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  • Ways to maintain your child's bedtime routine during the Summer holidays

    The summer holidays are an exciting time for our little ones. Whilst as an adult, time off from work or other responsibilities gives a chance for some much needed rest, children can tend to approach the summer holidays a little differently. Staying up much later than usual and sleeping in late as a result is a common occurrence amongst our kids during the summer, disrupting any sleep routines you’ve worked hard to put into place. If you want to get your child’s sleep schedule back on track, try these tips to maintain their bedtime routine during the Summer break.

    Child summer bedtime routine

    Set a regular wake up time


    Morning alarms usually go out the window during school holidays, causing your child to oversleep day after day. Sleeping until the late morning or afternoon not only causes problems for sleeping patterns, but can also make your child feel more tired as oversleeping is known to cause fatigue. Set a time for your child to wake up each day and stick to it throughout the summer break. This doesn’t have to be as early as it would on a normal school day (it is a break, after all!), just as long as they’re consistent with the time they wake up.


    Keep their room cool


    Being too hot is a common culprit for keeping your child up at night. If it’s too hot for your child to get a restful sleep, help your child sleep in the hot weather by making their bedroom more cool. This includes bringing a fan into their room which you can switch onto night mode, sticking to breathable cotton bedding and limiting their nightwear, avoiding any heavy fabric pyjamas. The cooler and more comfortable their bedroom is the easier they’ll find it to sleep during the summer holidays, making them ease back into a normal routine.


    Keep electronics out of the bedroom


    Electronics in the bedroom are a bad idea when you’re trying to keep up an effective bedtime ritual. Items such as laptops, smartphones and games consoles all provide a distraction and can be a lot more inviting than sleep in a child’s eyes. Staring at a screen also interferes with the sleep hormone melatonin, making it even harder for an excitable child to drift off. Instead of filling the room with distractions in an electronic form, make a small study area with some of their favourite books. A mid sleeper cabin bed with desk is a great way to incorporate learning into the bedroom, letting them spend some time reading or learning before bed which is a lot less stimulating and a good way to unwind at the end of the day. Our Julian Bowen Leo mid sleeper cabin bed with desk built in is a great option as it also comes with plenty of storage space, keeping your child’s room nice and clutter free.


    Stick to a routine on holiday


    If you have a summer family break planned, try not to let your child’s routine slip. Stick to a set bedtime and wake up time for your child as much as you can in order to keep them in the same frame of mind. If it helps your little one to nod off in unfamiliar places, bring along a few items from home such as a blanket or soft toy, which will reinforce the idea of sleep.


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  • Get the Nordic look with our Scandinavian style kids beds



    Scandinavian style is all the rage in interiors right now. Look through any pinterest board or flick through any interior magazine and you’re bound to find plenty of rooms filled with minimal Scandi inspired furniture and decor. Here at Children’s Bed Shop we stock a wide range of kids beds and bedroom furniture in styles that are perfect for a Nordic themed children’s room. From a classic white mid sleeper cabin bed to a fun themed style, take a look at the beds that are perfect if you’re looking to give your kids room a minimal Scandinavian inspired update.

    Flexa Nordic Day Bed

    Flexa Nordic Day Bed


    The Nordic Day Bed by Flexa is a fantastic bed to choose when it comes to minimalist design. This contemporary frame is made from solid Scandinavian pine and finished with a smooth white lacquer which looks great in any room. Pair with wooden floors, neutral walls and some cool artwork for a stylish kids bedroom update!


    Flexa Nordic Playhouse Day Bed

    Flexa Nordic Playhouse Day Bed


    With a stylish and innovative design, the Nordic Playhouse Day Bed by Flexa will look beautiful in your child’s room. This frame has a plain white design making it fit well with any colour schemes in your child’s room, while the roof element of the bed gives it a fun and quirky twist to a classic single bed style. Choose from a choice of headboards for this bed, such as solid white, rose and grey, along with the choice of a grooved or slatted white finish.  

    House Cabin Bed

    House Cabin Bed


    Perfect for sparking your child’s imagination, the House Cabin Bed is one of our favourite themed beds. The minimal colour scheme and contemporary design of this bed mean it would make a great centerpiece in a Scandinavian inspired bedroom. Along with being super stylish, this bed is also functional with underbed drawers to store clutter out of sight.

    Flair Teepee Single Bed

    Flair Teepee Single Bed in White and Grey


    Simple and eye-catching, this Teepee Single Bed by Flair is a sure fire way to bring some minimalist Scandi influence to your little one’s room. This bed features open sides and a fabric cover, giving your child a cosy den that they’ll love to sleep in.

    Birlea Islington Midsleeper Cabin Bed

    Birlea Islington Midsleeper Cabin Bed


    Made from beautiful oak effect wood, this chic yet practical classic white mid sleeper cabin bed is a must have for a minimal themed kids room. The Birlea Islington Midsleeper Cabin Beds white and oak finish will match any decor while the integrated shelving provides a stylish storage solution that slots seamlessly underneath the frame.


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