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  • Magical Ideas for your Children’s Bedroom

    Children’s imaginations often run wild, whether they’re slaying dragons, rescuing Princesses from high towers, running around as Cowboys and Indians or playing hide and seek before snuggling up with a bedtime story. Whatever excites them, why not help bring their fantasies to life and keep their childhood magic alive! Make the most of their fun and magical manner and decorate the bedroom to match. From blushing pinks and royal blues to their favourite themed character’s. Some of the ideas below can even be done as a family activity, aiming to create a sleeping space your child will always remember. Whether you’re showcasing artistic talents, sliding out of bed in the morning, or keeping it neutral by adding a pop of colour to the Children’s Bed Shop white mid sleeper cabin bed.

    Paint a mural

    Some prefer the neutral tones of a blank wall but why not use your white canvas to add a pop of colour to your child’s room.  Even if you’re thinking of adding a plain coloured wall, why not create a mural instead. Use anything from stencils to your own artistic talent or your children’s handprints, for that truly unique touch. Create an enchanted forest scene, a Joey JCB construction site or a Peppa Pig paradise and bring the bedtime stories to life! A feature wall is perfect to keep your child’s room different and can be updated in the future to coincide with their colour of the month, as their minds will often change…

    Be clever with colour

    As desirable as a coloured wall or mural might be, don’t go overboard, everything in moderation, right? You want to still be mindful of using colour sparingly, to keep the room open and as spacious looking as you can. If you can’t quite bring yourself to splash the paint on your beautifully blank painted wall, then perhaps add splashes of colour via a bedframe or bedding, or through a lampshade, cushions and rugs. We suggest the Children's Bed Shop white mid sleeper cabin bed. Add their favourite colour as a backdrop to the bed, include a coloured tent or simply add some playful accessories.

    Make a den

    Rather than a mismatch of bed sheets, poles and pillows, why not invest in a den your little one can crawl into every night they go to bed. Create a cosy corner underneath the bed complete with a coloured tent, add some fairy lights and it will be like you’re camping under the stars. The Children’s Bed Shop white mid sleeper cabin bed is perfect for adding coloured sheets, and they can be removed if you fancy striping it back to basics. Complete the den with bunting, books, soft toys and a little chair to provide the best tea parties a child could ask for.

    Add a bunk bed slide

    What could make a bunk bed more exciting? Perhaps the option to slide down from your bunk…that might help with the school run in the morning. Add some fun to your child’s room, especially when the darker evenings draw close and the cold wind is just too unbearable at the park.

    Theme it around something they love

    Use a theme to bring your child’s magical fantasies to life! Whether you base it on their favourite book character, Disney hero, or simply highlight their favourite colour. Watch their little faces light up and make their dreams a reality as they drift off to sleep and get lost in the magic of their bedroom.


  • How to plan the ultimate back to school bedtime routine

    September can mean a lot of different things. It’s the time that we say goodbye to summer for the year, find ourselves turning the heating on, and take the kids back to school. The beginning of a new school year can be fun and challenging for your child, but can also tamper with any sleeping patterns your child might have adopted over the summer holidays. If you’re facing sleepless nights from your little one, check out these tips on how to plan a back to school bedtime routine.

    Establish the amount of sleep they need


    It’s important to know the amount of sleep your child should be getting each night in order to plan their bedtime routine properly. If your child is particularly young, they’ll need a lot more sleep than an older child would which is why it’s so vital you ensure their bedtime routine helps this happen.


    Do it gradually


    If your child has been used to sleeping and waking up at a certain time throughout the summer holidays, it’s not going to be easy to instantly switch back to a more structured routine. Make sure you make gradual changes to their bedtime routine rather than suddenly sending them to bed extra early. Maybe start by setting their bedtime an hour or half an hour earlier than usual and increasing this every couple of days until they become used to the routine.


    Promote relaxation before bed


    You may know well that winding down before bed is key to a long and deep sleep, and the same goes for kids. Plan time for relaxing activities in the evening such as a hot bath, a bedtime story, or some deep breathing exercises. Using essential oils such as lavender or sandalwood in the bathroom or bedroom is also a good way to help your child drift off.


