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  • A guide to our favourite high sleeper beds

    When faced with the task of choosing a new bed for your child, bunk beds and high sleeper beds are always a popular choice. Children love the novelty of sleeping in a bed that they have to climb a ladder to get into, and with the extra space for storage or furniture, high sleeper beds can also be a favourite with parents! Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we have an amazing selection of high sleeper beds to choose from, and with styles such as the Steens high bunk and the Scallywag high sleeper, you’re sure to find a bed you and your little one will love.

    steens high bunk

    The Steens For Kids High Sleeper Bed and Single Bed in Natural Lacquer

    The Steens high bunk is a popular choice at Children’s Bed Shop, and the high sleeper and single bed in natural lacqueur is a great option when looking for a new bed for your child. This Steens sleeper comes with a matching single bed underneath, making it perfect for children that share a room, and is just as handy for sleepover guests!

    steens high bunk

    Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed

    With its sleek metal frame and simple design, the Sweet Dreams opal high sleeper bed is versatile enough to fit any child’s bedroom. The bed comes with a desk underneath that’s perfect for getting homework done, and has a sturdy mesh base and durable frame to ensure your child sleeps safe and sound.

    steens high bunk

    Parisot Swan High Sleeper Bed

    Stylish, practical and fun, this Parisot Swan high sleeper isn’t a bed to go unnoticed! This bed has a beautiful, modern design, and includes a built in desk, shelves and hanging clothes rail, making it an excellent space saving solution! The white finish means this frame is versatile enough for both girls and boys rooms, and will compliment any decor and colour scheme perfectly.

    steens high bunk

    Julian Bowen Bedsitter High Sleeper Bed

    For those who favour a more classic style, the Julian Bowen bedsitter high sleeper is one you won’t want to miss. The frame is made from solid pine with an antique finish that will look great paired with matching furniture and wooden floors. This style also comes complete with an under bed wardrobe and desk, leaving your child’s room a lot more spacious.

    steens high bunk

    Scallywag High Sleeper

    The Scallywag high sleeper is perhaps one of our most innovative and versatile beds yet, and it’s not hard to see why. The bed comes complete with a wardrobe and desk, and is available in a wide range of colours. With the purchase of a modular extension kit, the Scallywag frame also has the option to be transformed into a single or midsleeper bed, making it ideal for those kids that can’t quite make up their minds!

  • Top tips to help your children to sleep in the hot weather

    With so many parents having trouble getting their kids to sleep at night to begin with, the introduction of some hot, humid weather can make matters ten times worse. Young children that are too hot in their bed can be agitated, restless and unable to settle, therefore it’s important to prepare for the warmer summer weather with some help from these handy tips.

    steens sleeper

    Prepare them for bedtime

    Get your child ready for a peaceful sleep by introducing a new bedtime routine. Giving them a bath with cooler water than usual is a good way to help drop their temperature and make them more refreshed before bedtime. Since the heat can make children irritable, it’s vital to also keep them calm before they sleep. Try lightly dabbing your child with a cold flannel during their bedtime story to help them relax and drift into a peaceful sleep.

    Make sure they have cotton bedding

    Appropriate bedding is key to keeping your little one cool, and usual bedding options such as a waterproof mattress cover can encourage sweating and cause even more discomfort. Natural fibres such as white cotton bed sheets are your best bet, as they’re breathable and the light shade will stop the absorption of any sunlight that comes in the windows through the day. A high quality bed frame such as the Steens sleeper will also provide them with the right comfort and support for a good night’s sleep.

    steens sleeper

    Keep the room cool

    Bring a small fan into your child’s bedroom to keep them nice and cool throughout the night, making sure to angle it far enough away for them to not be bothered by the breeze. Placing ice cubes in containers may also cool the room down, and ensure you leave windows open through the day to let some breeze in - while still keeping part of the curtain pulled across to block any sunlight from filling the room.

    Limit their nightwear

    The fewer items of clothing your child wears on a hot night, the more comfortable they’ll be. Make sure you switch their usual nightwear for something thinner and cooler, or even just let them sleep in their nappy. For older children, pyjama sets and nighties made from materials such as cotton and other lightweight fabrics are a good option for the summer months.

