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  • Midsleeper VS Bunk Bed

    Children's Mid Sleeper VS Bunk Bed


    We all know how important sleep is for your child and so buying the right bed will always be a major consideration. Of course, there may also be other factors that you need to consider, such as space and storage requirements. If you're looking at both children's mid sleeper beds and bunk beds as a possible option, then let us help you to take a look at some of the pros and cons of each. Hopefully, this will help you come to the right decision for you, your home, and, most importantly, for your child.

    Pros and cons of a childrens mid sleeper

    Children's mid sleeper beds can be a great choice if you want extra storage or workspace in your child's room but don't have the space for taller options. They can be a real asset in smaller bedrooms with lower ceilings and for smaller children who you may worry about sleeping too high up.

    Mid sleepers are generally suitable for children aged over four and offer lots of fun and flexibility, whilst still providing a safe sleep space. The space beneath the bed, meanwhile, can be extremely useful as storage or workspace, or even as a cosy little den for your youngster.

    You can customise the under-bed space with a wide range of free standing furniture if you want to, whilst the bed is more accessible for them than some taller options. The downside of a child's mid sleeper, however, is that the lower height may restrict you when it comes to some ideas for the under-bed space.

    Pros and cons of bunk beds for kids

    Whether you have been researching small bunk beds UK suppliers or regular-sized bunk beds for kids, you are probably thinking about the extra sleep space that this option can provide. Of course, this is the primary reason why many people go for small bunk bed UK options for their children's room. This may be because bedrooms are short and there is a need for a permanent bed or you and your child just like the idea of having a spare bed for when friends or relatives stay over.

    The downside of bunk beds for children are generally the height and inaccessibility of the higher bed - and, in some cases, the lower bed too if you have mobility issues. These beds may be best when your child is old enough to make their bed themselves, unless you want to be clambering up ladders or crawling into relatively small spaces. Having said this, duvets are easy enough to pull into place and bed changes aren't usually an everyday occurrence.

    You will, however, need to ensure that your child is mature enough to sleep on the top bunk and will be able to navigate the ladder, even in the middle of the night when they may be half asleep. This is why top bunk sleeping is generally not recommended for children under six.

    If all of this sounds OK, then kids bunk beds are a hugely practical choice. They quite literally double up on sleep space in a flash and can also add a real fun factor to your children's room.

  • Ideas for the Summer Holidays

    Ideas for Summer Holidays | Cabin Bed with Slide

    Five fun-filled ideas for the summer holidays

    The holidays are upon us and whether you view them with delight or perhaps, trepidation, what every parent needs in order to get through is plenty of great ideas for filling the weeks ahead. From sleepovers that include a cabin bed with slide reveal to nature-filled adventures or learning a new skill, check out these five fun, and sometimes challenging activities for summer.

    Plan a sibling sleepover

    With the pandemic still in place and families erring on the side of caution, a sibling or family sleepover is the perfect solution for making home more fun. Kids tend to grow more in Spring and Summer, so now's the perfect time to buy a bed. Why not combine a sibling sleepover with the unveiling of new bedroom furniture, whether you opt for a cabin bed with slide, one of the best children's tents UK or from top funky kids beds, all of these are available from our leading online children's furniture store.

    Take a natural odyssey

    This is the summer of the stay-cation, and that means it's the perfect time to learn more about the UK wildlife that exists all around us. Find out where your nearest nature reserve is (these are located all over the UK, even in major cities) and head over. Buy a book on British wildlife and see how many animals, insects and plants you can either find or perhaps find evidence of.

    Learn a new skill or sport

    With leisure centres, outdoor activity centres and sports courts all reopening, now is the perfect time to learn a new sport as a family. With plenty of easier versions of sports to choose from, such as racquetball, pickleball, quick cricket and tag rugby, it doesn't have to be overly competitive or hard to learn. Alternatively, why not conquer a new skill, whether it's kite flying, archery, crocheting, a musical instrument or even a new language!

    Rent a Beach Hut

    If you're lucky enough to be able to reach the coast in less than 60 minutes, then a beach hut rental is a great way to turn a trip to the seaside into a day to remember. Giving you a base to store personal items, somewhere to dry off and most importantly; the means to make tea and coffee, a huge number of the UK's 20,000 beach huts are available for day rentals.

