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Single Beds for Teenagers

When it comes to teenagers, choosing a bed is a bit like choosing clothing. The bed needs to be comfortable but look a bit more grown-up and stylish than younger children's beds. Often, a new bed is not only due to practical purposes or simply having outgrown an old one, it is also a chance for a maturing child to put their own stamp on their bedroom, and our extensive range of high-quality single beds for teenagers ensures that we have something for everyone, no matter what their budding taste or decor requirements are. Low sleepers are ideal as single beds for teenagers girls & boys as they are very trendy, and high sleepers are a great option if a desk or study nook needs to be incorporated and space is limited. Teenagers often spend a lot of time in bed reading, studying or on their phones, so the support of a headboard is something to consider, and brands like Julian Bowen and Birlea both offer suitable options for teens. We also stock a wide range of beds with headboards only, or those with headboards and baseboards in wood or wrought iron. If space is limited we also feature a range of teenage single beds that incorporate storage space, and pull out drawers like those in many of the Amani range, or built-in shelves are a very practical choice. Single sleeper beds with pull out bases are also popular, especially for teens that are planning plenty of sleepovers but don’t want a double bed, or are short on space.