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  • Metal VS Wooden Children's Bed

    highsleeper wooden children's bed

    Are you redesigning your nursery to make it more suitable for your now grown-up toddler or child and struggling to choose between a wooden or metal bed? There are many pros and cons to both a children's wooden bed and metal bed, and we will go through just a few of these below!

    The positives of a children's wooden bed

    Children's furniture is traditionally made from wood, whether this is treated and sanded natural wood or painted wood. Painted kids' furniture must, of course, be painted with child-safe paint for safety reasons, to ensure that there are no hazardous substances on the piece of furniture.

    Wooden furniture is indeed aesthetically beautiful and has a very traditional feel, especially when you consider a wooden high sleeper with its big yet pretty frame (some might say that this is less of an eyesore than a metal frame, however some may not have seen our stunning coloured metal bed frames!). You might like a simple structure or you may wish to look for one with pretty carvings.

    A wood bed is also very sturdy when made from strong wood like timber, pine or even oak. What's more, with such a variety of options to choose from you can find wooden bed frames that range in price and therefore you will have no trouble finding one to suit your budget.

    Choosing a girls white metal bed

    When you hear the words 'metal' and 'bed' together, you might think of a dull, grey, shiny material. But metal furniture doesn't have to have that industrial look, unless you want it to.

    Metal beds can be as beautiful as a wooden frame since they can be purchased in a range of beautiful colours and finishing styles, offering a lovely alternative to heavy and sometimes clunky wood, especially if you need something subtle to fill a space in a compact room. Modern metal frames such as red, green or black ones are very popular right now but a girls white metal bed is still the most sought after option, offering practicality, durability and also beauty. Metal is hard-wearing, even when professionally painted so you can expect a metal bed to last into your child's teens and simply adapt it to their ever-changing needed and tastes.

    We hope that the above helps you to weigh up the pros and cons of choosing a children's wooden bed over a metal-framed bed, or vice versa.

    As you can see, both offer some great benefits so it's really a case of doing your research and deciding which would suit your space and requirements best. Good luck!

  • New & exclusive Steens Galaxy Mid Sleeper

    Steens Mid Sleeper Bed

    New year, new furniture? OK, perhaps not a complete home renovation makeover is on the cards but you can certainly bring some order into your life this new year with a new Steens Mid Sleeper bed, the perfect mix of style, comfort and practicality.

    About Steens bedroom furniture

    Steens bedroom furniture consists of a range of home furnishings from storage collections to beds. We pride ourselves on offering attractive yet practical furniture to fit in with modern life and thus embracing our need for space, quality and durability. Our Steens Galaxy Midsleeper is just one example of our kids’ range and offers a space-saving solution without compromising on comfort, offering a whole footprint of under bed storage for toys, clothes, books, schoolwork and much more.

    Benefits of the Steens Mid Sleeper bed for your child

    Our Steens Mid Sleeper is a very wise choice for your growing child’s bedroom as it adapts to their ever-changing needs. Older toddlers can feel like a big girl or boy in their new and exciting bed and in turn give you the best night’s sleep you’ve had in ages. Older children, meanwhile, can use the space for their huge collection of toys including dolls houses, racing tracks or large role-play items like toy kitchens and so on.

    Moreover, students with homework to do can make use of the additional space created to set out their books, pens and cue cards and enjoy uncluttered surroundings. The bed also comes with a flexible table-top which can be used for either play or schoolwork. Kids of all ages will love climbing the ladder to their bed, but you parents can rest easily knowing that your child is only slightly raised from the floor and protected by a barrier.

    Styling your Steens Mid Sleeper bed

    As already mentioned, you can use the empty space created by our kid sleeper quite creatively. Whether you are looking to make a playful den or simply use the added height as storage then stacking storage boxes or drawers are a great way to use space sensibly. Some younger kids may love the idea of a curtain to create a hidden space, while you can also get bed tents which will keep your little one covered while they sleep and give them the sense of being in the great outdoors on a camping trip. Child-safe fairy lights are also a great way to add that magical feel to the cosy space!

    On the other hand, if a mature, homework-driven area is what you want to achieve then we would suggest, first and foremost making the desk set up look the part, because we all know that older children to young teens are very aware of their surroundings! Of course a comfortable seat pad for long stud sessions might be required, along with possibly a table lamp for those dark winter's nights. Without forgetting, of course, suitable storage for textbooks, stationery, laptops, headphones and any other accessories your child might be required to use.

