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  • Return to school: how a cabin bed with desk can help sleep and study

    high sleeper with desk

    The start of a new term is an exciting time for children and after the slow pace of the holidays, it can also be a tiring one. Getting a good night’s sleep is key to a child’s development; studies have shown that it aids their ability to concentrate and learn, as well as improving their behaviour and overall mental health. Deep sleep is essential for the body’s repair and growth.

    Having a regular and predictable wind-down routine promotes healthy sleep patterns. For young children having a bath, dimming the lights and having a story can help them feel ready to sleep, while for older children switching off screens an hour before bedtime and reading a book relaxes them and encourages rest.

    Due to the pandemic, most children will also have been out of school for many months and will need encouragement to get back into the habit of studying. Providing children with their own space to study can assist with concentration.

    At Children’s Bed Shop we have a range of beds that are both truly comfortable and are cleverly designed with space to study.

    Cabin bed with desk

    For younger children, one option is the space-saving cabin bed with desk, complete with bookshelves; perfect for sleep and study. The cabin bed also has the option to add a tent underneath making it a fun den during the day.

    High sleeper with desk

    The high sleeper with desk range is ideal for creating more study space; with the bed raised higher there is more space for the desk and practical storage below.

    The Flexa Nordic High Sleeper can be turned into a single bed in the future, making it a good long-term investment. Contemporary in design, it comes in a range of finishes from solid white, to grey or rose, slatted or tongue and groove. The Flexa range is free from formaldehyde, solvents and any toxic colourants, hardwearing and robust.

    The Stompa Casa C High Sleeper Bed includes a desk and bookshelves but also boasts a pull-out sofa bed, which has neatly designed hidden storage for guest bedding; an excellent choice for older children who like having their friends to stay over. The Parisot Higher High Sleeper includes a wardrobe with hanging space for ample bedroom storage, cleverly utilising the space underneath the bed.

    Children's chair and desk

    We have a number of children’s chair and desk options, perfect for little children who enjoy creative play. Designed to fit together like a jigsaw, the assembly is quick, easy and you don’t need to bother with glue or screws.

    The range comes with shelves and blackboard painted areas for extra creativity. The range comes in grey, blue or pink with star detail for a contemporary feel. There is even a desk and chair designed to look like a JCB, perfect for little ones obsessed with trucks and diggers.

  • The Julian Bowen midsleeper bed is now back in stock at Children's Bed Shop.


    In stock and also in high demand due to its fun design and clever functionality, the Julian Bowen midsleeper bed is perfect for those looking for a mid sleeper with storage and comfort. Available in a range of durable finishes and colours to complement any room size or decor this childrens midsleeper bed hosts a range of practical and innovative features.

    The clever functionality of these beds gives you the lower height of a mid sleeper with storage solutions that maximise space through features such as pull out desks, shelves, built-in drawers and, with many models, the ability to change the positioning of the steps to suit the shape of the room.

    Younger children will be so excited to discover the open space for a cosy nook in many of the Julian Bowen midsleeper beds, where colourful play tents can be hung. Whilst their parents will welcome the different tent sizes that fit alongside many of the customisable options to suit their needs.

    Sleek, elegant design and on-trend matte tones are available for parents of tweens and teens looking for a childrens midsleeper bed that can grow with them and their personality. Coupled with robust deep steps for developing feet, these childrens midsleeper beds will provide a space to relax, store and study that grows with them.

    Customise your childrens midsleeper bed with an array of features.

    Now they're back in stock, once you've decided which Julian Bowen midsleeper bed is right for your child, you can further personalise it with choices from the extensive range of features available. Choose which depth of mattress will give your child a comfortable long nights sleep. Give them a swivel chair for their space-saving pull-out desk and a clip-on light that they can take up to bed with them for a bedtime story or some extra reading time as they drift to sleep.

    Need even more storage? Various models have further storage that can be incorporated in the bed itself or co-ordinating separates to continue the style and durability associated with Julian Bowen furniture throughout the room.

    Safety, durability and ethically sourced materials in a Julian Bowen Midsleeper bed.

