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  • A new girls bed with mattress & other decor ideas for Summer


    A child's bedroom can be many things, including a place of rest and sanctuary or a place for creativity and imagination. But essentially, it's a place where a child can truly express themselves. If you're looking to inject some summer vibes into your child's room, then look no further. We've rounded up the best decor and accessory ideas for a girl's bedroom revamp this summer.

    New girls bed with mattress

    Parents have noted this for generations, but studies have now proved that kids grow more in spring and summer than they do in autumn and winter. That makes the start of summer the perfect time to invest in the next size bed. Whether you're upgrading the cot by looking at new toddler beds for girls, or looking for the next stage of cabin bed, high sleeper or girls bed with mattress, there's no better time for this. It's also the perfect time of year to give the duvet a dry clean and invest in some summer-friendly duvet covers. The botanicals trend is ideal for injecting a verdant accent into a girl's bedroom. Shop for a girls bed in the UK online and find competitive prices on the latest designs.

    Upgrade the rug

    Far cheaper, quicker and easier than ripping out a carpet, simply upgrade the rug in your daughter's bedroom. A rug can be a major focal point of a bedroom and sets the tone for the next stage of their life, whether they're leaving preschool for school, moving from being a kid to a tween, or even become young adults in their own right. Helping your child to choose the right rug will help them feel at home in their room. For summer vibes, consider the fruit or jungle decor themes, hot in more ways than one.

    If walls could talk

    Another instant and low cost revamp is a simple lick of paint. Again, self-expression is really important so let your daughter choose the colours. This summer vibrant pastels are in, especially pinks, greens and blues. Consider just one feature wall of paint or wallpaper, or for an even easier face lift, a collection of summer-themed wall stickers.

    Simple accessory ideas

    From a new lamp to a canvas painting, there are plenty of ways to jazz up a bedroom without making major changes. Consider buying new cushion covers, changing the curtains or simply adding fake flowers and fairy lights to give a girls bedroom a breath of fresh air.

    Whether you're looking for a full revamp or just want to add a summery feel with a couple of accessories, now is the perfect time to update your girl's bedroom and let her personality shine through. It's also the ideal time to buy a new girls bed with mattress before the summer growth spurt! Shop for a girls bed in the UK and find the perfect solutions here.

  • A bed with underbed storage: getting children to make their bed and tidy their room

    bed with underbed storage

    It can be a battle to get your children to tidy their own room and make their bed. Often parents will come to the conclusion it is easiest to do it themselves but when children are encouraged to do the work, they learn some valuable lessons. They start to understand the importance of being responsible for their own things and it can even help to build their self-esteem.

    Here are some practical tips to help your kids make their bed and tidy their own room. Cheap single beds with storage will even help to make solutions cost-effective.


    A great way to start this new routine is to declutter and ensure there isn't too much stuff in their room to start with. The less there is for them to keep tidy, the easier it will be.

    This could even be a task they can get involved with. Have a chat with them and explain broken items need to be thrown away and things they don't play with could go to a charity shop so someone else could enjoy them.

    Make some piles and let them help sort the contents of their room. This also means you avoid the awkward questions about where toys have disappeared to!

    Bed with underbed storage

    The next vital step is to ensure there is enough storage in their room. If your child hasn't got a place to put all their toys then they will never be able to keep them tidy. Storage ideas can be fun and don't need to be too expensive. One often overlooked idea is to get a bed with underbed storage. There are now fantastic and cheap single beds with storage available, which could be the ideal solution. It is even possible to find a low bed with storage for younger children where you want to avoid a full height bed.

    Other storage

    Look for other practical storage areas such as shelving and boxes. Important factors include your child being able to reach them and easily open or close if required. When you have sufficient space available, the next step is to decide where everything should go. It is important that you agree this with your child so they are confident knowing where things should go.

    Making their bed

    The final step to encourage your child in keeping their room tidy is making the bed itself. It is not only vital to talk your child through the process but also to manage your own expectations. A child making a bed in the morning may achieve a different result to you doing it yourself. However, if you can stop yourself from correcting their work (even if it's lumpy!) they will have a much stronger sense of a job well done.

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