  • Creating family fun traditions for Christmas including kids themed beds

    This year could be the perfect opportunity to start some fun new traditions with your family. There are so many ways to bring some extra touches of fun and sparkle to this festive time of year.

    A good start is to think about what would work best for your family or where you have room for some new ideas. You may already know how the big day itself will run but would like new traditions for the run up to Christmas or for the days surrounding it. We have some fabulous ideas for families of all shapes and sizes.

    Make the most of December with kids themed beds

    If you love the sparkle and fun Christmas brings to a house then why not start a new tradition to put up your decorations on 1st December. A whole month of twinkly lights and glittery decorations will delight the kids and boost everyone's mood!

    If your children are in need of new beds then the run up to Christmas could be the perfect time to get them ordered and set up. First beds for toddlers are an exciting stage and there are amazing options out there now. These range from versatile classic single beds to kids themed beds of all types. It is even possible to get a tent for your bed, allowing a whole new world of imaginative play for your child from their own bed!

    Christmas Eve

    There are some fantastic ideas for traditions on Christmas Eve. There are websites online where you can track Santa's progress across the world. Combine this with sprinkling some magic reindeer dust (glitter!) outside your door and your kids will be bursting with excitement.

    First beds for toddlers can lead to some new traditions themselves. How about new pyjamas for Christmas Eve for the whole family? Cuddly new pjs and reading 'Twas the night before Christmas' before snuggling down in bed sounds like a lovely new tradition for Christmas Eve.

    Remember to find the perfect spot on the new themed bed to hang the stockings too!

    Christmas Day

    Start the big day itself by helping the children open their stockings on their new beds. Then maybe you can think of a special breakfast as a new tradition. Pancakes? Bacon sarnies? Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels? Lots of options and the kids could even be allowed breakfast in their new beds to make it an extra treat!

    Boxing Day

    For some people Boxing Day can feel like an anticlimax after the excitement of the previous day. If this is the case for your family then consider planning ahead. Pantomimes can be so much fun for the whole family or if your local football team are playing why not go and support them.

    However you end up spending the festive period, a little planning can help make it magical for everyone.

  • Get your Steens mid sleeper bed in time for Christmas


    There is still time for you to order and receive a Steens Memphis mid sleeper bed in time for Christmas!


    These beautiful beds are both practical and attractive, durable enough to survive rough play and with enough room for ample storage.

    They are made with a solid MDF frame, which incorporates curved edges for comfort. There is an integrated ladder that can be built on the left or right to suit the layout of the room.

    A Steens Memphis mid sleeper bed from the Children's Bed Shop comes in a variety of options. The available colours of light or dark grey and classic white will suit every room.

    Steens mid sleeper bed for Christmas!

    Whether you need a new bed as your child's first 'big bed' or as part of a room makeover, a Steens bed could be the perfect choice. And by ordering now you could finish the project before Christmas.

    This new bed could help make Christmas more magical and even encourage them to stay in bed for a few minutes longer on Christmas morning! The Steens mid sleeper bed is ideal for hanging stockings on or you could even add fairy lights to really make the room sparkle.

    Optional extras

    For an additional surprise you could opt for the play tent that fits the Steens bed. These come in a couple of different colour options and can turn the space under the actual bed into the perfect play area, reading corner or fun hideaway. This sort of addition could help make the room into a safe haven for your child to play and enjoy themselves.

    Another advantage of opting for a Steens Memphis midsleeper bed is the practical Steens bedroom furniture that is compatible with it. Ideal for rooms where space is a premium, the Steens Memphis pull-out desk goes underneath the bed frame and can then be pulled out when needed. Perfect as your child gets older and starts having to do homework!

    There is also the Steens Memphis low bookcase, which would fit neatly under the midsleeper bed. The Steens low wardrobe would match the Memphis furniture to help finish the room.

    All these options and possibilities mean the Steens Memphis range can be personalised to fit your family. Whether it's a small room or large, this bed will help make the most of the space available.

    Whether you want to create a practical work station for a busy and creative kid, or have a magical space where their imagination is key, this bed is ideal. Simply select the options best for you and your child to make this Christmas that little bit more magical. Maybe they could even help with the construction (with your supervision)!