    Supplying high-quality furniture for over 30 years Julian Bowen pride themselves on being members of SEDEX and so are committed to continuously developing ethical and environmental standards through not just their own manufacture but their entire supply chain. Each childrens midsleeper bed is finished with a durable lacquer and coating for long-lasting style and finish. Safety features such as high sides, easy-grip handrails and glow in the dark strips on steps offer reassurance for parents of children graduating to their first high sleeper.

    FREE DELIVERY on all Julian Bowen Midsleeper beds.

    Children's Bed Shop is pleased to have the Julian Bowen Midsleeper bed back in stock and will deliver one to you with a driver to assist with unloading free of charge making it easier and more affordable than ever to stylishly maximise the functional space in your home.

  • Make beds with underbed storage part of your children’s bedroom design

    Children’s bedrooms tend to get into a mess, no matter how inventive you are with the design. Fortunately, there are some great ways to brighten up your child’s bedroom and build-in some must needed storage space.

    Fitted cupboards are one option. They enable you to pile up all the clutter in one space and shut the door! The internal space of fitted cupboards is also very versatile and can be arranged to suit your needs. They can contain a combination of clothes rails, drawers, shoe racks and shelves.

    You can even install lighting so that you can see clearly when you are looking for things. There is an endless choice of door designs and space can be adapted as your child grows.

    Central to the design of any child’s bedroom is the bed itself. To create a fresh and airy feel, girls white metal beds are a great option. The timeless design does not date and is just as suitable for a teenager as it is for a toddler. This means that you will get your money’s worth from the purchase. Because the headboard is not solid, it gives the room a sense of space and can make it appear larger.

    Pair girls white metal beds with crisp cotton duvet sets for a contemporary feel or with patchwork bedspreads for a cosy country cottage vibe.

    For keeping clutter out the way, you can’t go wrong with a boys bed with drawers. They come in a range of attractive designs and are robust enough to stand up to kids leaping on and off them. The drawers can be used for spare clothes and bedding and for toys that would have been strewn all over the floor. They work best with simple bed linen designs in geometric patterns and bold bright colours.

    Why choose beds with underbed storage?

    If you don’t have underbed storage, you have essentially wasted the space under the bed and this adds up to quite a large area. This space is highly likely to end up being. However, with random bags and storage cases pushed at various angles, it will end up looking untidy. Beds with underbed storage are the neatest option.

    Another advantage is that you can reach the stored items easily. This is the main advantage over loft storage or storing things in high up cupboards.

    Your child is able to take ownership of the space and organise their own things which encourages independence. It can be used to store toys that they play with infrequently.

    In the summer, it is a useful space in which to store winter coats and boots. It can also be used to store spare bedding if you do not have space elsewhere in the house.

  • Advice for parents looking for bunk beds for kids

    Bunk beds save space and allow two children to share a bedroom and still have plenty of floor space for playing! They are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and designs. You can get pink bunk beds to suit light and airy bedroom or metal frames for a more urban feel.

    They have been around for centuries, but some parents are still reluctant to purchase them because they are worried about accidents. Whilst a small number of children do get injured each year in bunk beds, modern designs and safety features make sure that families can successfully use bunk beds for kids with no mishaps. Nearly all bunk bed accidents are completely preventable.

    Children's bunk beds in the UK have to comply with stringent safety standards but these are viewed as a minimum. When you buy children's bunk beds in the UK you can check on the safety features to make sure that they will protect your children.

    The safest beds have guardrails that are at least 10 cm high on both sides. Safety is also assured by purchasing mattresses that are designed especially for bunk beds. There are minimum requirements for gaps between slats and for mattress rungs.

    Safely using bunk beds for kids

    You can significantly reduce the risks by making sure that only older children use the bunk beds. It is recommended that the upper bunk is used by children over six years of age but every child is different. Ultimately it is up to the judgement of the parents. The bottom bunk can be used by younger children.

    The way in which you talk to your children about the bunk beds is also important. They should not view the beds as a toy or a climbing frame. Games, such as jumping from the top bunk or playing on the ladder, should be strongly discouraged. Bunk beds for kids are designed for one child only to sleep on the top bunk.