    Plan a productive morning routine


    The lack of a morning routine during the holidays is what can make kids more likely to oversleep, making it even more difficult to get up early for school. Plan a motivating routine for your child before school each morning. This could mean getting up and eating a healthy breakfast, having a shower or bath, and spending some time watching a fun and educational kids show, reading a story book or playing a game. A mid sleeper cabin bed with desk can be a good idea for your child’s room, giving a place for your child to sit and play or learn before school.


    To shop our full range of mid sleeper cabin beds with desk, themed beds, bunk beds and more, click here to head to the Children’s Bed Shop homepage now.

  • Themed Beds to Rest Those Sleepy Heads


    Themed beds for kids - tipi cabin bed


    Children’s themed beds could not only be the answer to resting those tried sleepy heads, but could also be an incredible alternative to redecorating, and splashing out on an entire new wardrobe - pardon the pun!  From regal ranking Princesses, to speed demon motorcar cyclists, we have a themed bed to fulfill every child's fantasy.

    Fun and trendy beds not only add to children’s experiences of playing with their friends, but makes bedtime a lot more pleasant.  All the children’s themed beds at the children’s bed shop are manufactured using the highest quality pine, and finished to the best standard in order to complete a luxury design that suits children and parents alike.  From heightening kids imaginations, to keeping the bedrooms polished, we have a themed bed that can slot perfectly into your home. Themed beds - JCB beds

    A Variety of Themes to Choose From


    The children’s bed shop offer unique screen printed designs, cleverly modeled around exciting characters and hobbies.  The Kidsaw JCB Digger bed takes inspiration from ‘Joey the JCB’, providing the ideal hangout for all those wannabe ‘fixer uppers’ and little builders.  The bold, bright, colours are not only attractive to children, but the Kidsaw also comes complete with a great toy box storage unit, to store all the handy tools.  Useful if you’re constantly digging your way out of children’s toys!


    Sleepovers are More Fun

    From time to time, there may be the need for your child to have a friend or relative stay over.  With little ones, there will always be the back of the mind worry - ‘will they settle?’ ‘What can I do to make their stay more enjoyable?’ Why not bring the den indoors, and recreate the space where children can spend time playing as well as sleeping.  Some of the themed beds include space underneath for a guest bed, so topping and tailing doesn’t even have to be an option!


    Themed beds - house cabin bed


    Space saving solutions


    The children’ themed beds are not only good value for money, but provide the biggest benefit of all to parents - extra storage space!  Most beds come with the option of drawers and shelves to tidy away those clothes and toys. Matching furniture is also available to adapt the whole bedroom’s experience, from bookshelves to desks for all the homework tasks before playtime can commence!

    From sailing ships, to busy buses, and all things glittery for the little girls, there are some fantastic sleeping ideas available on the website.  Bedtime will never be boring again! Allowing your children to be excited from the moment they awake from their cosy beds, to when they rest their sleepy heads!


  • Creating a gender neutral kids bedroom with Children's Bed Shop

    Gender Neutral Kids Bedroom Ideas


    There’s lots of reasons a gender neutral kids bedroom might be something you’re considering. If you have multiple children of different ages, designing a room to be gender neutral is a smart move if you need to pass each room onto your other kids as they grow up. Non gendered designs are also a great step towards avoiding any gender stereotypes, and stop you from pushing certain colours or themes onto your child. Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we have plenty of brilliant styles such as the white mid sleeper cabin bed or neutral themed beds to choose from. If you’re thinking about making your child’s room a little more gender-neutral, make sure you read on for some inspiration!


    Find the perfect bed


    The bed is the main focal point of any bedroom, so it’s always important to choose it wisely! When designing a room that’s suitable for both girls and boys, avoid colours such as pink, purple or blue, along with any typically gendered themes like a princess design. Beds which work well include the Steens white mid sleeper cabin bed which looks beautiful with any colour scheme. If you prefer a more traditional wood finish, beds like the Julian Bowen Barcelona bed should be right up your street, whilst themed beds like the tipi cabin bed are an option that’s gender neutral but with a fun element too. The Julian Bowen Orion Bunk Bed is another great option, as it has a simple colour scheme but also comes with shelf space for your child to decorate their bed with their favourite items.


