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  • Top tips to encourage your child to tidy their bedroom

    From looking after your little ones, to keeping on top of the homes daily chores, parents already have a lot on their plate when it comes to keeping the household happy! Having a child that helps out by tidying their bedroom is a huge blessing for busy mum’s and dad’s, and also teaches them independence and essential life skills early on. Here at Children’s Bed Shop we’ve put together a few handy tips to help get the ball rolling and encourage your child to keep their bedroom tidy all year round.

    Show them how it’s done

    Since your child might not have a lot of practice in this area, it’s best to start off by tidying with them. This way you can talk them through each step and teach them things like hanging clothing, and show them which drawers each item should be kept in. A great space saving solution when keeping your child’s room is to look for cabin beds with storage drawers built in. Once your child feels like they know what they’re doing, they won’t feel as overwhelmed when the time comes to tidy up on their own.

    Make it fun

    If your child is reluctant to tidy, try turning tidying up into a game. This could mean setting a time limit for all the tidying up to be done in, making them eager to complete the task within the amount of time set. Just make sure the time limit you choose is reasonable for the amount of mess or size of their room - the last thing you want is toys and mismatched socks stuffed under the bed by a very rushed little one! Another trick could be to spruce up your child’s bedroom furniture by using toy boxes with fun designs such as a kitchen playbox. This makes tidying up seem more like playtime, while your child may also take more pride in the fun design of their room.

    Give them rewards

    Once your child has successfully tidied their bedroom, give them a reward of some kind to reinforce the idea that they did a good job. This could be their favourite sweet treat, letting them watch their favourite show or taking them on day out to a place they love. Whatever you can do to let your child see what they’ve done as an accomplishment is going to improve the chances of them being more motivated to tidy up after themselves in the long run.

  • Our top picks for Children’s bedroom furniture

    When shopping for the perfect items for your child’s bedroom, you can often forget to put as much thought into the bedroom furniture as you do the bed itself. Once you’ve found the perfect bed from our wide selection at Children’s Bed Shop, take a look at this guide to some of our top picks for bedroom furniture.

    Kidsaw JCB Bedside Table

    Equally as fun as it is practical, this JCB Bedside Table from Kidsaw is sure to brighten up your child’s bedroom! This table combines the design of a JCB workshop table with a practical bedside table and shelf unit for your child. Best of all, this table is incredibly easy to assemble, with pieces that easily slot together without the need for screws and tools.

    Gami Elisa Chest

    The Elisa Chest of drawers by manufacturer Gami is a great piece of furniture for your child’s room. The modern white and lilac design of this piece will fit perfectly in princess themed bedrooms, and is ideal for brightening up a bedroom with minimal decor. The three drawers in this chest leave plenty of room for storing your little one’s bits and bobs, while sturdy construction means this product should last for many years to come.

    Gami Montana 3 Door Wardrobe in Bleached Ash

    For optimum storage space and a strong, stylish design, the Montana 3 door wardrobe by Gami is a wonderful choice for children’s rooms. This wardrobe is especially handy for older children who need a larger wardrobe for their growing clothing collection, while the bleached ash shade makes it versatile enough to fit any colour scheme.

    Tipi Desk

    Every child needs the right spot to settle down and get some homework or reading done, and this tipi desk is perfect for that! Part of the equally as stylish tipi bedroom set, this desk features a cool design and high quality pine finish, making it an ideal fit for any bedroom.

    Steens For Kids Low Bookcase in Grey

    Practicality and style are merged into one with this beautiful grey bookcase from Steens for Kids. This bookcase is perfect for reading corners or dens, being compact enough to fit comfortably into small spaces while still having enough storage space for all your child’s favourite books.

  • The best children’s beds for sleepovers

    Ever had an impromptu guest stay at your house, and not had a place for them to sleep? Children are often having friends stay over, and rather than have them suffer the two-seater sofa, children’s beds with guest bed included are often the way to go! If your little one loves hosting slumber parties with friends, take a look at our selection of our best sleepover solutions.

    Children's beds with guest bed - Tipi bed

    Tipi Cabin Bed

    One of Children’s Bed Shops newest additions, your child and their friends will love playing ‘camp out’ with the Tipi Cabin Bed. This bed is perfect for sleepovers as it has the option of an underbed drawer which can be used as a guest bed, and can easily add some imagination to any room!

