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  • A guide to choosing the best style of bed for your child


    Children's Bed Shop - the best bed for your child

    When it comes to buying the perfect bed for your child, it can be hard knowing just where to begin. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to shopping for children’s bedroom furniture, and whether your little one has a certain interest or just needs a bed that will last them years to come, you need to be sure to find the right bed for them. From the perfect cabin bed with tent to the best simple single bed, here’s our guide to choosing the best style of bed for your little one.

    Children's Bed Shop - Steens bunk bed

    Are they sharing with a sibling?

    If you have two kids that share one room, you’ll need to find the best bed to accommodate both of them. The Steens For Kids Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed in Solid Plain White is a frame with a fun and quirky twist on the classic bunk bed. This bed is made from sturdy, high quality material and can even be split into two separate beds if needed.

    Gami Montana cabin bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Is their room on the small side?

    For kids who’s bedrooms are on the smaller side, the Gami Montana Mezzanine Bed in Grey Oak is the perfect choice. This high sleeper bed comes with a built in desk and storage shelves, making plenty of space in the room for other furniture. For those who prefer a single bed style, the Amani Captains Bed with Underbed is for you, with plenty of built in storage space as well as a classic wood design.

    Gami Jeko single bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Is versatility important?

    For many, investing in a new bed for your child is a big commitment, especially when they’ll grow out of the style in a few years. If you have younger children or family members you can pass beds down to, choose styles that are versatile enough to fit any bedroom decor or tastes. The range of grey beds at Children’s Bed Shop are perfect for this, especially the Gami Jeko Single Bed which has a sleek, contemporary appearance and comes in a choice of either grey or white shade. Another popular choice is the Steens Memphis Midsleeper which also comes in grey or white, and has the option to double up as a cabin bed with tent whenever you feel like giving your child’s room an instant update.

    Children's Bed Shop - Kidsaw racing car bed

    Does their room need a fun update?

    For child’s rooms that are in desperate need for a bit of fun and inspiration, our range of themed beds are your go-to option. Popular styles such as the Kidsaw Racing Car Junior Bed can instantly update any space and boost your child’s imagination and make bedtime exciting. If you’re after a themed bed with more of a contemporary style, the Tipi Cabin Bed should be top of your list, made using quality pine with a sleek white finish.

    To see our full range of children’s beds to find the perfect cabin bed with tent or themed bed, take a look at the rest of our products at Children’s Bed Shop.

  • The best bedtime stories to read to your child on Christmas eve


    Children's Bed Shop - Christmas eve bedtime story

    Christmas is such an exciting time for children. The magical atmosphere, the thought of Santa soaring through the sky, the stocking full of presents - all of it can become too much excitement to handle, especially on Christmas eve night! It can often be harder to get your little one to stick to their usual bedtime routine, which is why we’ve been working at Children’s Bed Shop to put together a guide to some of the best bedtime stories to read to your child this Christmas eve night!

    Children's Bed Shop - Christmas eve bedtime stories

    All I Want For Christmas by Rachel Bright

    Perfectly fun and festive, this picture book by Rachel Bright is sure to put a smile on every child’s face. The book centers around two penguins celebrating Christmas and realising that love and spending time with loved ones is the best gift of all!

    Children's Bed Shop - Christmas eve bedtime stories

    Dream Snow by Eric Carle

    In this festive read, a farmer lives alone on a farm with his animals which he names ‘one, two, three, four and five’. One Christmas eve night he falls asleep and dreams that he and his animals are covered in a blanket of snow, only to find upon waking that snow had covered his farm overnight. This is a perfect peaceful read for children that need some calming down on Christmas eve, and sure to give your little one some magical dreams.

    Children's Bed Shop - Christmas eve bedtime stories

    Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore.

    A Children’s Bed Shop favourite, this classic poem deserves a place in every child’s bedtime story collection, and is a great thing to read before your little one drifts off on Christmas eve night. For a more interactive read, look for books with illustrations to capture the essence of the poetry.

    Children's Bed Shop - Christmas eve bedtime stories

    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

    Everyone knows this classic tale of Ebeneezer Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past and Christmas yet to come. Rather than reading the full Charles Dickens version, look for a condensed and shorter kids edition of the story that won’t take all night to get through - leaving you plenty of time for a mulled wine or two!

    Children's Bed Shop - Christmas eve bedtime stories

    Charlotte and the quiet place by Deborah Sosin

    For children who need an extra push to get to sleep on Christmas eve night, try this brilliant story from Deborah Sosin. Although not a Christmas story, this book has been praised for its ability to calm kids down at bedtime. It centers on a little girl named Charlotte, who loves the quiet but struggles to find a place free from noise. Throughout the story, we practice mindful breathing with Charlotte, causing your child to calm down as a result.