  • Get your children to tidy their room using their mid sleeper bed with storage


    Getting your children to keep their rooms tidy can be a challenge at the best of times, but in the midst of a pandemic and as we head into shorter days and increased play inside, some help will be needed. We have the tips you need to keep bedrooms mess free without having to resort to shouting.

    Make it a game

    This tactic works particularly well for younger children. They are likely to need help with tidying but getting them involved at a young age helps make it a habit and makes them understand it is their responsibility. A boy or girls bed with storage is ideal for this tactic as you can open up the appropriate drawer, cupboard or box and use a timer, challenging them to do as much as they can before it pings. Or have a race and see how many things each of you can tidy!

    Be specific

    Whether young or older, children often need direction to make sure they get it right. Just saying 'tidy your room' can be a bit daunting or confusing. Instead give directions and make specific requests. For example, 'please can you tidy up the books in your room and put them back on the shelf' or 'the toys on your floor need to be put back in their box please' make it clear what needs doing.

    If they are younger this method may require you to stay in the room and give them instructions as they complete each set. As children get older you can make a checklist so they can tick off each task as it is completed.

    Consider a mid sleeper bed with storage

    If you want to encourage your children to tidy their room then it is vital to ensure there is a place for everything.

    Children accrue so many things, from clothes to toys to books, but they can be kept tidy if they all have a home. Space can be tricky but a boys or girls bed with storage can help solve this issue.

    Alternatively consider a bed with underbed storage, which can be easily accessed by children of any age. Shelves for books can be put directly on the wall or you can use a specific shelving unit. A mid sleeper bed with storage is also worth consideration as the added height maximises the space in the room.

    Be age appropriate and prepared to let things go

    Be realistic when setting your own expectations. Children are unlikely to get things done perfectly every time, particularly when they're younger. As they get older there may be more difficulty as they try to assert their own autonomy and take control of their own space.

    Sometimes it is easier and healthier for all of you to just let things go and shut the door on the mess. Pick your battles and actually enjoy your time with your children as much as you can!

  • How a tipi cabin bed could be part of your Halloween plans

    Halloween 2020 TiPi Cabin Beds

    Thought Halloween was cancelled this year? Think again! Although trick or treating as we know it may be off the cards, you can still find ways to make this day of horror full of laughs for the whole family.

    A different kind of trick-or-treating

    If your little one is set on getting dressed up and walking the streets, why not use social media to ask your community to place pumpkins (or picture of pumpkins) in their windows for your children to spot. Each time they see a pumpkin on your walk, they could be allowed to have one sweet (provided by you) placed in their bucket. Just be sure to coordinate walks so that you and your neighbours aren't all out at the same time.

    Using your tipi cabin bed as a movie/sleepover den

    If, however, you don't fancy being outside in this cold and wet weather, then have you thought about being creative and setting up a Halloween-themed evening in your own home? With Netflix showing a number of child-friendly Halloween movies, you can't go far wrong. All you need to do is find a way to make a cosy (or creepy, if your kids are older) den to snuggle up in and job done! A kids' cabin bed is a perfect space for creating a little hidey-hole, plus they will love the idea of camping on the floor. For older kids, some sinister sounds playing in the background might make it even more of a spine-chilling experience.

    Turning the tipi cabin bed into a spooky play space

    Have you considered using furniture, like a kids' cabin bed, to create a Halloween role play setting too? If you are feeling imaginative, you could use old dark bedsheets or blankets to construct a make-believe abandoned house with no windows. With the nights setting in much earlier, it isn't difficult to create that eerie nighttime atmosphere. Using a torch and some other scary props, make up and dressing up outfits, you could play haunted houses and take it in turns to be the ghost!

    Making games out of your cabin bed with slide

    Does your child have a cabin bed with slide? Even better! You could set up some seriously fun modern day Halloween games, such as 'apple sliding' instead of 'apple bobbing', 'pin the nose on the pumpkin', 'wrap the mummy' and more. Be inventive while using the slide to take the enjoyment level up a notch. What's more, you could play with toys and slime, setting up a sea of slime at the bottom of the slide for the figurines to fall into and then have to escape from.

    We hope these suggestions give you some inspiration for your 2020 Halloween celebrations. You can find more DIY Halloween ideas by searching sites like Pinterest, where people often share tips and tricks for your family to start making their own memories.