    Children's beds with guest bed - Parisot bishop bed

    Parisot Bibop 2 Acacia Bunk Bed

    With endless storage options, built in shelves and optional underbed drawer, the Parisot Bibop 2 Arcadia Bunk Bed is a great choice for sleepover parties. This bed can sleep 3 children and features a wooden design in a light beige shade, making it simple, practical and comfortable enough for everyday use.

    Children's beds with guest bed - Julian Bowen bed

    Julian Bowen Cosmo Guest Bed

    Sleek, stylish and compact, the Julian Bowen Cosmo Guest Bed is a great choice for any child’s room. The built in guest bed slides underneath the main frame, making it easy and quick to set up for sleepovers. The brown leather look finish with high headboard adds a touch of sophistication to your child’s room, and is versatile enough to fit any colour scheme.

    Children's beds with guest bed - Sweet Dreams bed

    Sweet Dreams Ruby Pink Captains Bed

    This children’s bed with guest bed is the go-to choice for pink obsessed kids everywhere! The Sweet Dreams Ruby Pink Captains Bed makes an adorable addition to any child’s bedroom, and the built in guest bed makes sleepovers easier in an instant. This frame also comes in blue, and contains three storage drawers for all those essential bits and bobs.

    Children's beds with guest bed - Julian Bowen folding bed

    Julian Bowen Rimini Folding Guest Bed

    If you’re happy with your current child’s bed but are just looking for a quick sleepover solution, the Julian Bowen Rimini Folding Guest Bed is for you. With an aluminium finish, folding design, slatted base and foam mattress, this model provides a comfortable bed that can be easily stored away when not in use. This guest bed is also lightweight, and could even be taken to sleepovers held in friends houses or on camping trips.

    If you didn’t quite find what you wanted from this selection, check out the rest of our range of children’s beds with guest bed included that you and your child will love.

  • 5 steps to the perfect bedtime story

    “Tell me a story” are words that most parent is likely to hear at some point in their life. While many revel in the chance to get creative and put together a fun story for their child, a lot of parents struggle to come up with a good enough story, especially when there are so many great children’s books available.

    Bedtime stories are beneficial for children in so many ways, helping with brain development, stimulating their imagination and making it easier for them to deal with challenges that arise throughout their lifetime. Getting yourself and your child involved in the creation of a bedtime story is a great way to bond, make the story more personal and enforce positive lessons. Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to make up the perfect bedtime story for your child.

    Children's Bed Shop - How to write a bedtime story

    Remember the end goal

    Before you begin, make sure to keep in mind your end goal - getting your child to sleep! You’ll want to keep your story interesting, but also won’t want to get them too riled up with an overly exciting story. Keep the tone of the tale relaxed and positive, avoiding any references to violence or anything else that could be upsetting.


    Keep their interests in mind

    Think about your child’s hobbies and interests and try to plan your story around this. For example, if your child is obsessed with horses, incorporate this into the stories plot. Planning the story in this way is likely to grab your child’s attention more easily and make the tale more enjoyable to them.


    Make it personal

    If you’re stuck for inspiration, try translating real life events from your child’s day into the story. If something particularly happy or fun happened to your child, such as a trip to the zoo, center your plot around this idea. You could even make their pet or favourite cuddly toy the main protagonist, keeping the story personal and saving you the hassle of coming up with a new character!


    Let your child drive the plot

    Spark your little one’s imagination even further by allowing them to make up the story with you. Doing so is not only a beneficial way to encourage creativity, but it also gives you the chance to get an insight into what your child is thinking, and reveals any anxieties they may be having that need to be resolved.


    Finish on a positive note

    After any trials and tribulations your character might have faced throughout the story, it’s important to always end on a happy note. Try and also include a subtle lesson in the conclusion. For example, if the main character felt angry about sharing their toys with another character, end the story by reinforcing the idea that sharing is the right thing to do, and makes everyone happy.


    We hope you take these tips on board and create a bedtime story that will have your little one snoozing in no time! Don’t forget to tuck them into one of our fantastic Children’s Bed Shop beds, in a variety of comfortable and fun styles that make bedtime easier than ever before.

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