    There will be a weight limit and it is important that this is not exceeded. Also, if there are lots of children on the top bunk, someone is much more likely to fall out!

    Access to the top bunk must be via the ladder only, it is not safe to use a chair or to climb up the frame. It is not a good idea to bounce on either of the beds.

    A child could fall off the top bunk if they are bouncing or if they are on the bottom bunk they could hit their head.

    In general, the area around bunk beds should be kept clear and the bed itself should be reserved for resting and sleeping - not playing. Of course, this is not applicable if the bunk has a built-in playing area.

  • What age is a mid sleeper suitable for?


    Mid-Sleeper-BedAs soon as your child begins school, they begin to grow rapidly. One minute they are those pre-schoolers running around your ankles and in the blink of an eye they become little people with long limbs. They collect more ‘stuff’. Clothes become larger. They take up more space.

    It is amazing to watch them grow at this age, but they also need to get a good night’s sleep. School-aged children need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep per night. It is so important that you give them the right space in which to have a restful night’s slumber.

    As they grow, it is essential to buy a bed that will grow with them. A mid sleeper is the perfect bed to keep both of you happy.

    These are multifunctional beds that are raised from the floor. They are not as high as a high sleeper but still provide extra floor space beneath. They come in a variety of designs and colours, meaning that you will find the perfect bed for your child’s bedroom.

    A mid sleeper with storage can easily solve the problem of too much ‘stuff’ as well as making the climb into bed a fun experience.

    They tend not to have a second bed like a bunk bed. This means there is extra floor space below the bed. Perfect for your child to perfect their dance or wrestling moves!

    What age is a mid sleeper suitable for?

    We usually recommend these beds for children aged 6 and above. They are perfect for primary aged kids who are learning new skills and need more space in their bedrooms.

    What are the benefits?

    There are plenty. A mid sleeper with storage will give you much more space to store your kid’s ‘stuff’. The Steens Alba comes with a pull-out desk, providing your child with the perfect place to do their homework (or make slime). We also love the Julien Bowen Pluto mid sleeper with storage. This bed has a chest of drawers and a bookshelf. Your child can always read a book before lights out. No excuses.

    You can also add a little fun to bedtime with accessories. Steens for kids make a slide and tent accessories to liven up your kid’s room. Who doesn’t want a slide in their bedroom? This type of bed is perfect for growing with your child. Teenagers will accumulate a variety of things that need storing. Plus, they will need a desk for study and storage for all their school books and folders.

    We can help you choose the perfect bed for your your child. Why not explore our range to see some great bedroom ideas.

  • Steens for Kids, Boys & girls mid sleeper Beds!

    Steens for Kids

    You need a kid’s bed that will grow with your family, and the Steens for Kids range is the perfect collection for this.

    Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we understand that the needs of your children change as they grow up. So we are excited to introduce to you a variety of high-quality beds from Steens that do just this. From a girls mid sleeper bed to a Steens for kids bunk bed, this bed selection will have the perfect bed for your little people to rest their heads.

    Choose a girls mid sleeper

    The mid sleeper comes in white, whitewash, cool grey, two-tone and natural lacquer. The beauty of this bed is that it will grow or shrink, depending on what your family need. For £229 you can purchase the single bed with a mid sleeper kit. This means you have the choice of a single bed or a mid sleeper, depending on the size of the bedroom and the age of your child.

    As your child grows, you can also purchase a high sleeper kit, transforming the bed into something for an older child. Or, you can buy another single bed and the bunk bed kit to make a Steens for kids bunk bed if your family is growing in numbers.

    Accessorise with a mid sleeper tent

    Turn going to bed into an adventure by adding a mid sleeper tent. These tents cover the bottom of the bed, transforming bedrooms into fun play areas. You can opt for a plain colour such a blue or pink. Or you could turn your child’s bedroom into a circus or a knight’s castle. By pairing your mid sleeper tent with a bed tunnel and a pocket tidy, you are making your child’s bedroom a place which will entice them to bed. And, we all want our tired little ones to go to bed without making a fuss!

    If you really want to jazz up the sleeping experience, why not opt for a bed slide that attaches to the Steens for kids mid sleeper? Have your children sliding out of bed on a Monday morning eager for the day to start.