  • Return to school: how a cabin bed with desk can help sleep and study

    high sleeper with desk

    The start of a new term is an exciting time for children and after the slow pace of the holidays, it can also be a tiring one. Getting a good night’s sleep is key to a child’s development; studies have shown that it aids their ability to concentrate and learn, as well as improving their behaviour and overall mental health. Deep sleep is essential for the body’s repair and growth.

    Having a regular and predictable wind-down routine promotes healthy sleep patterns. For young children having a bath, dimming the lights and having a story can help them feel ready to sleep, while for older children switching off screens an hour before bedtime and reading a book relaxes them and encourages rest.

    Due to the pandemic, most children will also have been out of school for many months and will need encouragement to get back into the habit of studying. Providing children with their own space to study can assist with concentration.

    At Children’s Bed Shop we have a range of beds that are both truly comfortable and are cleverly designed with space to study.

    Cabin bed with desk

    For younger children, one option is the space-saving cabin bed with desk, complete with bookshelves; perfect for sleep and study. The cabin bed also has the option to add a tent underneath making it a fun den during the day.

    High sleeper with desk

    The high sleeper with desk range is ideal for creating more study space; with the bed raised higher there is more space for the desk and practical storage below.

    The Flexa Nordic High Sleeper can be turned into a single bed in the future, making it a good long-term investment. Contemporary in design, it comes in a range of finishes from solid white, to grey or rose, slatted or tongue and groove. The Flexa range is free from formaldehyde, solvents and any toxic colourants, hardwearing and robust.

    The Stompa Casa C High Sleeper Bed includes a desk and bookshelves but also boasts a pull-out sofa bed, which has neatly designed hidden storage for guest bedding; an excellent choice for older children who like having their friends to stay over. The Parisot Higher High Sleeper includes a wardrobe with hanging space for ample bedroom storage, cleverly utilising the space underneath the bed.

    Children's chair and desk

    We have a number of children’s chair and desk options, perfect for little children who enjoy creative play. Designed to fit together like a jigsaw, the assembly is quick, easy and you don’t need to bother with glue or screws.

    The range comes with shelves and blackboard painted areas for extra creativity. The range comes in grey, blue or pink with star detail for a contemporary feel. There is even a desk and chair designed to look like a JCB, perfect for little ones obsessed with trucks and diggers.

  • The Julian Bowen midsleeper bed is now back in stock at Children's Bed Shop.


    In stock and also in high demand due to its fun design and clever functionality, the Julian Bowen midsleeper bed is perfect for those looking for a mid sleeper with storage and comfort. Available in a range of durable finishes and colours to complement any room size or decor this childrens midsleeper bed hosts a range of practical and innovative features.

    The clever functionality of these beds gives you the lower height of a mid sleeper with storage solutions that maximise space through features such as pull out desks, shelves, built-in drawers and, with many models, the ability to change the positioning of the steps to suit the shape of the room.

    Younger children will be so excited to discover the open space for a cosy nook in many of the Julian Bowen midsleeper beds, where colourful play tents can be hung. Whilst their parents will welcome the different tent sizes that fit alongside many of the customisable options to suit their needs.

    Sleek, elegant design and on-trend matte tones are available for parents of tweens and teens looking for a childrens midsleeper bed that can grow with them and their personality. Coupled with robust deep steps for developing feet, these childrens midsleeper beds will provide a space to relax, store and study that grows with them.

    Customise your childrens midsleeper bed with an array of features.

    Now they're back in stock, once you've decided which Julian Bowen midsleeper bed is right for your child, you can further personalise it with choices from the extensive range of features available. Choose which depth of mattress will give your child a comfortable long nights sleep. Give them a swivel chair for their space-saving pull-out desk and a clip-on light that they can take up to bed with them for a bedtime story or some extra reading time as they drift to sleep.

    Need even more storage? Various models have further storage that can be incorporated in the bed itself or co-ordinating separates to continue the style and durability associated with Julian Bowen furniture throughout the room.

    Safety, durability and ethically sourced materials in a Julian Bowen Midsleeper bed.

    Supplying high-quality furniture for over 30 years Julian Bowen pride themselves on being members of SEDEX and so are committed to continuously developing ethical and environmental standards through not just their own manufacture but their entire supply chain. Each childrens midsleeper bed is finished with a durable lacquer and coating for long-lasting style and finish. Safety features such as high sides, easy-grip handrails and glow in the dark strips on steps offer reassurance for parents of children graduating to their first high sleeper.

