Childrens mattress

  1. Cosy Autumnal Ideas for your Children’s Bedroom

    The Autumn months are a time for cosying up by the fire, wrapping yourself in blankets and watching the festive favourites. These things normally take place in the family space downstairs but why not make your children’s bedroom a bit cosier during the colder season. To provide you with a bit of inspiration we have put together this post on... Read More
  2. What Mattress Is Right for Your Little One?

    Choosing the Best Mattress for your Child When choosing a mattress, in general, the more coils a sprung mattress contains the better the support it will give. However, you may find that other factors are more important for your individual child. If he or she wets the bed, for example, you will need to prioritise hygiene and choose a mattress... Read More
  3. How Often Should You Replace Your Children's Mattress and Bedding?

    According to recent studies, the average Briton keeps hold of pillows and duvets for considerably longer than the recommended length of time. Many people don't know how often you should replace your children’s mattress, pillows, and duvets as well as their own, and only do so once they feel noticeably worn or thin. However, ideally, they should be thrown out before... Read More

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