    Set a reading challenge

    TV is out and reading is most definitely in. Whether you want to broaden their horizons, improve their literacy or just get reading for reading's sake, find a summer reading challenge that encourages accessing a wide variety of books. A reading bingo chart is a great option. A good book is the perfect accompaniment for snuggling into a bed-come-den, achievable when you buy one of the quality children's tents UK stores such as ours have to offer. Try to include books with more diverse characters or writers, or books that challenge their current reading level.

    Whether you use a sibling sleepover as a chance to surprise the kids with a cabin bed with slide or you head to the local woodlands or learn a new skill, this summer is a great time to focus on the people that are most important to you.

  • A new girls bed with mattress & other decor ideas for Summer


    A child's bedroom can be many things, including a place of rest and sanctuary or a place for creativity and imagination. But essentially, it's a place where a child can truly express themselves. If you're looking to inject some summer vibes into your child's room, then look no further. We've rounded up the best decor and accessory ideas for a girl's bedroom revamp this summer.

    New girls bed with mattress

    Parents have noted this for generations, but studies have now proved that kids grow more in spring and summer than they do in autumn and winter. That makes the start of summer the perfect time to invest in the next size bed. Whether you're upgrading the cot by looking at new toddler beds for girls, or looking for the next stage of cabin bed, high sleeper or girls bed with mattress, there's no better time for this. It's also the perfect time of year to give the duvet a dry clean and invest in some summer-friendly duvet covers. The botanicals trend is ideal for injecting a verdant accent into a girl's bedroom. Shop for a girls bed in the UK online and find competitive prices on the latest designs.

    Upgrade the rug

    Far cheaper, quicker and easier than ripping out a carpet, simply upgrade the rug in your daughter's bedroom. A rug can be a major focal point of a bedroom and sets the tone for the next stage of their life, whether they're leaving preschool for school, moving from being a kid to a tween, or even become young adults in their own right. Helping your child to choose the right rug will help them feel at home in their room. For summer vibes, consider the fruit or jungle decor themes, hot in more ways than one.

    If walls could talk

    Another instant and low cost revamp is a simple lick of paint. Again, self-expression is really important so let your daughter choose the colours. This summer vibrant pastels are in, especially pinks, greens and blues. Consider just one feature wall of paint or wallpaper, or for an even easier face lift, a collection of summer-themed wall stickers.

    Simple accessory ideas

    From a new lamp to a canvas painting, there are plenty of ways to jazz up a bedroom without making major changes. Consider buying new cushion covers, changing the curtains or simply adding fake flowers and fairy lights to give a girls bedroom a breath of fresh air.

    Whether you're looking for a full revamp or just want to add a summery feel with a couple of accessories, now is the perfect time to update your girl's bedroom and let her personality shine through. It's also the ideal time to buy a new girls bed with mattress before the summer growth spurt! Shop for a girls bed in the UK and find the perfect solutions here.

  • A bed with underbed storage: getting children to make their bed and tidy their room

    bed with underbed storage

    It can be a battle to get your children to tidy their own room and make their bed. Often parents will come to the conclusion it is easiest to do it themselves but when children are encouraged to do the work, they learn some valuable lessons. They start to understand the importance of being responsible for their own things and it can even help to build their self-esteem.

    Here are some practical tips to help your kids make their bed and tidy their own room. Cheap single beds with storage will even help to make solutions cost-effective.


    A great way to start this new routine is to declutter and ensure there isn't too much stuff in their room to start with. The less there is for them to keep tidy, the easier it will be.

    This could even be a task they can get involved with. Have a chat with them and explain broken items need to be thrown away and things they don't play with could go to a charity shop so someone else could enjoy them.

    Make some piles and let them help sort the contents of their room. This also means you avoid the awkward questions about where toys have disappeared to!

    Bed with underbed storage

    The next vital step is to ensure there is enough storage in their room. If your child hasn't got a place to put all their toys then they will never be able to keep them tidy. Storage ideas can be fun and don't need to be too expensive. One often overlooked idea is to get a bed with underbed storage. There are now fantastic and cheap single beds with storage available, which could be the ideal solution. It is even possible to find a low bed with storage for younger children where you want to avoid a full height bed.

    Other storage

    Look for other practical storage areas such as shelving and boxes. Important factors include your child being able to reach them and easily open or close if required. When you have sufficient space available, the next step is to decide where everything should go. It is important that you agree this with your child so they are confident knowing where things should go.

