Range of Children's Bed With Mattress

Let's face it. We all love it when our kids are asleep! All of us have obsessed over when they go to sleep and how long they sleep for. It is vital that children get good sleep and it's a fact that they need more sleep than adults. A child's brain consolidates its learning during sleep, and this is the time when the whole body grows rapidly.

It is also vital that when choosing a children's bed with mattress, you consider the support they will need. Small bodies become larger bodies very quickly, and they will need a mattress that supports the spine and keeps bones aligned.

Having the right children's bed and mattress also reduces the amount of fidgeting and rolling that a child does at night, meaning they are more likely to stay asleep.

So, when you are selecting a children's bed with mattress, make sure you do your research and ensure you find the correct one.

What type of mattress is best for kids?

The three most common mattress types for children are:

Open coil
Pocket Sprung

Remember, if you are buying your 3 or 4-year-old a new children's bed with mattress, it should last until they are 10 or 11. Think carefully about spending a little more money so that you ensure it will last. Also, remember that you must buy a specific sized mattress if you are considering purchasing a cabin bed or bunk bed.

Open Coil Mattress
This is your purse-friendly option. They provide decent support by spreading your child's weight across the entire mattress. A boy or girls bed with mattress must provide optimal spinal alignment, and an open coil mattress does this.

Pocket Sprung Mattress
These mattresses tend to be filled with natural fibres such as wool and cotton, which makes them an attractive option for parents. They are durable and more supportive than the open coil design because they are more responsive to your child's movements in bed.

Foam Mattress
If your child fidgets a lot in their sleep, perhaps go for this type when you buy your children's bed with mattress. These mattresses help reduce sleep movement and are incredibly durable.

If it is time to switch from a toddler bed and buy a boys or girls bed with mattress, make sure you do some research. Knowing how much development happens during sleep means that ensuring that your child gets a proper night's sleep is vital. And if they sleep well, you sleep well!