    Fill the room with furniture


    Once you’ve chosen the bed, it’s time to add some essential bits of furniture to the room. Wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables, bookcases and other storage units are incredibly useful to have in a child’s room, especially if your little one has a lot of bits and bobs. Whether you want to match your child’s bed to their furniture or not, there’s lots of choice at Children’s Bed Shop. Our favourite picks include the Steens low wardrobe in white, which has extra drawer storage for foldable items, or the Julian Bowen wide chest of drawers which has a beautiful stone white finish. Depending on your child’s age, you might want to add a desk to their bedroom such as the Gami Montana desk in bleached ash, giving them the opportunity to study in style.


    Remember to accessorise


    Adding accessories to a room is the best way to bring the space together and give it some interesting touches. Things like photos, cushions and rugs are all great to add to your child’s. If you have a midsleeper bed, we also stock a range of tents and slides which can be added on to the bed for more of a fun aspect. To stick to the gender neutral theme, look for accessories in shades like white, beige and grey, or with a wooden finish.


    Re-paint the walls


    If your child’s room is filled with patterned wallpaper, painted hot pink, or covered in sports stickers, re-decorating the walls is the starting place for making the room more gender neutral. Colours which work well include white, grey, beige or cream to keep the space minimal. If you can’t resist some more colour, go for shades like yellow or green which also promote creativity and relaxation - always an added bonus!


    To explore our full range of gender neutral kids beds, bedroom furniture and accessories, click here to shop with Children's Bed Shop now!

  • Ways to help your child unwind before bedtime



    Child Bedtime Story - Help Child Unwind Before Bed


    Bedtime can be a tricky time for many parents. Often, children will delay bedtime as much as possible, preferring to spend more time playing their game or watching TV. As we all know, sleep is so important for children’s growth and development, and it’s crucial that they get the right amount needed each day. That’s why we’ve put together this Children’s Bed Shop guide with tips on ways to help your child unwind for a restful sleep night after night.


    Child Yoga


    You might already be familiar with yoga yourself and the relaxing benefits it has, but did you know that there are yoga poses that can actually help your child get to sleep? These yoga poses are designed to release energy, relieve tired muscles and calm the body and mind. One yoga pose which is easy to teach your child is the ‘hugs’ pose, where your little one needs to hug their knees into their chest and squeeze to release any tension.


    After doing any yoga poses, encourage your child to spend some time doing deep breathing. Start with a slow and deep breath through the nose for 4 seconds, followed by holding the breath for 1 or 2 seconds, then slowly exhaling for another 4 seconds. Teaching your child this breathing technique is useful for them to use any time they can’t get to sleep, or simply when they’re feeling a little anxious and need to calm down.


    A Calming Bath


    Bathtime should be one of the most important parts of your child’s night time routine. Not only does giving your child a pre-bedtime bath get them nice and clean at the end of a long day, but it’s also a crucial way to help them unwind. Adding essential oils like lavender and chamomile, or using bath salts, will aid relaxation while also hydrating the skin. Finish the bath by applying a calming lotion to further soothe their skin and get them smelling nice and fresh before getting into bed.


    Bedtime Stories


    Bedtime stories are a widely known way to help your child drift off to sleep. Before settling down to read your child their story, ensure that their bedroom has been set up as a relaxing environment. This means getting rid of any clutter, adding some soft furnishings, and removing any harsh lighting. Some of our Children’s Bed Shop beds which are perfect for keeping your kids room tidy include the Birlea Paddington White Midsleeper Cabin Bed, which has drawers and underbed space to keep your child’s belongings, along with shelves to store their books ready for bedtime reading.


    If your child doesn’t already have a favourite story, read our blog post on some of the best books to read at bedtime. On the other hand, if you and your child aren’t enjoying any of the stories available, why not try out creating your very own bedtime story?


    Relaxing Music


    Whilst your little one gets more and more sleepy, consider playing some relaxing music in the background. You can find calming music for kids online on sites like Youtube, or look for full albums on music streaming services or with CD’s. If you don’t want to play music, classic bedtime lullabies can be just as soothing for your child and the perfect thing to help them drift into a deep sleep!


