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  • A guide to our favourite high sleeper beds

    When faced with the task of choosing a new bed for your child, bunk beds and high sleeper beds are always a popular choice. Children love the novelty of sleeping in a bed that they have to climb a ladder to get into, and with the extra space for storage or furniture, high sleeper beds can also be a favourite with parents! Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we have an amazing selection of high sleeper beds to choose from, and with styles such as the Steens high bunk and the Scallywag high sleeper, you’re sure to find a bed you and your little one will love.

    steens high bunk

    The Steens For Kids High Sleeper Bed and Single Bed in Natural Lacquer

    The Steens high bunk is a popular choice at Children’s Bed Shop, and the high sleeper and single bed in natural lacqueur is a great option when looking for a new bed for your child. This Steens sleeper comes with a matching single bed underneath, making it perfect for children that share a room, and is just as handy for sleepover guests!

    steens high bunk

    Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed

    With its sleek metal frame and simple design, the Sweet Dreams opal high sleeper bed is versatile enough to fit any child’s bedroom. The bed comes with a desk underneath that’s perfect for getting homework done, and has a sturdy mesh base and durable frame to ensure your child sleeps safe and sound.

    steens high bunk

    Parisot Swan High Sleeper Bed

    Stylish, practical and fun, this Parisot Swan high sleeper isn’t a bed to go unnoticed! This bed has a beautiful, modern design, and includes a built in desk, shelves and hanging clothes rail, making it an excellent space saving solution! The white finish means this frame is versatile enough for both girls and boys rooms, and will compliment any decor and colour scheme perfectly.

    steens high bunk

    Julian Bowen Bedsitter High Sleeper Bed

    For those who favour a more classic style, the Julian Bowen bedsitter high sleeper is one you won’t want to miss. The frame is made from solid pine with an antique finish that will look great paired with matching furniture and wooden floors. This style also comes complete with an under bed wardrobe and desk, leaving your child’s room a lot more spacious.

    steens high bunk

    Scallywag High Sleeper

    The Scallywag high sleeper is perhaps one of our most innovative and versatile beds yet, and it’s not hard to see why. The bed comes complete with a wardrobe and desk, and is available in a wide range of colours. With the purchase of a modular extension kit, the Scallywag frame also has the option to be transformed into a single or midsleeper bed, making it ideal for those kids that can’t quite make up their minds!

  • Top tips to help your children to sleep in the hot weather

    With so many parents having trouble getting their kids to sleep at night to begin with, the introduction of some hot, humid weather can make matters ten times worse. Young children that are too hot in their bed can be agitated, restless and unable to settle, therefore it’s important to prepare for the warmer summer weather with some help from these handy tips.

    steens sleeper

    Prepare them for bedtime

    Get your child ready for a peaceful sleep by introducing a new bedtime routine. Giving them a bath with cooler water than usual is a good way to help drop their temperature and make them more refreshed before bedtime. Since the heat can make children irritable, it’s vital to also keep them calm before they sleep. Try lightly dabbing your child with a cold flannel during their bedtime story to help them relax and drift into a peaceful sleep.

    Make sure they have cotton bedding

    Appropriate bedding is key to keeping your little one cool, and usual bedding options such as a waterproof mattress cover can encourage sweating and cause even more discomfort. Natural fibres such as white cotton bed sheets are your best bet, as they’re breathable and the light shade will stop the absorption of any sunlight that comes in the windows through the day. A high quality bed frame such as the Steens sleeper will also provide them with the right comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.

    steens sleeper

    Keep the room cool

    Bring a small fan into your child’s bedroom to keep them nice and cool throughout the night, making sure to angle it far enough away for them to not be bothered by the breeze. Placing ice cubes in containers may also cool the room down, and ensure you leave windows open through the day to let some breeze in - while still keeping part of the curtain pulled across to block any sunlight from filling the room.

    Limit their nightwear

    The fewer items of clothing your child wears on a hot night, the more comfortable they’ll be. Make sure you switch their usual nightwear for something thinner and cooler, or even just let them sleep in their nappy. For older children, pyjama sets and nighties made from materials such as cotton and other lightweight fabrics are a good option for the summer months.

    Keep them hydrated

    Hot weather can result in dehydration, and your baby or child may need to drink a lot more than usual to quench their thirst. Stick bottled water in the freezer through the day for your child to drink, and make sure they have a glass of water available on their bedside table to grab if they get thirsty through the night.

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