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  • Create a beautiful bedroom on a budget with our best value children's beds

    As fun and exciting as it is, decorating children's rooms isn’t always the most cost effective task. From children’s changing interests and styles to sudden growth spurts causing them to outgrow their current bed, the costs can add up in no time. Luckily, here at Children’s Bed Shop, we have a wide selection of cheap children’s beds in high quality styles. If you’re shopping for a new bed for your little one and want to get the best for your buck, check out our top picks for great value children’s beds.

    Julian Bowen Slocum Bed in Stone White - good value cheap children's beds

    Julian Bowen Slocum Bed in Stone White

    Simple, stylish and incredibly versatile, the Julian Bowen Slocum Bed in stone white is one of the best children’s single beds out there. This frame is perfect if you’re looking for small children’s beds that don’t take up too much space but are big enough for a sound night’s sleep. The white shade of this bed means it will look great with any colour scheme or bedroom decor, and features a sprung slatted base for added comfort and support.

    Birlea Corfu Bunk Bed Cream - great value cheap children's beds

    Birlea Corfu Metal Bunk Bed

    If you need a bed that’s fit for two, the Birlea Corfu Metal Bunk Bed is an excellent choice. This children’s bunk bed has a sturdy metal frame, traditional design and simple white colour. Aside from being great value for money, this bed also has the option to be split into two separate beds - perfect for when your children are a bit older or you simply want to update their bedroom without the hassle of redecorating.

    Julian Bowen Kimbo Midsleeper Blue - great value cheap children's beds

    Julian Bowen Kimbo Blue Midsleeper Cabin Bed

    A Children’s Bed Shop favourite, the Julian Bowen Kimbo Midsleeper Cabin Bed is a must have for those that want a bed with plenty of storage space, at a low price. This children’s cabin bed features a 3 drawer chest, a shelf unit, and a pull out desk for you to keep all their clutter safely stored and keep their room looking tidy. The bed also has a stylish design and a choice of pink or blue shade depending on your preferences.

    Kidsaw racing car bed - great value cheap children's beds

    Kidsaw Racing Car Junior Bed

    If you want a bed that’s eye-catching and fun, without a hefty price tag, then the Kidsaw Racing Car Junior Bed is for you. This themed children’s bed has an exciting design that’s sure to breathe new life into any child’s bedroom. The frame is easy to assemble - just slot the parts together, and features a slatted bed base to ensure your child gets the good night’s sleep they need.

    Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed - great value cheap children's beds

    Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed

    Cool and practical, the Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed is great for anyone with a child that needs a dedicated place to study in their room. This bed doubles up as a study space with a built in wooden desk, saving you the money and the space of having to buy two separate items. The versatile metal frame, easy climb ladder and sturdy base make this a bed that’s sure to last your child many years to come.


    To see more of the amazing beds we have on offer at Children’s Bed Shop, check out our full range now!

  • How to give your child's bedroom a stylish update for the new year


    Children's Bed Shop - Bedroom design tips

    We’re now well into the new year, which means many of us are starting to put our new year’s resolutions into effect. For many, living surroundings might begin to look a bit dull and in need of an update, making giving the home a new year makeover top of the to-do list! If your child’s bedroom is long overdue some TLC and you’re thinking of ways you can breathe new life into the space, there are plenty of things you can do to give their room a refresh. From buying a cabin bed with tent to unleashing your creative flair, check out these top tips on giving your little one’s room a stylish update for 2018. 


    Choose the perfect bed


    The first step in creating a beautiful bedroom for your child, is to make sure you get the main component of the room right - the bed! Here at Children’s Bed Shop we have so many styles to choose from that are perfect for every bedroom and every need. If your child’s bedroom is on the smaller side and you’re in need of some handy storage options, a cabin bed with tent such as the Steens Memphis Midsleeper is a perfect choice. The underbed space gives you a place to keep storage boxes hidden out of sight, making the room instantly appear more spacious. Another excellent choice for optimising space is the Julian Bowen Cookie Cabin bed which has multiple storage options as well as a sleek, stylish look.


    Alternatively, if versatility and minimal design is top of your list, you’ll love styles like the Julian Bowen Midsleeper Bed in Grey or the Gami Basel Single Bed, both of which have simple designs that will look great with any colour scheme.


    Get creative


    If you feel like unleashing your creative side, why not consider some DIY options to makeover your child’s bedroom in the new year. This could be as simple as making a DIY dreamcatcher, or more complicated like painting a wall mural. Getting creative with the decor of your child’s bedroom is also a great way to bond with your little one and spend some time as a family.


    Consider their interests


    Considering your child’s hobbies and interests is always important when planning the decor of their bedroom - it is their very own space after all! At Children’s Bed Shop we have lots of fantastic styles of themed bed that fit a whole range of interests. For kids who love to ‘play house’, the House Cabin Bed is a choice they’ll love, with realistic window, roof and shelf to display their most prized possessions. If you’re child is obsessed with all things car related, we have a selection of car themed beds such as the Kidsaw Racing Car Bed and the Julian Bowen Samson Fire Engine Bed to feed their imagination all year long!


    Add the finishing touches


    Once you’ve sorted out the majority of the bedroom, it’s time to think about adding the perfect finishing touches. Since every bedroom needs stylish furniture, don’t forget to shop the wide selection of wardrobes, bedside tables and more from Children’s Bed Shop. If you go for a children’s cabin bed with tent, then our range of storage units and toy boxes will fit perfectly alongside this frame to give you even more storage options. For those with older children who use their bedroom as a space for studying, then one of our children’s desks are a must have. If you prefer furniture to be matching, there are plenty of pieces of furniture that match the beds we have on offer, such as the Gami Jeko bookcase which goes perfectly with the Gami Jeko single bed.


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