    Keep them hydrated

    Hot weather can result in dehydration, and your baby or child may need to drink a lot more than usual to quench their thirst. Stick bottled water in the freezer through the day for your child to drink, and make sure they have a glass of water available on their bedside table to grab if they get thirsty through the night.

  • 5 of our favourite themed children's beds

    There’s so much choice when it comes to children’s beds, it can often be hard to choose a style that you know your child will love. Luckily, here at Children’s bed shop we offer a range of frames with stylish, versatile designs perfect for every age. If you’re looking for something different however, take a look at our guide to some of our favourite themed beds, from the London bus bunk to the Steens tent, giving your child’s room that fun finishing touch!

    Tipi Cabin Bed

    The Tipi Cabin Bed

    A new arrival at Children’s Bed Shop, the Tipi Cabin Bed is the perfect way to add a fun element to any child’s bedroom! Made with high quality pine and finished with a cool white design, this beautiful bed is adventurous yet still versatile enough to fit in any room. The tipi bed also comes with the option of an underbed drawer, and a matching desk and bookcase to really bring the theme together.

    Steens For Kids Knight Tent

    Steens For Kids Knight Tent

    Give your little knight’s bedroom a medieval makeover with this amazing Steens tent. This tent can be attached to the Steens midsleeper, giving it an instant splash of colour if their room could do with a quick update. The Steens tent also transforms the underbed space into the perfect hideout for your child, and gives a great solution if you’re looking to store some objects to optimise space.

    Julian Bowen London Bus Bunk Bed

    Julian Bowen London Bus Bunk Bed

    Take your child’s room to Bond street with the Julian Bowen London Bus Bunk Bed! Perfect for shared bedrooms, this frame’s fun, bright red design will instantly brighten up any space and spark your little one’s imagination.

    House Cabin Bed

    House Cabin Bed

    Another new arrival, the House Cabin Bed can make make a beautiful addition to your child’s room. The chic, scandi inspired design is ideal if you’re looking for a more minimalist look, and comes complete with a roof, skylight, windows and window sill for a really homey feel. There’s also the choice of adding some underbed drawers for a perfect storage solution, ensuring their space stays neat and tidy

    Kidsaw Owl and Pussycat Junior Bed

    Kidsaw Owl and Pussycat Junior Bed

    Introduce your child to everyone’s favourite nursery rhyme with this Owl and The Pussycat themed bed by Kidsaw. If you have a little girl that loves to read, she’ll love this beautiful bed with girly pink shade and painted illustrations inspired by this classic children’s story. This bed is also incredibly easy to assemble, made up of a slatted base and pieces that simply slot together without the need for screws or complicated instructions.



  • Our top picks for a versatile children's room

    Children are always growing and evolving their interests, hobbies and favourite colours, which can sometimes mean that the way they want their bedroom to look can change in the process. If you want to create a bedroom for your child that will stand the test of time, and is simple enough to be used for future children, we have you covered with beds such as the Thuka cabin bed and Steens midsleeper. Take a look at our guide to some of our favourite picks to help you create a versatile children’s bedroom!

    Steens Midsleeper in Grey

    Steens Midsleeper in Grey

    One of Children’s Bed Shop’s new additions; the Steens midsleeper in grey, has a beautiful versatile design that can fit easily into any bedroom. This eye-catching frame would make a stylish addition to any child’s room, and it’s simple grey shade will look great paired with any colour scheme - perfect for both girls and boys.

    Thuka Cabin Bed

    Thuka Cabin Bed

    With so many versatile designs to choose from, a Thuka cabin bed is a great choice when creating an adaptable children’s room. Thuka offers beds in beautiful single, midsleeper and bunk styles, in pale shades that will look great paired with a neutral colour scheme and some simple furniture. If you still want more of a splash of colour in the room, however, there’s also the choice to add some fun to a midsleeper or bunk with the detachable Thuka tent, available in purple or blue.

