1. Advice for parents looking for bunk beds for kids

    Bunk beds save space and allow two children to share a bedroom and still have plenty of floor space for playing! They are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and designs. You can get pink bunk beds to suit light and airy bedroom or metal frames for a more urban feel. They have been around for centuries, but... Read More
  2. What to consider when buying a children's bed with mattress

    Let's face it. We all love it when our kids are asleep! All of us have obsessed over when they go to sleep and how long they sleep for. It is vital that children get good sleep and it's a fact that they need more sleep than adults. A child's brain consolidates its learning during sleep, and this is the... Read More
  3. Freshen Up Your Child’s Bedroom for 2017

    Is it time to give your child’s bedroom a refresh for the New Year? At Children’s Bed Shop we have come up with a few helpful ideas on all the different ways you can spruce up your child’s room for 2017. Lick of paint What better way to refresh a room than to give it a bright new colour. Changing... Read More
  4. What Mattress Is Right for Your Little One?

    Choosing the Best Mattress for your Child When choosing a mattress, in general, the more coils a sprung mattress contains the better the support it will give. However, you may find that other factors are more important for your individual child. If he or she wets the bed, for example, you will need to prioritise hygiene and choose a mattress... Read More

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