Tips and Tricks to Getting Your Child to Sleep on Holiday

Sleep challenges should not stand in the way of having a great holiday with your family. If you have worked really hard in getting your child into a good bedtime routine, you may be worried that a holiday could undo all of your good work. It can be difficult as a holiday can play havoc with your usual sleeping pattern, what with all of the exciting activities on offer for your child. Later nights are the number 1 problem area. We have put together our top tips to help ensure your child gets a good nights rest and they are ready for the exciting day ahead.


1. Sleeping in a new surrounding may be a problem for your child. Make it as familiar as possible for them and take things from there room such as, teddies and blankets to make the environment feel comfortable as possible. Take something they love with them and reassure them they are safe.


2. Take into consideration the lighting of the room. Does your child have a bedside light at home?  Plan ahead and if you are worried they may be scared of the dark either take a small night light with you or leave a dim light on within your accommodation.


3. Try and travel early in the morning. The earlier you travel, it will be more likely that come dinner time your child will be more than ready to have a nap.  If you are lucky, some children may even sleep during travel. Peaceful!


4. Try your best to keep the bedtime routine the same. For example, if at home you sit and talk to your child before bed, read them a story or enjoy a little cuddle then do the same while you are away. It gives them a feel of structure and it will remind them of being at home, the familiar, safe and comfortable place they know and love.


5. If possible, take a blanket or pillowcase that smells like home. This sensation will allow your child to settle with the sense and comfort feeling of being tucked up in their own bed.


Do you have any tips to share with us? We would love to hear them.