    Making their bed

    The final step to encourage your child in keeping their room tidy is making the bed itself. It is not only vital to talk your child through the process but also to manage your own expectations. A child making a bed in the morning may achieve a different result to you doing it yourself. However, if you can stop yourself from correcting their work (even if it's lumpy!) they will have a much stronger sense of a job well done.

  • Planning the Perfect Sleepover

    5 Signs That My Kid Is Ready for a Sleepover |

    Sleepovers are essentially a rite of passage for children and something they all love to do, as both guests and hosts. Read on for our tips for planning the perfect sleepover.

    A Numbers Game

    Before you do anything else, you need to know how many are coming. Give this some consideration because the number of people sleeping over makes a big difference to the overall vibe of the party. Think about who is on the list too, and not just how many as the dynamics will depend on the names on the guestlist.

    The other number you need to consider is the date. You probably don't want a school night! Check it against big occasions like the guests' birthdays and other events including sporting commitments.

    Theme Your Night

    Think about whether you want to theme your event or not. A theme can be fun, especially for a birthday party, and can make it extra special. The theme could extend to decorations, games, even the food. If you're thinking of putting the kids guest beds in a tent outside, check the weather forecast!

    Kids guest beds

    Once you know who is coming and when, you can start thinking about logistics. Do you have kids guest beds or do you need to improvise? Sometimes families have a fold up guest bed but children's guest beds are more niche. There are various options for a fold up guest bed, especially for smaller guests, and many are inexpensive. Think about what you need your guests to bring; will you be providing bedding for example?

    Food for thought

    Think about the food you'll be serving as a main meal, and whether you'll be serving snacks and a midnight feast. Don't forget that after the sleepover, you'll need to cater for breakfast too. Keep your menu simple and don't forget to check if any of your guests have allergies or special dietary requirements. Prepare some special occasion drinks, too. There are some lovely recipes for fruit-based drinks and if you have a theme, try and incorporate that into the drinks.

    Amazing Activities

    Your guests won't be expecting to arrive and go straight to bed, so plan something fun for everyone to do. A lot of the fun of a sleepover is friends hanging out together and a cosy space to sleep but to prevent boredom and keep everyone engaged, plan some activities too. Crafting or jewellery making is always a good option, and a movie is almost mandatory!

    Stick to a Schedule

    Invitations should include when to arrive and when you're expecting guests to be collected by the next morning. Once that is clear, plan the timeline for your sleepover. Try and stick to a schedule, though realise that some activities will go very quickly, and some might not capture everyone's attention, so have a couple of back-up ideas too.

    Planning is important but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that everyone has fun - and gets some sleep in the end!

  • Boys bedroom decor for summer

    Changing the decor of a young boy's bedroom can be a somewhat daunting, but an exciting thing to do. When your son grows up a little, the adorable decorations you put up in expectation of their arrival can seem a little babyish.

    Maybe they are ready to move into a larger bed and they have found their favourite cartoon characters. If it is time for a change, have a look at these ideas.

    Moving to a boys single bed

    As boys grow, it is inevitable that they will grow out of their toddler beds and need to move into a larger childrens bed for boys. They will feel much more grown- up in their new bed.

    Thinking about the warmer months, it is a good idea to consider the tog rating of duvets. You can get duvets that are specifically designed for summer, which focus on keeping children cool at night. You could even get bedding sets which feature their favourite characters.

    Making more storage space around a boys single bed

    Almost every parent thinks that they don't have enough space! One way to get things off of the floor is to think about shelving around your son's bed. Shelving is a great solution if you don't have a huge amount of storage or floor space in which to put things away. You could place special memento's, pictures and books on the shelves, as well as adding some boxes for the smaller items.

    Think about a boys single bed with built- in storage

    Another clever idea is a boys bed with drawers underneath. Choosing a boys bed with drawers means that items of clothing or winter bedding can be stored close- by but still out of the way. Changing the decor of a boys bedroom will usually mean that some items will have to be put away; things that they were given when they were born, for example. Opting for extra storage will provide a place to keep things safe.

    Updating paint colours or wallpaper

    As you are updating the room for summer, thinking about wall colours or decoration could be a fantastic place to start. Using a brighter colour palette could freshen up the room. Stepping away from the soothing, muted colours you first chose when your son was born could be a perfect way to update the feel of the room.

