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  • Introducing the grey range at Children’s Bed Shop

    There’s lots of things to consider when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, whether that’s the colour scheme, decor or layout of the room. While these are all big elements however, one thing that deserves your full attention over is the bed! The bed you choose for your little one’s room is important as it should meet your child’s needs, be comfortable, and be versatile enough to fit the design of any space. One way to ensure your child’s bed is stylish enough to stand the test of time is to focus on a minimal colour scheme for the frame, which is why we’ve put together a guide to some of our favourite beds from the grey range. From the Gami Montana Cabin Bed to the simple Steens High Sleeper, here’s some of the best grey beds perfect for any room!


    Grey Kids Avenue midsleeper bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Kids Avenue Urban Grey Midsleeper 2

    Great for saving some space in your child’s room, this practical yet stylish bed by Kids Avenue is not to be missed. The mix of light grey and white is a fresh addition to any bedroom, while the built in desk and cabinet provide space to store any bits and bobs while also doubling up as a handy study area.


    Steens high sleeper bed in grey - Children's Bed Shop


    Steens For Kids High Sleeper Bed in Grey

    If you want versatility, you can’t get much better than the Steens High Sleeper Bed in Grey. This bed’s simple design puts the focus on the decor of your child’s room, while the bunk bed frame also adds a fun element that your little one will love. Gami Jeko single bed - Children's Bed Shop


    Gami Jeko Single Bed

    For those who like to keep things classic, a single bed is usually the best option. This Gami Jeko Single Bed features a calming grey shade that would look great paired with a bright colour scheme, or even with minimal interiors if that’s what you prefer. This bed also has some under bed space for you to keep any unsightly items and keep your child’s room looking as neat and tidy as it should!


    Julian Bowen midsleeper bed - Children's Bed Shop


    Julian Bowen Pluto Midsleeper Bed in Grey

    Similar to the Steens frame, the Julian Bowen Pluto Midsleeper bed in grey is a simple yet beautiful children’s bed. This frame features a lighter grey shade than the Steens model, and also comes with the option of an added tent to instantly transform your child’s bed into the perfect play area or reading den!

    Gami Montana cabin bed - Children's Bed Shop

    The Gami Montana Mezzanine Cabin Bed in Grey Oak

    Out of all the grey beds available at Children’s Bed Shop, the Gami Montana Cabin Bed in grey oak is the most suitable for more sophisticated decor. Perfect for smaller spaces, this bed comes with a built in desk, bookcase, wardrobe and chest of drawers to easily keep all your child’s belongings in one place.


    Shop these styles and the full range of grey beds available at Children’s Bed Shop now to help find the perfect bed for your little one!

  • How to make your child’s room extra cosy this Autumn

    The nights are getting longer, so make the most of the extra time spent indoors with your little monster, keeping them as comfortable as possible with our range of furniture, wardrobes, children’s bunk beds and other accessories. It won’t stop them from bouncing off the walls, in fact it may even encourage them. But hey, that’s children for you.

    Cosy bedrooms are built around the bed, so let’s start with that. Out of our wide range of children’s bunk beds, the grey Julian Bowen Pluto Midsleeper Bed is one of our favourites, with a stylish, smooth, grey finish. It has a nifty little ladder for the little one to scramble up, hopefully tiring themselves out in the process, and it even comes with a little play space underneath. Perfect!

    Pluto grey mid sleeper bed

    Of course, all that play will encourage lots of toys to be left about. And if you’ve ever stood on an action figure, well, you’ll know it’s the opposite of cosy. So why not check out our range of play boxes and storage units that not only look great, they’ll (hopefully) reinforce the idea to your child that putting their toys away is part of the play time experience.

    Inspire your child

    Then there’s our collection of stylist, elegant bookcases. It’s often said that reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are, which may be vital during those winter storms. A bookcase will not only brighten up your child’s room and keep all their favourites in order, it’ll encourage a wonderful hobby that enriches the imagination and helps with cognitive development.

    Of course, all that reading might make your child into a budding author, in that case they may also need a play space for the mind. Our selection of desks are built to accommodate various room sizes and shapes, including pull-out desks, matching desk and chair pairs, desks with drawers and shelves. Meaning there is plenty of opportunity to write that short story, or scribble and colour away, with the storage space to keep it tidily in place.

    Gami grey children's bookcase

    Keep them safe

    …as well as snug. Our sprung and memoflex mattresses are carefully crafted for the beds we provide, and are designed to be as safe as possible without sacrificing comfort.

    Of course, this is only a little taste of what we have to offer. Check out Children’s Bed Shop’s full collection of children’s bunk beds, mid sleeper beds and more for a design that you and your child see fit.  

  • The best CBS beds for small bedrooms

    There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the right bed for your child. Whether you’re looking for a simple single bed or a fun frame to brighten up the space, it’s important to explore your options carefully to make the right choice. For those with only the option of smaller spaces for their child’s bedroom, there are a variety of great beds available at Children’s Bed Shop that are ideal for saving space. From midi sleeper beds to cabin beds, take a look at our top picks of the best Children’s Bed Shop beds for small rooms.

    Steens midi sleeper beds grey

    Steens For Kids Midsleeper In Grey


    For those who wish to keep things simple yet stylish, this grey midsleeper bed from Steens is a fantastic choice. The minimal design and grey shade of this bed frame means it’s versatile enough to fit into any colour scheme, and the mid height design allows for handy underbed space to store all your child’s bits and bobs - tidied away neatly of course! Thuka midi sleeper beds

    Thuka Trendy Midsleeper Bed


    For those who wish to add a pop of colour to their child’s bedroom, the Thuka trendy midsleeper bed is a great way to bring some fun to any room’s decor. This bed’s frame is made from solid pine with a beautiful white finish, and the built in tent provides plenty of space for you to keep toys and other items out of sight. Best of all, this midi sleeper bed can also be easily transformed into a single bed, meaning it can be used even as your child grows older. Gami midi sleeper beds

    Gami Babel Compact Cabin Bed


    Another from our grey range, the Gami babel compact cabin bed is a cool yet practical frame for your child’s room. Crafted from solid particleboard, this bed comes with plenty of storage space, with the option of a built in bookcase, wardrobe, cupboard, shelf and pull out desk, keeping all your child’s belongings nice and compact. Parisot high sleeper bed

    Parisot Swan High Sleeper Bed


    When it comes to compact bed frames, you don’t get much better than the Parisot swan high sleeper bed. The slender design of this bed includes a desk area, shelves and hanging rail which is ideal for those short of space. The minimal style of this frame also blends perfectly with any colour scheme. Top tip - pair this bed frame with neutral coloured walls and furniture to optimise your space and make the room appear more open!


    To see more of our space saving high sleeper, cabin and midi sleeper beds, shop the full range now at Children’s Bed Shop!

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