    FREE DELIVERY on all Julian Bowen Midsleeper beds.

    Children's Bed Shop is pleased to have the Julian Bowen Midsleeper bed back in stock and will deliver one to you with a driver to assist with unloading free of charge making it easier and more affordable than ever to stylishly maximise the functional space in your home.

  • Make beds with underbed storage part of your children’s bedroom design

    Children’s bedrooms tend to get into a mess, no matter how inventive you are with the design. Fortunately, there are some great ways to brighten up your child’s bedroom and build-in some must needed storage space.

    Fitted cupboards are one option. They enable you to pile up all the clutter in one space and shut the door! The internal space of fitted cupboards is also very versatile and can be arranged to suit your needs. They can contain a combination of clothes rails, drawers, shoe racks and shelves.

    You can even install lighting so that you can see clearly when you are looking for things. There is an endless choice of door designs and space can be adapted as your child grows.

    Central to the design of any child’s bedroom is the bed itself. To create a fresh and airy feel, girls white metal beds are a great option. The timeless design does not date and is just as suitable for a teenager as it is for a toddler. This means that you will get your money’s worth from the purchase. Because the headboard is not solid, it gives the room a sense of space and can make it appear larger.

    Pair girls white metal beds with crisp cotton duvet sets for a contemporary feel or with patchwork bedspreads for a cosy country cottage vibe.

    For keeping clutter out the way, you can’t go wrong with a boys bed with drawers. They come in a range of attractive designs and are robust enough to stand up to kids leaping on and off them. The drawers can be used for spare clothes and bedding and for toys that would have been strewn all over the floor. They work best with simple bed linen designs in geometric patterns and bold bright colours.

    Why choose beds with underbed storage?

    If you don’t have underbed storage, you have essentially wasted the space under the bed and this adds up to quite a large area. This space is highly likely to end up being. However, with random bags and storage cases pushed at various angles, it will end up looking untidy. Beds with underbed storage are the neatest option.

    Another advantage is that you can reach the stored items easily. This is the main advantage over loft storage or storing things in high up cupboards.

    Your child is able to take ownership of the space and organise their own things which encourages independence. It can be used to store toys that they play with infrequently.

    In the summer, it is a useful space in which to store winter coats and boots. It can also be used to store spare bedding if you do not have space elsewhere in the house.

  • Advice for parents looking for bunk beds for kids

    Bunk beds save space and allow two children to share a bedroom and still have plenty of floor space for playing! They are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and designs. You can get pink bunk beds to suit light and airy bedroom or metal frames for a more urban feel.

    They have been around for centuries, but some parents are still reluctant to purchase them because they are worried about accidents. Whilst a small number of children do get injured each year in bunk beds, modern designs and safety features make sure that families can successfully use bunk beds for kids with no mishaps. Nearly all bunk bed accidents are completely preventable.

    Children's bunk beds in the UK have to comply with stringent safety standards but these are viewed as a minimum. When you buy children's bunk beds in the UK you can check on the safety features to make sure that they will protect your children.

    The safest beds have guardrails that are at least 10 cm high on both sides. Safety is also assured by purchasing mattresses that are designed especially for bunk beds. There are minimum requirements for gaps between slats and for mattress rungs.

    Safely using bunk beds for kids

    You can significantly reduce the risks by making sure that only older children use the bunk beds. It is recommended that the upper bunk is used by children over six years of age but every child is different. Ultimately it is up to the judgement of the parents. The bottom bunk can be used by younger children.

    The way in which you talk to your children about the bunk beds is also important. They should not view the beds as a toy or a climbing frame. Games, such as jumping from the top bunk or playing on the ladder, should be strongly discouraged. Bunk beds for kids are designed for one child only to sleep on the top bunk.

    There will be a weight limit and it is important that this is not exceeded. Also, if there are lots of children on the top bunk, someone is much more likely to fall out!

    Access to the top bunk must be via the ladder only, it is not safe to use a chair or to climb up the frame. It is not a good idea to bounce on either of the beds.

    A child could fall off the top bunk if they are bouncing or if they are on the bottom bunk they could hit their head.

    In general, the area around bunk beds should be kept clear and the bed itself should be reserved for resting and sleeping - not playing. Of course, this is not applicable if the bunk has a built-in playing area.

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