    Consider bunk beds

    A Steens for kids bunk bed is the perfect option for siblings who share a bedroom. Also available in a variety of colours, bunk beds help save space. They are also ideal for sleepovers and to help accommodate those extra guests so they will always come in handy.

    Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that Steens for kids provide the perfect sleeping solution for your children. Buy a girls mid sleeper for £229 and enjoy free delivery!

  • When to move child from toddler bed to single bed

    Is it time to move from a toddler bed to single bed?

    The transition from toddler bed to single bed is probably harder for the parents than the child. If we are honest, that small toddler bed represents those early years where our children have needed us the most. However, we can’t keep our kids small forever and there comes a time when you have to move from a toddler bed to single bed.

    When to move your child from a toddler bed to single bed?

    There are a few signs that will tell you when your child is ready to move to a single bed.

    1. Watch their weight Toddlers may look small, but they are growing rapidly. Keep an eye on their weight as most toddler beds are designed to hold up 22kg. Make sure you check this if your toddler has a sudden growth spurt.

    2. Give them room A toddler bed may be long, but they aren’t very wide. Your little one may need more room. Otherwise, they risk falling out of bed more often.

    3. Listen to them It is probably time to move from toddler bed to single bed when your child asks. They may start feeling that their little bed is a bit ‘babyish’ and will want to feel more grown-up.

    4. School starts They really should be out of a toddler bed by the time they start school. Toddler beds are not designed for school kids, so think about making the switch before they begin school.

    How do we make the change?

    Talk to your toddler about the change before it happens. Give them a few weeks notice, so it isn’t a complete surprise. Let them go shopping. There are plenty of stockists of children's single bed in the UK so you can take them on an adventure to choose their perfect bed.

    Think about their bedroom layout. A single bed is larger than a toddler bed; therefore, it will take up more space. There are plenty of cheap single beds with storage that will solve your space problem. If possible, have the bed next to a wall. This means there is less chance of your child falling out of bed. You can also buy guardrails for single beds.

    If you do opt for one of the many cheap single beds with storage on offer, let your child help with the reorganisation of their things. This will give them ownership of their new bed and make it feel more familiar.

    Whenever you decide to do it, make your child feel special. It is an exciting time for them. Why not hold a ‘new bed party’ to celebrate the change or get them a special treat they can store on their new bed? We are sure that they will embrace this new stage of their life.

  • What to consider when buying a children's bed with mattress

    Range of Children's Bed With Mattress

    Let's face it. We all love it when our kids are asleep! All of us have obsessed over when they go to sleep and how long they sleep for. It is vital that children get good sleep and it's a fact that they need more sleep than adults. A child's brain consolidates its learning during sleep, and this is the time when the whole body grows rapidly.

    It is also vital that when choosing a children's bed with mattress, you consider the support they will need. Small bodies become larger bodies very quickly, and they will need a mattress that supports the spine and keeps bones aligned.

    Having the right children's bed and mattress also reduces the amount of fidgeting and rolling that a child does at night, meaning they are more likely to stay asleep.

    So, when you are selecting a children's bed with mattress, make sure you do your research and ensure you find the correct one.

    What type of mattress is best for kids?

    The three most common mattress types for children are:

    Open coil Pocket Sprung Foam

    Remember, if you are buying your 3 or 4-year-old a new children's bed with mattress, it should last until they are 10 or 11. Think carefully about spending a little more money so that you ensure it will last. Also, remember that you must buy a specific sized mattress if you are considering purchasing a cabin bed or bunk bed.

    Open Coil Mattress This is your purse-friendly option. They provide decent support by spreading your child's weight across the entire mattress. A boy or girls bed with mattress must provide optimal spinal alignment, and an open coil mattress does this.

    Pocket Sprung Mattress These mattresses tend to be filled with natural fibres such as wool and cotton, which makes them an attractive option for parents. They are durable and more supportive than the open coil design because they are more responsive to your child's movements in bed.

    Foam Mattress If your child fidgets a lot in their sleep, perhaps go for this type when you buy your children's bed with mattress. These mattresses help reduce sleep movement and are incredibly durable.

