With gas and electric prices continuing to be high this year, many of us are wondering how we can create a warm cosy bedroom to keep our little ones snug come bedtime. When the mercury drops, here are our five tips to help keep your child's bedroom warm this winter.

1. Layer bedclothes:

Adding extra layers to your child's bed is a very simple way to add warmth on chilly nights.

Young children are not yet capable of regulating their body temperature and are prone to quickly becoming chilly. If your child is waking up between the hours of 3am-4am, this could be the reason. One way to solve this is to fold extra blankets in a concertina shape, with the end tucked underneath the mattress at the bottom of the bed. This stops the blankets from being kicked off the bed completely if your little one is a wriggly sleeper and means that kids can easily pull extra layers up during the night if they feel chilly.

Before you go to bed, you can check your little one's temperature by placing your hand on the skin of their chest, back, or tummy. If it feels warm and dry, their temperature is fine, but if they feel cold, you could add another light layer over them.

When selecting materials for duvets and blankets, plump for a natural material such as wool. Wool is a fantastic natural insulator that creates pockets of air to keep out chilly breezes.

If you're choosing a new sleeping area for a toddler needing more space, then you could consider getting a kid's bed with storage. They have lots of convenient storage options to store blankets and duvets when not in use. You can also check out more clever storage and bedroom furniture options here on the Children's Bed Shop site.

2. Keep curtains open until bedtime:

When the days are sunny, draw back the curtains, open the blinds, and let the sunshine in. This will warm the room throughout the day and create a warmer environment for sleeping. You could also consider installing insulating curtains in your rooms which, it's estimated, can reduce heat loss from windows by an incredible 40%. Choose curtains that are long enough to drop below the window ledge, or even to the floor, to prevent the cold air from the window meeting the warm air in the room. This will not only help to make the room cosy but will cut down on your heating bills too.

3. Utilise a classic hot water bottle:

Hot water bottles have been used since at least the 16th century to create a warm cosy bedroom, but used to be made from glass, stone, and even wood! Their design may have changed somewhat since then, but they're still a classic for a reason and a super way to warm the bed up before kids slip between the sheets. Simply place a hot water bottle in the bed around 30 minutes before your child goes to sleep and you'll banish that getting into cold sheets wiggle! Make sure to remove the water bottle from the bed before your child gets in, and if the hot water bottle is still warm, you could consider popping it in your bed to make the most of the leftover heat.

4. Have a hot drink before bed:

There's nothing quite so comforting as a steaming mug of cocoa before bed, and it has the added benefit of helping kids sleep better. Try warm milk (which contains tryptophan, a natural chemical that helps our bodies relax), hot chocolate, or a malted milk drink, such as Horlicks or Ovaltine, for a soothing option that will warm your kids up from the inside out.

5. Think about sleepwear:

One of the easiest ways to add more heat when your kids are going to bed is to give them extra layers to wear. You could give your child a vest to wear underneath their pyjamas, or choose PJs that have long arms and legs. Again, it's a great idea to opt for natural fibres that are breathable as well as insulating and won't feel too heavy for sleeping.

It doesn't matter if it's snowing outside, these tips will guarantee that Jack Frost doesn't stop your kids from getting a great night's sleep.