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  • Freshen Up Your Child’s Bedroom for 2017

    Is it time to give your child’s bedroom a refresh for the New Year? At Children’s Bed Shop we have come up with a few helpful ideas on all the different ways you can spruce up your child’s room for 2017.


    Lick of paint

    What better way to refresh a room than to give it a bright new colour. Changing the colour can really give it a boost and make it look clean and new.


    A new rug can brighten up any room. With plenty of patterns, colours and designs to choose from, it’ll be easy-peasy to find something that your child will love. Don’t be surprised when they beg you to get a design featuring their favourite television character, though.


    All parents want is the very best for their child so why not invest in a good mattress? According to the NHS, your child should ideally be getting around 8-12 hours of sleep a night depending on their age, so a mattress that is comfortable with a long shelf life is worth the investment.


    A child’s bedding is a precious thing to them, every kid wears their bedding like a badge of honour. It shows off their personality, whether it be the football team they support or the television shows they watch. Bedding can have a lot of wear and tear with the many spills and accidents it takes over the years, don’t you think it’s time to change it for something fresher?


    A brand new bed can totally change the dynamic of a bedroom. With many different styles to choose from, our recommendation and most popular bed is the fantastic Memphis bed. This midsleeper bed is elevated from the floor with space underneath which is great for storage. Matching Steens furniture is also available or you can leave it as free space for playtime.

    Storage box

    Sometimes all we need to do is declutter to make a room feel fresh. With a storage box (otherwise known as somewhere to hide all the toys and mess) your child’s room will feel twice as big. More space for them to play and let their imaginations run wild!

    Have a clear out

    You can freshen up your child’s bedroom by simply having a clear out. Drop any unwanted toys off at a charity shop and marvel at the flooring that you probably forgot you had.

  • 6 Christmas Crafts for Kids

    Kids love doing arts and crafts, it’s a great creative outlet and it’s also a lot of fun. With so much time to spend with your kids over Christmas, why not get arty with some of it? Before you start reaching for the A4 paper to make snowflakes, remember, they’ve probably been forced to make paper snowflakes every year since they were able to hold a pair of scissors! Shake it up this Christmas with our list of craft projects that are just that little bit different…

    1. Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

    If you’re struggling to think of things to stick on your Christmas tree, have you ever thought about… mini Christmas trees? All you need for each tree is three popsicle sticks, a piece of twine, some card, glue and scissors! When it comes to decorating your tree, you get license to be even more creative. Pictured here with pom-poms, One Little Project used glitter and buttons to beautify them.






    2. Mickey Baubles

    A perfect way to bring Disney to you... These lovely baubles are simple to make and would look great on anyone’s tree. You can even stick a bow on top of the baubles if you want to make yourself your very own Minnie’s!









    3. Snowman Milk Jugs

    Do you live somewhere that doesn’t see much snow but your kids still want to build a snowman? We’ve got the solution. Reuse your empty milk bottles to create some indoor snowmen! Even if you do get a bit of snow, are you sure you really want to get your hands cold?










    4. Christmas Tree Hand Prints

    Probably the simplest project on here, get everyone in the family to make a paint handprint on a piece of paper and then they can decorate it like a tree! Perfect for hanging over the mantelpiece like bunting, be sure to get creative with the glitter and stickers! Who doesn’t love to make handprint art anyway, it reminds us of a simpler time!






    5. Cardboard Tube Christmas Elf

    Is it a true arts and crafts project if it doesn’t involve repurposing a toilet paper roll? Make some adorable little elves to guard the presents under your tree! Paint them all in different colours and give them all different faces – they’re all special to us.










    6. Reindeer Finger Puppet

    Make your own little finger puppets this Christmas using the best craft utensil there is: googly eyes. Once you’ve made a whole army of these puppets, try your hand at making a finger puppet Santa to go with them. You’ll soon have your very own finger puppet theatre – Santa Claus with his stable full of can-canning reindeer!










    There we have it, a few creative ideas to get arty this Christmas. Be sure to display them proudly on your trees, mantelpieces or they’d look great hanging from our thuka cabin beds for kids. Whatever project you decide to undertake this Christmas, be sure to be merry while you’re doing it!

  • The Christmas Gift Guide

    It's that time of year again! If you find yourself wondering year after year what on earth to do with all those "toys", we may have a solution for you. Many of our beds incorporate extensive storage systems and accessories which help to keep toys contained. No more standing on the Lego on the way to the bathroom at 1am! We also stock a range of stylish children's storage which would make a great Christmas addition. See what’s on our Christmas list...

    Steens for Kids Blue Tent

    Steens for Kids Blue Tent

    The Steens tent is a bright and vibrant addition to the Steens mid-sleeper. It can be purchased as part of a bed package, but it can also be bought as a standalone item. The tent works as a lovely space for imaginative play or just a cosy den for chilling out with a book.

    The Steens tent adds a bright and colourful element to your child's bedroom, making it inviting to little ones of all ages and making bedtime an adventure.

    The tent contains two windows and a door to make a play house. Alternatively, you can use it to store toys and games, helping to keep the bedroom looking tidy.

    Bendy Bunky Light

    Bendy Bunky Light

    Our exclusive bunk bed light is the perfect solution for the avid bedtime reader. The light is great for bunks, high-sleepers and mid-sleepers, as it can be USB-linked. It allows your child to read at night without the main light on. The Bendy Bunky Light is flexible and can be angled to suit your child's reading position. The 2W LED provides 50,000 reading hours, a great gift for kids.

    JCB Skip Toy Box

    JCB Skip Toy Box

    For all the digger obsessives out there, this spacious JCB toy box is perfect for the stash n' dash. Not only is it a substantial storage vessel, but it's also an exciting accessory for imaginary play. Your little builder can get busy clearing up the site at the end of a hard day's play! Manufactured from MDF, it requires no screws or fittings. Simply slot together like a jigsaw.

    Kidsaw Kitchen Playbox

    Kidsaw Kitchen Playbox

    This pretty toy box doubles as a play kitchen, with a hob, sink and oven screenprinted onto an MDF surface. Your little chef will have hours of fun cooking up a storm, but clearing up will be easy as you just lift up the lid and file away the toys inside. Incredibly easy to assemble the Kidsaw Kitchen Playbox requires no screws, glue or tools, perfect for Christmas Day.

    Kidsaw Kinder White Playbox

    Kidsaw Kinder White Playbox

    If you prefer a minimalist approach to furnishing your child's bedroom, this Kidsaw Kinder White Playbox will hit the spot. A stylish, simple and utilitarian design, it can function both as a play station and a spacious storage box. The lid lifts off, which means you don't have to worry about trapped fingers. Minimal assembly required, as the box just slots together like a jigsaw.

    Kidsaw Pirate 9 Bin Storage Unit

    Kidsaw Pirate 9 Bin Storage Unit

    This whimsical and vibrant Kidsaw Pirate 9 storage unit is painted with seafaring characters, including a cute parrot, to fuel your child's imagination. The unit holds nine fabric storage bins to help keep toys and belongings organised and tidy. We also stock a table and chair set from the same range by Kidsaw.

    Kidsaw Owl and Pussycat Nine-Bin Storage Unit

    Kidsaw Owl and Pussycat Nine-Bin Storage Unit

    Sometimes you just have to go pink. If your little girl's room is bursting at the seams with toys, games and half-finished projects, then this storage unit is just what she needs to smarten things up. The cute owl and pussycat design is a lovely addition, and there are nine pink bins for simple organisation of toys or even craft materials. Easy to assemble and manufactured from lightweight MDF. We also stock a bed and a table and chairs set from the same range.

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