    Do you have any tips of your own to help your child unwind before bed? Let us know in the comments below.


    To shop our full range of kids beds with storage, along with single beds, themed beds, high sleeper beds and more, click here to head to the full Children’s Bed Shop range!

  • Ways to maintain your child's bedtime routine during the Summer holidays

    The summer holidays are an exciting time for our little ones. Whilst as an adult, time off from work or other responsibilities gives a chance for some much needed rest, children can tend to approach the summer holidays a little differently. Staying up much later than usual and sleeping in late as a result is a common occurrence amongst our kids during the summer, disrupting any sleep routines you’ve worked hard to put into place. If you want to get your child’s sleep schedule back on track, try these tips to maintain their bedtime routine during the Summer break.

    Child summer bedtime routine

    Set a regular wake up time


    Morning alarms usually go out the window during school holidays, causing your child to oversleep day after day. Sleeping until the late morning or afternoon not only causes problems for sleeping patterns, but can also make your child feel more tired as oversleeping is known to cause fatigue. Set a time for your child to wake up each day and stick to it throughout the summer break. This doesn’t have to be as early as it would on a normal school day (it is a break, after all!), just as long as they’re consistent with the time they wake up.


    Keep their room cool


    Being too hot is a common culprit for keeping your child up at night. If it’s too hot for your child to get a restful sleep, help your child sleep in the hot weather by making their bedroom more cool. This includes bringing a fan into their room which you can switch onto night mode, sticking to breathable cotton bedding and limiting their nightwear, avoiding any heavy fabric pyjamas. The cooler and more comfortable their bedroom is the easier they’ll find it to sleep during the summer holidays, making them ease back into a normal routine.


    Keep electronics out of the bedroom


    Electronics in the bedroom are a bad idea when you’re trying to keep up an effective bedtime ritual. Items such as laptops, smartphones and games consoles all provide a distraction and can be a lot more inviting than sleep in a child’s eyes. Staring at a screen also interferes with the sleep hormone melatonin, making it even harder for an excitable child to drift off. Instead of filling the room with distractions in an electronic form, make a small study area with some of their favourite books. A mid sleeper cabin bed with desk is a great way to incorporate learning into the bedroom, letting them spend some time reading or learning before bed which is a lot less stimulating and a good way to unwind at the end of the day. Our Julian Bowen Leo mid sleeper cabin bed with desk built in is a great option as it also comes with plenty of storage space, keeping your child’s room nice and clutter free.


    Stick to a routine on holiday


    If you have a summer family break planned, try not to let your child’s routine slip. Stick to a set bedtime and wake up time for your child as much as you can in order to keep them in the same frame of mind. If it helps your little one to nod off in unfamiliar places, bring along a few items from home such as a blanket or soft toy, which will reinforce the idea of sleep.


    If you want to take a look at more of our children’s mid sleeper cabin beds with desk, or our wide range of themed beds, single beds and more, click here to shop our full collection at Children’s Bed Shop!

  • Get the Nordic look with our Scandinavian style kids beds



    Scandinavian style is all the rage in interiors right now. Look through any pinterest board or flick through any interior magazine and you’re bound to find plenty of rooms filled with minimal Scandi inspired furniture and decor. Here at Children’s Bed Shop we stock a wide range of kids beds and bedroom furniture in styles that are perfect for a Nordic themed children’s room. From a classic white mid sleeper cabin bed to a fun themed style, take a look at the beds that are perfect if you’re looking to give your kids room a minimal Scandinavian inspired update.

    Flexa Nordic Day Bed

    Flexa Nordic Day Bed


    The Nordic Day Bed by Flexa is a fantastic bed to choose when it comes to minimalist design. This contemporary frame is made from solid Scandinavian pine and finished with a smooth white lacquer which looks great in any room. Pair with wooden floors, neutral walls and some cool artwork for a stylish kids bedroom update!