    Want to the find the perfect bed for your little one to get a restful sleep in? Check out our full range of beds at Children’s Bed Shop, including the stylish and versatile Steens Memphis bed in grey. Or for more information on our range of grey children's beds, take a look at our blog post here! 

  • The best beds to feed your child’s imagination

    Children's Bed Shop - themed beds guide

    All kids are different and have their own interests and hobbies, which is why it can sometimes be tricky to find a bed that’s comfortable enough to give your child a good night’s rest while also feeding their imaginative side! Luckily, here at Children’s Bed Shop we have a wide selection of themed beds that are perfect for imaginative little ones. Since creative play is crucial to development, take a look at our guide to some of our favourite beds that are sure to unleash your child’s imagination in no time!

    Themed beds - house cabin bed


    For the one who likes to ‘play house’

    If your little one loves playing house in their bedroom, the house cabin bed is a perfect fit! The frame of this bed comes complete with windows, a skylight, and a windowsill to keep any bits and bobs. Your child will love transforming this into their own little den, and it even comes with added storage drawers which is a bonus for those looking for space saving options. 

    Themed beds - fire engine bed

    For the budding firefighter

    The fire engine bed from Julian Bowen is definitely one of the most fun styles we offer, making it perfect for imaginative kids! The bed also features a realistic drivers area and front window which lets the bed double up as a fun play space.  

    Themed beds - Steens Memphis midsleeper

    For the circus lover

    If you’re looking for themed beds that are creative and fun but also have a more versatile design, the Steens Memphis bed in grey is a great choice. This bed has the option to attach a tent to the lower part of the frame, which provides the perfect play area for your child. To feed their imagination even further, consider transforming the under bed space into a reading den for your child, adding bean bag chairs, fairy lights and a selection of their favourite books.

    Themed beds - race car beds

    For the one who’s car obsessed

    You’ll be hard pressed to find a child who doesn’t love the novelty of sleeping in a racing car, making the Julian Bowen Venom Racer Bed a great choice to liven up any room. This bed features immaculate graphic details, unique design and striking blue finish that you and your child will love.

    Themed beds - tipi cabin bed

    For the festival fan  

    Whether your child daydreams about the fields of Glastonbury or the wild wild west, they’ll love camping out in the tipi cabin bed. The design of this bed is super fun while also being versatile enough to fit any colour scheme. For added brownie points, shop the full set including the tipi bookcase and desk for the ultimate finishing touch.

    Want to see more? Shop our full range of themed beds now at Children's Bed Shop! 

  • What to do about sleepwalking in Children

    Many of us will have encountered sleepwalking at one point or another, and while sleepwalking is a common occurrence in children, it can still be alarming to see. If your little one is prone to sleepwalking and you’re looking for some advice on what to do, read these simple tips from us at Children’s Bed Shop.

    Children's Bed Shop - what to do about sleepwalking in children

    Keep a sleep log

    In order to get more of an insight into the issue, try keeping a log each night that outlines your child’s sleep behavior. Note down what time your child went to bed, what they did before sleeping (e.g had a bath or watched TV) and other details like what they ate or drank. If you find that sleepwalking occurs on nights when your child sleeps later than usual or after they’ve been exposed to technology too close to bedtime, this could indicate the cause and suggest how you can alter their bedtime routine to try and stop it happening.

    Uncover possible causes

    Often there’s no specific reason why children sleepwalk, there are certain things that can make sleep disorders such as this more common. The most common causes include sleep deprivation, stress and certain types of medication. Other reasons sleepwalking can happen is if your child is startled while in a deep sleep, or wakes suddenly due to needing to go to the toilet.

    Make their surroundings safe

    When sleepwalking, your child isn’t usually aware of their surroundings meaning there’s a higher risk of injury. In order to give yourself some peace of mind, you should take extra precautions and child-proof the home. This could mean adding a gate to the top of the stairs to stop your little one wandering down, and ensuring all windows and doors are locked at night. Keep their room tidy and free from toys or other bits and bobs lying around which your child could trip over. If you have two children sharing a room, consider switching bunk beds for a midsleeper bed like the Steens Memphis midsleeper in grey from Children’s Bed Shop which is lower down but also has some space to add a small single bed underneath.

    Keep calm

    If you come across your child sleepwalking, it’s important to remain calm and not to startle them. Gently guide them back to their bed in and speak to them in a reassuring tone. They should usually settle right back into a restful sleep in no time!


    Remember to always seek medical advice if your child’s sleepwalking becomes more of a chronic issue, and take a look at our full range of beds at Children's Bed Shop to find the best bed for your little one.

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