    Window hangings

    Another area to consider is the window dressings. Some children need complete darkness in order to fall asleep, so thinking about blackout blinds may be a great idea. It is always essential to make sure that the cords are well out of the way as they pose a very real safety risk to younger children.

    Many manufacturers include safety features such as hooks to keep the cords out of reach. Some character bedding sets also come with the curtains to match; considering these as an option could create an exciting result for your son.

  • Spring Sale is now on


    We're delighted to announce that the Children's Bed Shop Spring Sale is now on! Spring is the perfect time for new ideas and positive change, and upgrading your child's bed is an important step in their development. Whether they're moving from cot bed to toddler bed, from toddler bed to cabin bed or perhaps you're looking for bunk beds for kids, our spring sale is packed out with high quality bed options.

    Our best selling range of children's wooden beds are included in the sale; the perfect choice for parents looking for a more natural option for their child's bedroom. Wooden beds are a heritage choice, having been used to make sleeping furniture for thousands of years.

    Our range of sale wooden beds includes options for toddlers, younger and older children. You'll even find wooden cot beds and bunk beds too. Wood doesn't have to be plain either, although some people prefer it that way; with our wide range you can choose from a traditional wood appearance to beds finished in a wide choice of colours.

    You'll also find an impressive choice of children's toddler beds in the sale. A toddler bed is an essential step for a child between cot and real bed stages of childhood. Children's toddler beds give kids independence whilst being a safe level from the ground and small enough for their size.

    When you decide to move your child from a cot or cot bed into a toddler bed is always dependent on the child, but it usually happens between one or three years old. Spring is the perfect time to get your toddler used to sleeping in a real bed by transitioning from a cot to a toddler bed, so bag yourself a bargain and pick up a toddler bed in our spring sale.

    This spring you'll also find a really good choice of cabin and bunk beds for kids in the sale. Our cabin bed range has something for everyone with low, mid and high sleeper options. Perfect for mixing and matching with other furniture or buying as part of a package with shelves and desks. Our discounted bunk beds for kids are perfect for those who need a bed for siblings, with a good choice of styles and structures available in the sale. You'll also find a selection of sleepers with fun accessories such as tents and tunnels, perfect for children with big imaginations.

    We all know that getting the kids into bed at night can be the trickiest part of the day, and keeping them there yet another task! As any parent will tell you, getting the right bed can be the change you need to establish and maintain a good bedtime routine. Browse our spring sale today and find the right bed for your child. Whether you are looking for a new bunk bed, a traditional wooden bed or a toddler bed, you'll find plenty of choices in our famous spring sale.

  • Getting the kids to sleep with lighter nights

    Best Children's Beds for bedtime Routine

    As every parent knows, the clocks changing in spring is a double-edged sword. We all love the additional evening sun, but what about when the kids refuse to go to sleep because it's light outside? From sticking to routine to simple practical hacks like buying the best children's beds and even using the sun to your advantage, we've gathered the top tips for getting the kids to sleep during the lighter evenings.

    Sticking to routine

    The most important aspect of getting children to go to sleep on time is routine, which has far more impact than whether or not the sun's still shining. Parents who already have a well-established bedtime routine will find it much easier to keep things in check when the clocks change each March.

    However you do it, make sure you include a story and a bath, preferably at the same time each day.

    A gradual approach

    Some children really are more affected by the clocks changing than others. If your family routine and work/school commitments allow, consider the gradual approach.

    Bearing in mind their body clock is still as it was, push bedtime back by 45 mins, then over the next three nights by 15 minutes less each time, until you have more gradually adjusted them to the new time. This might mean getting up a little later for a couple of days, but if you can accommodate it, this might make life easier for everyone.

    Practical solutions

    The fastest and easiest way to avoid the evening sun being a problem is to not let it in in the first place! No, we are not suggesting that you ignore the institution that is British Summer Time and keep your clocks in GMT, but instead, invest in a decent set of blackout blinds.

    Many parents swear by blackout blinds in summer, just be sure to pull them down a couple of hours before bedtime to stop the room from getting too hot as well.

    The right bed

    Investing in the best children's beds is always going to help with bedtime, whatever the time of year. Getting the right size for your child is also imperative, whether you're looking for small children's beds, children's beds with mattress options or larger cabin beds, getting it right can make all the difference.

    Using the sun to your advantage

    As every parent knows, apart from routine, the easiest way to get a child to sleep is by making sure they've used up all their energy reserves. With lighter skies well into evening, consider an extra walk or play in the garden after dinner.

