December 2016

  1. Freshen Up Your Child’s Bedroom for 2017

    Is it time to give your child’s bedroom a refresh for the New Year? At Children’s Bed Shop we have come up with a few helpful ideas on all the different ways you can spruce up your child’s room for 2017. Lick of paint What better way to refresh a room than to give it a bright new colour. Changing... Read More
  2. 6 Christmas Crafts for Kids

    Kids love doing arts and crafts, it’s a great creative outlet and it’s also a lot of fun. With so much time to spend with your kids over Christmas, why not get arty with some of it? Before you start reaching for the A4 paper to make snowflakes, remember, they’ve probably been forced to make paper snowflakes every year since... Read More
  3. The Christmas Gift Guide

    It's that time of year again! If you find yourself wondering year after year what on earth to do with all those "toys", we may have a solution for you. Many of our beds incorporate extensive storage systems and accessories which help to keep toys contained. No more standing on the Lego on the way to the bathroom at 1am... Read More

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