    Julia Bowen Poppy Bed

    Julian Bowen Poppy Bed

    You really can’t go wrong with classic wooden furniture, which is why the Julian Bowen poppy bed is a perfect option for any bedroom. The sleek pine finish and simple design of this model would complement any children’s room, whatever gender, and the sturdy frame with slatted base will ensure the bed lasts and can be used for many years to come. There’s also the option to add the Poppy Stopover underbed drawer, giving you the perfect solution for all those unexpected sleepover guests!

    Steens Single Bed


    Steens Single Bed

    Another bed with an authentic wooden finish is the single bed in natural lacquer from Steens. This bed has a modern, trendy design that’s versatile enough to make any child happy, and is great value for money. For a finishing touch, go for the matching Steens low bookcase to store your child’s bedtime books and keep their space nice and tidy.

  • Our top 6 CBS beds for tweens

    Choosing the perfect bed for a tween can be tough. The age between childhood and adolescence, typically between 8-12, is a time of change and growth for your child, and it’s likely that children in this age bracket aren’t going to find novelty race car beds as fun as they once were! If you’re struggling to find a new bed for your tween and you’re not yet ready to buy them an adult bed frame, we have a range of great beds from low sleeper cabin beds to high sleeper beds that are perfect for later childhood.Julian Bowen Slocum Bed in Stone White

    Julian Bowen Slocum Bed in Stone White

    This single slocum bed by Julian Bowen is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple style and high quality frame. This bed’s sturdy wooden frame and neutral shade is ideal for older children who want a bed with a more grown-up style, and it also comes equipped with a sprung slatted bed base for mattress support and extra comfort.

    Birlea Jessica Bed in Cream

    Birlea Jessica Bed in Cream

    If you have a tween that’s into all things glam, this Birlea Jessica Bed is the perfect option. The bed features a stylish metal frame with crystal detailing on the corners of the base, and the cream shade means it’s versatile enough to match any bedroom’s decor.

    Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed

    Sweet Dreams Opal High Sleeper Bed

    The opal high sleeper bed by sweet dreams is a handy choice for bedrooms that could do with some space saving options. The high sleeper design leaves space for the built in desk attached to the frame, giving your tween a special spot to get their homework done. The space under the bed also leaves plenty of room to store any bits and bobs, or even to create a small reading den as a way to add a creative element to your child’s room.

    Julian Bowen Cookie Cabin Bed in White/ CharcoalJulian Bowen Cookie Cabin Bed in White/ Charcoal

    A bed with a really unique style as well as plenty of storage potential is the cookie cabin bed by Julian Bowen. This bed has an innovative design, featuring three storage drawers, a cupboard, a shelf and desk all integrated into a sleek white and grey finish, making it an ideal choice for tweens that are prone to cluttered rooms!

    Gami Montana Combined Low Bed in Grey Oak

    Gami Montana Combined Low Bed in Grey Oak

    Another bed with a lot of handy storage is the Gami Montana low bed in grey oak; a comfortable bed featuring a modern, stylish design and built in shelves that are perfect for storing laptops, I pad’s or bedtime books.

    Julian Bowen Cosmo Guest Bed

    Julian Bowen Cosmo Guest Bed

    For pre-teen’s who are never apart from their best friend, the Julian Bowen cosmo bed is bound to come in handy. This bed comes equipped with a guest bed, which easily slides out from the frame and provides a great sleeping solution for the many sleepovers your child will have over the years. This bed also features a luxurious faux leather finish and a sophisticated design to ease their transition into their teenage years!

  • How to host the perfect sleepover for your child

    Organising, never mind actually overseeing a sleepover, can be a hectic and stressful experience. When the dreaded time actually arrives, you need to be equipped with every bit of advice and equipment you can get hold of. To ensure you are as prepared as humanly possible, we have put together a guide on how to host the perfect sleepover for your child.

    Children's Sleepover


    As with basically anything in life, it is essential to prepare properly. Especially when it comes to having a group of raving kids running round your house at breakneck speed.

    Ensuring you have the contact details of the parents of all the children attending will allow you to pre-empt any homesick guests crying their way through the sleepover with no means of returning home.

