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Triple Sleeper Beds

Bunk beds have long been a popular solution when you have multiple children who need to sleep but limited space in which to put them. Triple sleepers take this one step further by adding an extra space to make sure all you children can sleep safely and comfortably.

Triple sleeper bunk beds come either on three levels or, if your ceiling is not quite high enough, by making the lower level double the width. As well as working for the larger family, this can be a great advantage when arranging sleepovers. Many children love the excitement of sleeping in bunk beds and this can just be magnified with a triple sleeper bed.

We stock a range of triple sleeper beds from respected brands such as Gami, Julien Bowen and Kids Avenue. This means you can be assured that our beds are of high quality and will give your children the good night’s sleep they deserve. They will also add a note of fun to your children’s bedroom with their child-friendly designs, as well as being available at the best possible prices.

If you have any questions about our triple sleeper beds or you want some help choosing which model is best for your children’s bedroom, all you need to do is contact one of our friendly and experienced representatives and they will be happy to help. We want you to have the best possible experience both purchasing a bed with us and making use of that bed for many years in the future.