    If it is time to switch from a toddler bed and buy a boys or girls bed with mattress, make sure you do some research. Knowing how much development happens during sleep means that ensuring that your child gets a proper night's sleep is vital. And if they sleep well, you sleep well!

  • What is a captain's bed?

    captains bed in the UK

    The aptly named captains bed is inspired by space-saving furniture designs found on sailing ships. Space is at a premium on a boat so beds are designed to be higher off the ground with cleverly built-in storage underneath.

    These beds are just as popular on-land as they are at sea. They are the perfect beds for children as they provide clever storage spaces that don't intrude on bedroom floor space. They are also perfect for adults so there will be no need to replace your child’s bed even as they grow.

    The rise in popularity of the captains bed in the UK proves how versatile and helpful these beds can be. These multipurpose items provide fantastic storage solutions. Moreover, some captains beds also include pull out beds that are perfect for sleepovers.

    Why choose a captain’s bed?

    As parents, we all know that children accumulate stuff and you need somewhere to put all that stuff. Having a kids bed with drawers is the perfect solution for clearing away the clutter and stopping toys from invading your own space. Not only do they have drawers, but you can also choose beds that have shelves and even hidden extra beds.

    When you look for a captain’s bed with storage, you should consider the following:

    1. Where the access to the storage is. This will dictate where the bed is positioned in the bedroom.
    2. What bedding you will need. You don’t want to hinder access to drawers and cupboards.
    3. What furniture you will no longer need. A captains bed with storage will mean you need less furniture in the bedroom, giving you more floor space.

    Captain beds also come in many different designs and colours. You can choose from natural wood colours to the enduringly popular white which many people opt for in their child’s bedroom. The design of a typical captains bed in the UK is stylish and modern. Your child will just love spending time in their bedroom reading or listening to music.

    How to choose a captains bed.

    When you start shopping for a captains bed in the UK, you'll find that suppliers have a wide range of styles and storage solutions.

    Maybe having a kids bed with drawers means you can put away out of season clothes or spare bedding. Perhaps a captains bed with storage that includes shelves means your child has easy access to books and toys. Plus, there is no excuse for them to leave them lying on the floor!

    When choosing a captains bed in the UK, furniture suppliers, including us, have it covered.

  • Are bunk beds safe for toddlers?

    Children grow so fast and in order to do so, they need plenty of sleep. It is, therefore, vital that you find the perfect sleeping solution for your kids. Now your toddler has outgrown their cot, you may be considering buying bunk beds to help minimise space.

    Can toddlers sleep in a bunk bed?

    No child under the age of 6 is allowed to sleep in the top bunk of a bunk bed. However, once your toddler is big enough, there is no reason why they can’t move into the bottom bunk.

    Are there different types of bunk beds?

    There are various models of bunk beds for kids so you can find the ideal bed for your family and home.

    - Standard Bunks The traditional style with one bed on top of another connected by a ladder remains a popular choice. Not only do they save space, but they are also very reasonably priced.

    - Storage Bunks These bunk beds for kids are great when siblings are sharing a room. The extra storage provided means that there is extra space to keep all their belongings.

    - Double Bunks These may help persuade an older child to share with their younger sibling. A single top bunk and a double bunk bed are great when you want to have guests to stay over. Plus, they are perfect for sleepovers.

    - Trundle Bunk Beds These come with a pull out bed and are another great sleepover option. Rather than having a lower double bunk that may take up valuable space, this option means the extra bed can be pushed underneath the bunk beds when not needed.

    - Low Bunk Beds A popular choice, these will give you peace of mind if both your children are younger. Within this range, you will find some amazing designs that will have your children begging to go to bed in the evening.

    - L Shaped Bunk Beds These beds are great if a bedroom has a little more space. The bottom bunk sits at a 90° angle to the top bunk. This means the child on the lower bunk will feel as though they have more space. These beds normally come with extra storage too which is always useful.

    When purchasing bunk beds, you must always consider safety. Follow the assembly instructions carefully. Make sure your children understand that it isn’t a climbing frame and shouldn’t be treated like one. Finally, only let one child on the top bunk at a time.

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