a gift guide that won’t break the bank but will be a gift all the special mummies are going to love!

    From Making the Children’s Bed to Breakfast in Bed

    Mother’s Day is the perfect day to get the kids up to make a tasty breakfast in bed, of course, dads make sure the children are supervised and not left frying the bacon or burning the toast on their own!

    Accompany the breakfast in bed with a fresh glass of orange juice or if you want to step it up a notch how about a mimosa, it’s only Mother’s Day once a year, it’s the perfect excuse for a cheeky bit of fizz in the morning. Don’t forget some beautiful flowers to add the finishing touches to the breakfast (maybe avoid picking mum’s freshly planted flowers in the garden though!)

    You can celebrate as a family by doing something fun but most importantly together, whether it’s bowling, cinema, a walk in the park or a lazy couch day watching all your favourite films with plenty of snacks.

    End the day with a candlelit bubble bath, while mum soaks, it’s up to you and dad to make sure she has her peace and quiet; probably a good time to do some bedtime reading!

    A Gift that will Mean the Most

    Buying a gift for someone isn’t about the price tag, a gift with great meaning and sentiment can mean a lot more when you know the person you’ve received it off has really thought about it and put a lot of effort in.

    Some great gift ideas for Mother’s Day could include

      • Baking a cake
      • Personalised photo mugs
      • Handpicked flowers (not from mum’s garden)
      • A family photo frame
      • Her favourite chocolates
      • Handcrafted Mother’s Day Card

    These are just a small few ideas which also don’t come with a big price tag.

    Hopefully, our tips have helped and you can make it the most fabulous Mother’s Day yet, enjoy the little ones being on their best behaviour and treating you like a queen; like we said the day only comes once a year!

    For all other days that the kids are getting up to no good and you need some other guidance and ideas on your children’s beds, bedtime routine, decor ideas and much more be sure to visit Children’s Bed Shop again.

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