    An awareness of the dietary requirements and medical conditions of your attendees is imperative - it wouldn’t be a great look to hospitalise any of your child’s closest friends.

    Equally important is setting out clear drop-off and pick-up times for parents. With this knowledge, you can guarantee that you won’t be: 1 - ransacking the fridge and cupboards for something for the kid who turned up two hours after dinner time OR 2 - abandoning someone else’s child on your doorstep because you simply couldn’t afford to miss insert name here’s christening.

    Sleepover Food


    Pizza still rules the roost in terms of sleepover grub. Pretty much all kids are fans of it and it is extremely simple to prepare.

    Of course, kids are likely to get hungry throughout the evening and it is important to have a range of snacks on hand. Sugary high-energy treats are a no-go when lights out are imminent, but you don’t necessarily have to go to the other extreme of carrot and celery sticks either. A range of salty, savoury snacks are a safe bet, they will be well-received by hungry kids and parents looking to get a few hours of sleep.


    It is worth having some kind of itinerary planned for the evening’s events - preferably something involving physical exercise if you have even the vaguest intention of getting any sleep whatsoever.

    Inevitably the form this exercise takes is entirely dependent on the interests and hobbies of your child and their friends. For some, a few hours playing football in the park sounds like a great afternoon, for others a karaoke and dance party sounds far more appealing.

    Sleepover classics like making a fort, pillow fights (parent-permitting), board games and truth-or-dare are still just as effective at making sure your guests have a fun-filled evening. With a several storage spaces and an exciting medieval themed play area, a steens tent provides the perfect environment for a sleepover.

    Sleeping arrangements

    Supplying all of the children with everything they need for a sound night’s sleep is the first step. Again, it comes down to preparation, but toothbrushes, pyjamas and sleeping bags are all commonly forgotten items that will cause havoc when it turns out they aren’t actually at hand.

    Instilling as equal a playing field as possible when it comes to sleeping arrangements is also vital - you want to avoid any arguments over who gets to sleep like a king on the top bunk while the other peasants rough it on the floor.

    Hopefully you now feel better informed about some of the do’s and don’ts of hosting a sleepover for your child. Do you have other tips that might be useful? Or any horror stories from sleepovers you have hosted?

  • 8 Books You Should Read to Your Kids at Bedtime

    Studies have shown that the benefits of reading to your kids at bedtime are many. From giving your child’s language skills a head start, to strengthening the natural bond between parent and child. Bedtime stories can be a necessary precursor in ensuring a long, uninterrupted night’s sleep and Thuka Cabin beds are the perfect way to create a relaxed environment for reading. To captivate your children in an instant, we have compiled a list of books you simply have to read to them.

    The Gruffalo - Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler

    The Gruffalo is an immensely popular and critically acclaimed picture book that is loosely based on a Chinese folk tale of a fox that borrows the terror of a tiger. Ultimately, as a story that focuses on the power of imagination of the different characters, it is destined to stoke your own child’s imagination.

    Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

    Also a hugely popular children’s film, ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ is an important lesson in the tumultuous nature of childhood emotions. Maurice Sendak inspired a new generation of illustrators with his imaginative depiction of the ‘wild things.’

    Green Eggs and Ham - Dr Seuss

    Dr Seuss’ illustrations have continued to be a hit with children for over fifty years and ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ is no different. With an emphasis on simple rhyming structures, this is the ideal way to introduce your kids’ to the world of rhyme.

    The Tiger Who Came to Tea - Judith Kerr

    The unexpected intrusion of a tiger to tea is eventually a welcome one in this children’s classic. In collaboration with the entertaining story, the vivid illustrations make ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ a wonderful read.

    Elmer - David McKee

    Elmer the Patchwork Elephant is a fascinating stepping stone for your kids’ to travel across to discover wider issues of diversity. Elmer’s relationships with his grey counterparts are affected by his patchwork exterior, leading to a tale of change, interaction and eventually, acceptance.

    Operation Alphabet - Al MacCuish and Luciano Lozano

    As a fun and accessible introduction to the alphabet, ‘Operation Alphabet,’ is an excellent platform for your child to learn. The distinctive muted, washed-out illustrative style will appeal to parents and children alike.

