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Kids Beds with Storage

We know how important it is to combine safety, comfort and practicality when it comes to bedroom furniture, and choosing a bed to make your little one’s room a mini sanctuary that they can cherish is an important decision. That’s why we have an affordable range of kids beds with storage to keep their precious things close to hand. Creating a delightful dream bedroom can be easier than you imagine because there are various options for a little extra storage, whether you need bunk beds, guest beds for the spare room, single beds and low sleeper beds, captains beds, cabin and mid sleeper beds, or loft and high sleeper beds. We offer a choice of in-built storage solutions like under bed drawers, nooks and shelves on single beds, or add on units like pull-out bookcases and desks for mid sleeper beds. This allows for a little customisation to make the perfect bedroom environment, and provides flexibility to adapt to your child’s storage needs. With storage that can be inconspicuous, you can keep everything from clothes and bedding to books and toys tidy while maximising floor space. Our kids beds with storage come in a range of sizes, designs and construction specifications, so there’s something for every size room and any decor style. We stock popular, reputable brands, like Amani UK, Julian Bowen, Dennis and Flexa Nordic, so you can rest assured that you’re investing in quality when you buy from the Children’s Bed Shop while getting a bed your child is sure to love!