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  • Back to School: 6 Tips for Getting Back into a Good Bedtime Routine

    Julien Bowen midsleeper bed

    A good sleep routine is essential to support growing bodies and minds. Naturally, we relax our routines during the summer holidays, but it’s important to make sure they’re re-established in time for the new school year. It’s easier said than done, but aspects like reintroducing a bedtime and investing in good bedroom furniture like the Julien Bowen midsleeper beds for your child can help.


    1. Re-establish Bedtime Two Weeks Ahead

    It may seem excessive, but studies show it takes at least two weeks for our body’s internal clock to fully adjust. A two-week transition makes it as effortless as possible.


    2. Take All Electronics Out of the Bedroom

    This includes games, TVs and phones. There’s no point sending children off to bed at a reasonable hour if they’re going to stay up two hours later without your knowing. What’s more, the blue light emitted from computers and tablet screens interferes with our brain's' ability to fall asleep for up to three hours after they’ve been switched off.

    3. Make Beds for Sleeping Not for Playing

    For many children, their bed is their only private space in the house, and as such it becomes a haven for reading and playing computer games. Offer your child a bean-bag in their room which it also theirs alone. This will help strengthen the association between the bed and sleep.


    4. Remove Distractions from the Room

    Make sure all toys and clothes are tidied away every evening before bed. If you’re short on storage space, consider investing in a Julian Bowen mid sleeper or other bed with added drawers and cupboards.


    5. Take Caffeine off the Menu

    Fizzy-drink consumption tends to rise as the weather heats up, but it’s important to remember most types contain caffeine that disturbs sleep. In the last two weeks before school, impose a ban on all sugary caffeinated drinks after midday. Prepare fruit juices with sparkling water as an alternative to take to the park so you’re not tempted to buy when you get there.


    6. Set a Good Example

    It’s no good telling the kids to watch less TV and go to bed at a reasonable hour if they know their parents aren’t doing the same. Make having a good and consistent bedtime routine a family thing. You’ll soon feel the benefit for yourself as well.


    These strategies are tried and tested, but remember consistency is the key. If you enforce the rules one day and not the next, your children will soon learn that bedtime is fully negotiable.


  • Tips and Tricks to Getting Your Child to Sleep on Holiday

    Tips and Tricks to Getting Your Child to Sleep on Holiday

    Sleep challenges should not stand in the way of having a great holiday with your family. If you have worked really hard in getting your child into a good bedtime routine, you may be worried that a holiday could undo all of your good work. It can be difficult as a holiday can play havoc with your usual sleeping pattern, what with all of the exciting activities on offer for your child. Later nights are the number 1 problem area. We have put together our top tips to help ensure your child gets a good nights rest and they are ready for the exciting day ahead.


    1. Sleeping in a new surrounding may be a problem for your child. Make it as familiar as possible for them and take things from there room such as, teddies and blankets to make the environment feel comfortable as possible. Take something they love with them and reassure them they are safe.


    2. Take into consideration the lighting of the room. Does your child have a bedside light at home?  Plan ahead and if you are worried they may be scared of the dark either take a small night light with you or leave a dim light on within your accommodation.


    3. Try and travel early in the morning. The earlier you travel, it will be more likely that come dinner time your child will be more than ready to have a nap.  If you are lucky, some children may even sleep during travel. Peaceful!


    4. Try your best to keep the bedtime routine the same. For example, if at home you sit and talk to your child before bed, read them a story or enjoy a little cuddle then do the same while you are away. It gives them a feel of structure and it will remind them of being at home, the familiar, safe and comfortable place they know and love.


    5. If possible, take a blanket or pillowcase that smells like home. This sensation will allow your child to settle with the sense and comfort feeling of being tucked up in their own bed.


    Do you have any tips to share with us? We would love to hear them.

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