    A quick trip to the park and an extra shot of fresh air is almost guaranteed to help use up those last bursts of energy. Never remove the important elements or their routine, instead replace some TV time with a kick around or a run in the park, and be back in time for a story and bath.

    From investing in the best children's beds for older kids or small children's beds, to establishing a good routine or trying the gradual approach, any one of these tips will help in your goal of getting them to bed on time!

  • More than just children's beds

    Children's Beds & Furniture

    The ideal children’s room is about so much more than just their bed. The right colours on the wall, the best carpet or rug to make it cosy and the other furniture, which can really make a room into a safe, versatile space for your child.

    Children's beds come in many shapes and sizes, from bunks beds to cabin beds and even themed beds. The bed you ultimately choose will depend on the size of room available and the needs of your child. The other bedroom furniture you will require may vary depending on which sort of children's bed you choose and the storage incorporated within it.

    Bedside furniture

    A bedside table is a great idea. A lamp placed at the beside children's beds can help provide the low lighting ideal for bedtime. Whatever you choose can also provide storage, whether that’s some drawers for clothes or shelving for books.

    Chests of drawers and wardrobes

    Whatever style of room your child would like, they are also going to need somewhere to store their clothes. There are chests of drawers to suit any space, from small to big and short to tall. If the room has enough space then bedroom furniture such as a wardrobe is the perfect way to store clothes that have been ironed and need to be kept neat. Some wardrobes also have drawers as part of them so can store several types of clothing.


    Depending on the age of your child, a desk will become an essential item. As they progress through school, children will be required to complete more homework. Some desks will include shelving, cupboards or drawers for storing homework essentials.


    Bedtime reading is an important part of winding down to sleep so having books to hand can be really helpful. There are different styles of bookcase to suit a range of ages or neutral to fit any decoration scheme, which may be sensible to suit your child as they grow older.


    Some of the furniture discussed above are forms of, or incorporate, storage, but with most children there will always be more required! For younger children toy storage is vital. The right storage unit can help transform tidy up time from a battle to a fun game. As children get older they may need storage for their own interests, whether that’s reading, crafts or gaming. Neutral storage may be less fun for young ones but could have a longer life and suit the room as your children grow up.

    A child’s room can be completed and made personal to them using other bedroom accessories, so look carefully for items to suit your child as they are now, but also to grow with them.

  • Benefits of a kids fold up bed

    Kids Fold Up Beds

    For many people the idea of a folding bed brings to mind uncomfortable sleepovers, but things have changed significantly. Now a childrens folding bed can be a realistic, practical option for many people with a number of advantages. Fold up beds have been gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons and they could be the solution you are looking for.

    Space and money saving

    One of the clearest advantages to a fold up bed is the space it can save. If space is limited or at a premium in your home then a fold up bed may be the answer. With children, the ability to fold the bed away increases the space they can play in and all kids will be in favour of that! If budget is a consideration too then consider a childrens folding bed as traditional beds can be a more expensive option than space saving beds.

    Versatile designs

    A kids fold up bed can come in different designs to suit every situation. Some can be pulled down from the wall like a shelving unit, completely masking the true use and providing much more floor space for play.

    Others can be folded and hidden away in a cupboard or wardrobe during the daytime. A certain type of a kids fold up bed can even be folded into a chair or sofa to allow seating during the daytime and extending out to a bed at night. Have a look at the options available and find the best storage solution for the space you have available.

    Ideal for children

    Kids can quickly get used to the mechanics of a fold up bed and, depending on their age and abilities, manage it themselves. Children may sometimes like to fold it away and spread out their toys on the floor space it frees up.

    However, its a flexible solution and sometimes they may want a cosy reading den. The right sort of kids fold up bed can easily be rolled out and relax with some stories or use the bed as the basis for their play. A kids fold up bed also tends to be closer to the floor so could be safer for children who have a tendency to roll and fall from beds.


    Modern versions of the mattresses for fold up beds offer more support and comfort than you may expect, despite tending to be made from foam. There are also thicker mattresses available.


    Your requirements may actually be to accommodate guests or for your child to easily have sleepovers with their friends. Let your children entertain their friends in your home and have an easy, comfortable bed for the kids staying with you.

    The advantages of a fold up bed are clearly extensive and varied. Have a look at what is available and if they could suit the needs of your family.

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