    Funnybones - Janet and Allan Ahlberg

    Funnybones is a light-hearted and hilarious story about a family of skeletons (complete with a pet skeleton dog) that attempt to scare their neighbours, but only succeed in scaring themselves. It is certain to be a favourite with your kids.

    This is Not My Hat - Jon Klassen

    Amongst a list of classics, ‘This is Not My Hat,’ has the potential to become the new standard by which children’s picture books are held. Jon Klassen won the 2013 Caldecott Medal as well as the 2014 Kate Greenaway Medal for this inventively illustrated tale about a fish who believes he will be able to keep a hat that he has stolen from a large, sleeping fish.

    Hopefully this introduction to a list of children’s classics is the start of a long-lasting and fully fledged interest in reading. Do you think that there are any titles we have missed that belong on the list?

  • Our 6 Favourite Children's Bedshop Beds

    Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we understand how tricky it can be to choose the best possible bed for your child. With March being the official National Bed Month, we thought there was no better way to celebrate than with a guide to our favourite children’s beds. From the Julian Bowen Midsleeper to the Sweet Dreams Ruby Bunk bed, we’ve picked out six of our all-time favourite beds to help you choose a style that both you and your child will love.

    Julian Bowen Midsleeper Cabin Bed

    One of the absolute best styles of bed for a child’s room is a bed that’s compact, with space for storage. This Julian Bowen Midsleeper bed certainly ticks all the space-saving boxes. The bed features a pull-out desk, 3 drawer chest and a shelf unit for storing all those bits and bobs that children leave lying around. With a versatile white shade and stylish design, this bed is perfect in any child’s room and neutral enough to match any colour scheme.

    Kidsaw Racing Car/Princess Carriage Bed

    For children who need a little encouragement getting into their bed at night, the Kidsaw Racing Car Bed is the ideal solution. Also available in a range of fun styles, this bed will make bedtime exciting, and your night a lot easier. The Kidsaw beds are extremely easy to assemble - simply slot each piece together and wait for your child’s bedroom to become their new favourite hangout!

    Julian Bowen London Bus Bunk Bed

    All aboard for bedtime! This quirky London Bus Bunk Bed is another great option for those hoping to add a bit of excitement to their child’s sleeping pattern. The timeless design of the London bus has been adapted into a fun bunk bed that will brighten up any child’s bedroom, and comes with a sturdy fixed ladder for easy access to the upper deck.

    Sweet Dreams Ruby Captains Bed

    The ultimate sleepover solution, The Ruby Captains Bed by Sweet Dreams is handy for when your child’s friend stays over. The bed features a guest bed that fits snugly underneath and is easily pulled out when needed. With an expertly crafted stylish design, this bed also has three useful storage drawers, and a classic white finish that’s versatile enough for any bedroom. This bed is also available in blue and pink for those that can’t resist a bit of colour.

    Birlea Jessica Bed in Cream

    One of our more sophisticated styles, this single bed is a perfect option for older girls who want to add a touch of glamour to their bedroom. The metal bed frame has a classic design and simple cream shade, with an elegant crystal feature at the top of each corner post for a unique finishing touch. The Birlea Jessica Bed is also built with a sprung slatted bed base for extra comfort. This bed is also available in pink to please even the girliest of girls.

    Steens Memphis UK Midsleeper Bed + Tent

    The eye-catching Steens Memphis UK Midsleeper is a beautifully made bed for your child. With a simple, contemporary design, the white bed frame of the bed looks great paired with the fun element of the built-in tent; providing room for storing your child’s clutter while also giving them their very own den to hide out in. Along with the option of a pink tent, the bed is also available in a blue shade with a cool pirate pattern.

    If you want to see more of our children’s beds then shop our website for a great selection of styles and brands.

  • What single bed is right for your child?

    Sleep is pivotal to your child’s development, so it’d make sense to put a lot of consideration into what bed would suit them the best. After all, they do spend at least a third of their day in bed. Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we stock a wide range of children’s beds for you to choose from in a variety of styles, designs and features.

