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Childrens Tables & Chairs

At the Childrens Bed Shop, we think that our children’s bedroom accessories are some of the best around, from the best manufacturers of children’s bedroom furniture. Create your child’s dream space with our children’s accessory collection, consisting of high quality decorative items including play tents, lights, toy boxes and childrens armchairs. Make their space as special as they are, with our beautiful children's accessories. Our range of kid’s accessories will suit your and your child’s needs, as well as your budget. Designed for children’s bedrooms, playrooms or maybe even the corner of your living or family room, our range of children’s tables and chairs provide your child with their very own special place to sit, play, draw or read that is safe and practical as well as fun. The popular Kidsaw armchairs add comfort and style to any child’s bedroom or space, and the fun themed childrens table and chair sets offers somewhere for friends to sit on playdates. Kidsaw also do desk and chair sets in a range of colours, to get your younger children excited about doing their homework at their own special desk!The Julian Bowen Breton and Swivel chairs are a trendy alternative for a slightly older bedroom, for a child perhaps reaching the age where schoolwork gets more serious! Sit comfortably at the desk under your High sleeper, or the pull-out desk of your Midsleeper on one of these cool, grown-up study chairs.Take advantage of great value prices on kid’s accessories by browsing our complete selection, available to buy online at the Childrens Bed Shop.If you are in the stage of planning the design of your child's bedroom or have any further questions about our fantastic range of children’s beds and accessories, then please don’t hesitate to contact us where one of our friendly UK representatives will be more than happy to help.