    Flexa Nordic Playhouse Day Bed

    Flexa Nordic Playhouse Day Bed


    With a stylish and innovative design, the Nordic Playhouse Day Bed by Flexa will look beautiful in your child’s room. This frame has a plain white design making it fit well with any colour schemes in your child’s room, while the roof element of the bed gives it a fun and quirky twist to a classic single bed style. Choose from a choice of headboards for this bed, such as solid white, rose and grey, along with the choice of a grooved or slatted white finish.  

    House Cabin Bed

    House Cabin Bed


    Perfect for sparking your child’s imagination, the House Cabin Bed is one of our favourite themed beds. The minimal colour scheme and contemporary design of this bed mean it would make a great centerpiece in a Scandinavian inspired bedroom. Along with being super stylish, this bed is also functional with underbed drawers to store clutter out of sight.

    Flair Teepee Single Bed

    Flair Teepee Single Bed in White and Grey


    Simple and eye-catching, this Teepee Single Bed by Flair is a sure fire way to bring some minimalist Scandi influence to your little one’s room. This bed features open sides and a fabric cover, giving your child a cosy den that they’ll love to sleep in.

    Birlea Islington Midsleeper Cabin Bed

    Birlea Islington Midsleeper Cabin Bed


    Made from beautiful oak effect wood, this chic yet practical classic white mid sleeper cabin bed is a must have for a minimal themed kids room. The Birlea Islington Midsleeper Cabin Beds white and oak finish will match any decor while the integrated shelving provides a stylish storage solution that slots seamlessly underneath the frame.


    Not found what you’re looking for? Take a look at our full range of children’s beds to find the ideal classic white mid sleeper cabin bed or minimal style frame.


  • Simple ways to get your child's room ready for Summer


    Summer Ready Child's Room - Children's Bed Shop

    You might be used to making adjustments to the home when Autumn or Winter comes along, but what about in the summer? Aside from opening the windows more often, there are things you can do to give your child’s room a more summery feel. From brightening up the space with a white mid sleeper cabin bed or choosing some lightweight furnishings, check out our top tips on some ways you can get your child’s room summer ready.


    Lighten it up


    One of the easiest ways to brighten up any space is by ridding the room of too many dark colours. Re-paint any darker walls with a lighter shade like white, light grey, lilac or sunny yellow to freshen up the room. Choose light coloured accessories like neutral lamp shades and rugs, and swap any key pieces of furniture for something in a lighter colour palette. Beds like the Steens Memphis Mid sleeper in white or the Julian Bowen Pluto Mid sleeper in grey are both great beds that will compliment the fresh feel of the room perfectly.


    Switch heavy furnishings


    Heavy curtains and thick bedding don’t exactly scream ‘summer’, so make sure to swap these for some more lightweight alternatives. Instead of curtains, look into getting some blinds for the window or sheer curtains. This way there’s still a level of privacy in the room, but plenty of natural daylight can still come through. Pack away any thick throws and blankets that you might have left on your child’s bed from the Winter, and make sure bedding is made from high quality cotton to best keep your little one cool on warm nights.


    Get a good fan


    For those rare summer heat waves, having a quality fan in the bedroom is a must. This way you’ll help ensure your child gets the sleep they need that’s crucial for development, and you’ll have a better night’s sleep yourself in the process! For tips on how to help your child sleep in the hot weather, click here to take a look at our blog post.




    One final step you can take to add to the light and airy feel of your child’s summer bedroom is by getting rid of any clutter. Nothing ruins the appearance of a room more than mess, so try to spend some time sorting your child’s belongings into storage boxes, or a bed with built in storage space. Once the room’s looking nice and tidy, add some finishing touches such as plants to help clean the air (just make sure they’re child friendly!)


    Click here to shop more fantastic mid sleeper cabin beds, high sleeper beds, themed beds and more at Children’s Bed Shop.

  • 5 of our best kids beds with built in storage

    It goes without saying that even the most picturesque children’s bedroom can become messy very quickly. Whether it’s toys scattered around the room or the odd clothing item here and there, clutter is often inevitable without good organisation. The good news is that here at Children’s Bed Shop we’ll have you spoilt for choice, whether you’re looking for a mid sleeper cabin bed with desk or a sleek hidden storage frame. Take a look at some of our best kids beds with smart storage solutions.