    The main three types of single bed we offer are: low sleepers, mid sleepers and high sleepers. We will explain the features of each so you can decide which would be best for your child. Getting your child involved with the decision process will also give them a real sense of ownership when it comes!

    Low sleepers

    If your child is quite young or has mobility issues, then a low sleeper would be the perfect bed for them as it is closer to the floor, letting them climb on with relative ease. Low sleepers also come with a massive variety of fun designs, your child can go to sleep living life in the fast line with a low sleeper bed designed like a race car, or they can feel like royalty nodding off in a junior princess carriage bed.

    Mid sleepers

    A mid sleeper bed is ideal for any child between the ages of 6-13, it is perfectly fine to buy one for a child older than this but it is down to your discretion. Probably the most comfortable and supportive out of these options as it is the standard frame for most adult beds so you will be preparing them for sleeping in a similar bed later in life. Storage underneath is also a bonus! Buying a Steens midsleeper single bed for your child means they have plenty of room to store their toys, ultimately resulting in a clean and tidy bedroom.

    High sleepers

    The perfect bed when space is at a premium in your child’s bedroom. With the mattress elevated, this allows for furniture space underneath. A desk underneath a high sleeper bed is always a popular choice, like with our Parisot Swan which comes with a desk built in! There’s also something kid’s really enjoy about having to climb a ladder to get to bed too, making bedtime feel like a little adventure. One thing to be aware of before you invest in a high sleeper is the height of your ceiling – if your child cannot sit upright without knocking their head then you’ve got a problem. Be sure to measure the height of your ceiling, the height of your child and compare these with the bed.

    If you need further assistance deciding what bed would be perfect for your child feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to offer our help and advice.


  • 8 clever storage ideas to help to de-clutter your kid's bedroom

    Space in a child’s bedroom is a precious commodity. You can tell them to tidy up their toys till you’re blue in the face, but sometimes there just isn’t anywhere left to put them. Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we want to help you optimise the space in your child’s bedroom, so we’ve concocted ten ingenious ways to help you with the organisation of what is probably the messiest room your house.

    8 clever storage ideas to help to de-clutter your kid's bedroom

    1. Set up a play table

    You can have a focal point for your child’s toys to be based around if you include a play table in their room, they’ll also appreciate it themselves: whether it be a new track for their toy cars to race on or a lovely spot for their dolls to have a tea party.

    2. Wall mounted shelves

    Is there absolutely no space on the floor? Try kitting out the walls with a couple of shelves. You’ll be surprised at the room this will free up when you move all those toys strewn across the floor and display them proudly on your child’s new shelves – they almost pass as décor instead of mess!

    3. Utilise that floor space

    It’s highly likely that the bed is the one piece of furniture that takes up the most space in your child’s bedroom. With a space saving Steens high bed, this problem will be a thing of the past, with so much space underneath to play with. You’ll be surprised at how much your child will be excited to shake things up and sleep just that little bit closer to the sky.

    4. Find hidden treasure under the bed

    Maybe you don’t want to splash out and get a high sleeper bed, that’s fine, you can just as easily make use of the space under a normal bed. Rather than just chucking everything under there why not store everything away tidily with a pull-out drawer on wheels for some easy access?

    5. Colour-coordinate those Legos

    As they are some of the most popular kids toys out there, it’s probably a good guess that your child owns a few Lego sets. When they own a lot, it can become a veritable nightmare to build when they (or you) have to sort through a ton of bricks. Bring some order to your Lego collection by colour-coordinating all those bricks, it will probably save them hours trying to find ‘the right piece’.

    6. Make use of a peg board

    A peg board can be a useful way to hang up anything that doesn’t belong on the floor. It can also be used to display some of their budding artwork. Everyone loves the idea of their own little gallery, don’t they?

    7. Pack the wardrobe

    If your child has a walk-in wardrobe, have you tried to fit a dresser in there as well? You’ll find that there is a lot of space that can be freed up by utilising the room you can find in a wardrobe. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

    8. Throw it all in a toy box

    Probably the easiest option here, just invest in a toy box and lob all those toys in. You’ll find it sorts itself when the toys that never get played with sink to the bottom never to be seen again.

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