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  • Our top 6 CBS beds for tweens

    Choosing the perfect bed for a tween can be tough. The age between childhood and adolescence, typically between 8-12, is a time of change and growth for your child, and it’s likely that children in this age bracket aren’t going to find novelty race car beds as fun as they once were! If you’re struggling to find a new bed for your tween and you’re not yet ready to buy them an adult bed frame, we have a range of great beds from low sleeper cabin beds to high sleeper beds that are perfect for later childhood.Julian Bowen Slocum Bed in Stone White

    Julian Bowen Slocum Bed in Stone White

    This single slocum bed by Julian Bowen is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple style and high quality frame. This bed’s sturdy wooden frame and neutral shade is ideal for older children who want a bed with a more grown-up style, and it also comes equipped with a sprung slatted bed base for mattress support and extra comfort.

    Birlea Jessica Bed in Cream

    Birlea Jessica Bed in Cream

    If you have a tween that’s into all things glam, this Birlea Jessica Bed is the perfect option. The bed features a stylish metal frame with crystal detailing on the corners of the base, and the cream shade means it’s versatile enough to match any bedroom’s decor.

    Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed

    Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed

    The opal high sleeper bed by sweet dreams is a handy choice for bedrooms that could do with some space saving options. The high sleeper design leaves space for the built in desk attached to the frame, giving your tween a special spot to get their homework done. The space under the bed also leaves plenty of room to store any bits and bobs, or even to create a small reading den as a way to add a creative element to your child’s room.

    Julian Bowen Cookie Cabin Bed in White/ CharcoalJulian Bowen Cookie Cabin Bed in White/ Charcoal

    A bed with a really unique style as well as plenty of storage potential is the cookie cabin bed by Julian Bowen. This bed has an innovative design, featuring three storage drawers, a cupboard, a shelf and desk all integrated into a sleek white and grey finish, making it an ideal choice for tweens that are prone to cluttered rooms!

    Gami Montana Combined Low Bed in Grey Oak

    Gami Montana Combined Low Bed in Grey Oak

    Another bed with a lot of handy storage is the Gami Montana low bed in grey oak; a comfortable bed featuring a modern, stylish design and built in shelves that are perfect for storing laptops, I pad’s or bedtime books.

    Julian Bowen Cosmo Guest Bed

    Julian Bowen Cosmo Guest Bed

    For pre-teen’s who are never apart from their best friend, the Julian Bowen cosmo bed is bound to come in handy. This bed comes equipped with a guest bed, which easily slides out from the frame and provides a great sleeping solution for the many sleepovers your child will have over the years. This bed also features a luxurious faux leather finish and a sophisticated design to ease their transition into their teenage years!

  • How to host the perfect sleepover for your child

    Organising, never mind actually overseeing a sleepover, can be a hectic and stressful experience. When the dreaded time actually arrives, you need to be equipped with every bit of advice and equipment you can get hold of. To ensure you are as prepared as humanly possible, we have put together a guide on how to host the perfect sleepover for your child.

    Children's Sleepover


    As with basically anything in life, it is essential to prepare properly. Especially when it comes to having a group of raving kids running round your house at breakneck speed.

    Ensuring you have the contact details of the parents of all the children attending will allow you to pre-empt any homesick guests crying their way through the sleepover with no means of returning home.

    An awareness of the dietary requirements and medical conditions of your attendees is imperative - it wouldn’t be a great look to hospitalise any of your child’s closest friends.

    Equally important is setting out clear drop-off and pick-up times for parents. With this knowledge, you can guarantee that you won’t be: 1 - ransacking the fridge and cupboards for something for the kid who turned up two hours after dinner time OR 2 - abandoning someone else’s child on your doorstep because you simply couldn’t afford to miss insert name here’s christening.

    Sleepover Food


    Pizza still rules the roost in terms of sleepover grub. Pretty much all kids are fans of it and it is extremely simple to prepare.

    Of course, kids are likely to get hungry throughout the evening and it is important to have a range of snacks on hand. Sugary high-energy treats are a no-go when lights out are imminent, but you don’t necessarily have to go to the other extreme of carrot and celery sticks either. A range of salty, savoury snacks are a safe bet, they will be well-received by hungry kids and parents looking to get a few hours of sleep.


    It is worth having some kind of itinerary planned for the evening’s events - preferably something involving physical exercise if you have even the vaguest intention of getting any sleep whatsoever.

    Inevitably the form this exercise takes is entirely dependent on the interests and hobbies of your child and their friends. For some, a few hours playing football in the park sounds like a great afternoon, for others a karaoke and dance party sounds far more appealing.

    Sleepover classics like making a fort, pillow fights (parent-permitting), board games and truth-or-dare are still just as effective at making sure your guests have a fun-filled evening. With a several storage spaces and an exciting medieval themed play area, a steens tent provides the perfect environment for a sleepover.

    Sleeping arrangements

    Supplying all of the children with everything they need for a sound night’s sleep is the first step. Again, it comes down to preparation, but toothbrushes, pyjamas and sleeping bags are all commonly forgotten items that will cause havoc when it turns out they aren’t actually at hand.

    Instilling as equal a playing field as possible when it comes to sleeping arrangements is also vital - you want to avoid any arguments over who gets to sleep like a king on the top bunk while the other peasants rough it on the floor.

    Hopefully you now feel better informed about some of the do’s and don’ts of hosting a sleepover for your child. Do you have other tips that might be useful? Or any horror stories from sleepovers you have hosted?

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