    Gami Cabin Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Gami Hangun Cabin Bed

    The Gami Hangun Cabin Bed is a stunning choice if you’re looking for a mid sleeper cabin bed with desk and plenty of built in storage. This bed features fitted drawers, a storage cupboard, shelving and a pull out desk, along with a beautiful charcoal oak finish.

    Birlea Paddington Midsleeper Cabin Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Birlea Paddington Midsleeper

    Sleek and simple, the Birlea Paddington Midsleeper is a striking bed crafted from white and light coloured oak wood. Along with a beautiful appearance, this bed comes complete with shelving and storage drawers to keep your little one’s bits and bobs in one place.

    Birlea Islington Midsleeper Cabin Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Birlea Islington Midsleeper

    If you want a bed that’s super sleek and versatile, but also practical, the Birlea Islington Midsleeper is the perfect choice. With a stylish mid sleeper design, striking white and oak finish, and integrated shelving options you can keep your child’s room looking great all year round.

    Amani UK Captains Storage Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Amani Captains Storage Bed

    The Amani Captains Storage Bed is a fantastic option for those who prefer a more traditional look for their child’s room. This bed is made from waxed pine for a rustic feel that looks great combined with its modern design. The multiple built in drawers of this bed also help you keep their room as clutter-free as possible.

    Parisot Space Up Cabin Storage Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Parisot Space Up Cabin Storage Bed

    Perhaps the ultimate when it comes to sneaky built in storage, this Space Up Cabin Storage Bed from Parisot features lots of handy storage space. Aside from built in external shelves, the mattress of this bed can be easily lifted up to reveal an underbed storage area to hide away unsightly clutter and keep the room looking tidy. This bed also has a versatile design that’s sure to look great paired with any colour scheme and bedroom decor.

      To see more of our kids mid sleeper cabin beds with desk or built in storage, check out our full range of children’s beds online now.

  • Introducing some of our favourite new products at Children's Bed Shop

    Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we love welcoming new additions to our wide range of fantastic kids beds and bedroom furniture! We pride ourselves on sourcing the best beds from some top brands, with a range of styles to fit every need. From trendy mid sleeper beds to cool Scandi inspired frames, check out a few of our favourite new arrivals available to shop now.

    The Flexa Nordic Kids Day Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Flexa Nordic Day Bed 1 in White

    This stylish bed from Flexa has a contemporary design, made from solid scandinavian pine with a smooth lacquer finish. This bed is perfect for sleepovers or a guest bedroom as it comes with a built in underbed trundle that can be used as an extra bed, along with built in storage space. The simple design and versatile colour of this bed also means it can fit easily into every child’s room, looking great with any colour scheme.

    Flexa Nordic Playhouse Kids Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Flexa Nordic Playhouse Day Bed 1 in White

    Another beautiful bed frame that’s been introduced to the Children’s Bed Shop range is the Flexa Nordic Playhouse Day Bed. This bed features a creative and playful design that’s sure to brighten up any space, and also comes with a choice of headboard options and colours to make the style more personalised. Scandinavian style is a big interior design trend at the moment, and this bed is a sure fire way to introduce this look into your little one’s bedroom!

    Birlea Paddington High Sleeper Kids Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Birlea Paddington High Sleeper Bed - Black & Walnut

    Sleek and stylish, if you’re looking for a versatile children’s high sleeper bed that ticks all the boxes, then the Birlea Paddington Highsleeper is for you! The black and oak finish gives this bed a modern look that’s great for older kids rooms. Along with storage and wardrobe space, the frame also includes a desk so your child can easily get on with any studying from the comfort of their bedroom.

    Flair Switch Mid Sleeper Bed - Children's Bed Shop

    Flair Switch Mid Sleeper

    Last but not least! The Switch midsleeper bed by Flair is an unforgettable new style that’s sure to be a hit. With a curved ladder design and sleek white and pink/blue reversible detail, this bed is perfect for all child’s rooms, giving that beautiful modern style. The multitude of storage options also gives you plenty of space to store your child’s belongings, while also displaying any toys or decorative items.


    To shop the full range of children’s mid sleeper beds, themed beds, bunk beds and more from Children’s Bed Shop, click here now to check out our wide selection of styles.

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