September 2020

  1. Return to school: how a cabin bed with desk can help sleep and study

    The start of a new term is an exciting time for children and after the slow pace of the holidays, it can also be a tiring one. Getting a good night’s sleep is key to a child’s development; studies have shown that it aids their ability to concentrate and learn, as well as improving their behaviour and overall mental health... Read More
  2. The Julian Bowen midsleeper bed is now back in stock at Children's Bed Shop.

      In stock and also in high demand due to its fun design and clever functionality, the Julian Bowen midsleeper bed is perfect for those looking for a mid sleeper with storage and comfort. Available in a range of durable finishes and colours to complement any room size or decor this childrens midsleeper bed hosts a range of practical and... Read More

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