Christmas is always a magical time for kids, but with rising costs, it can be difficult to know how to make it special without having to spend lots of money. These tips for making Christmas even more magical are low cost, easy to do, and sure to make happy family memories that last a lifetime.

Watch Santa's Sleigh

It's really possible to track Santa's journey as he travels from Lapland, thanks to NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). They use satellites and jets to plot the progress of Santa's sleigh so you can watch and have over 1500 volunteers ready and waiting to answer questions about the big guy.

The most common query is 'how can Santa deliver all of those presents in one night?' The answer involves time travel, which kids who love sci-fi will find fascinating.

Create Some New Traditions

Did you know that, in Ukraine, instead of using fairy lights on the tree, people decorate it with pretend spider's webs? Or that, in Germany, a festive pickle is hidden in the branches of the Christmas tree? The lucky child who finds it receives a small present.

For a really memorable activity, you could do some research into weird and wonderful Christmas traditions from around the world and have a try at some of them. It's a good way for kids to learn about different cultures and might start a fun new tradition that leaves people wondering why there's a pickle in your Christmas tree!

Give Bedrooms a Festive Makeover

To make things extra magical for kids, you could consider giving their room a festive makeover. Add some Yuletide bedding, festive pillows, and some paper chains or snowflakes (which kids will love making and decorating) to create a Christmassy space that children will love.

If you have two kids sleeping in a bunk bed, then you can personalise each one's covers to give them their own, individual piece of Christmas spirit too.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

If you've avoided the wintry showers where you live, but your kids love snow then here's an easy way to make a winter wonderland at home. Mix up baking soda and hair conditioner and you'll create indoor friendly 'snow' that can be used to make snowballs or snowmen or is a great base for some sensory play.

This snow can be easily hoovered up if you have a spill and will last for several days when stored somewhere cool. Children should be supervised while they're playing to make sure no snow gets into their eyes or mouths.

Get the Kids Involved in Prep

Putting together Christmas dinner is a big deal but kids will love the chance to get involved. It teaches them valuable kitchen skills and lets them share more time with you. Make things fun by popping on some festive tunes and give kids small jobs to do, such as peeling vegetables, or setting the table.

Craft Your Own Decorations

Kids love making their own Christmas decorations, and it's another fantastic activity to do together as a family. Salt dough ornaments are simple and cheap to make, and children of any age will enjoy painting and decorating them in their own unique style. Plus they last for a long time if they're stored in a warm, dry area, so they can be put on the tree year after year. Older kids will love making edible stained glass biscuits with crushed up boiled sweets inside to create a stunning light display. Or, to keep things simple, you could cut out some paper snowflakes and have kids colour them in with felt tips and pencils.

Spread Good Cheer

Christmas is a season of thankfulness and celebration and a perfect opportunity to do something charitable for others. You could get the kids involved in donating some of their old, unused toys, or take round some Christmas biscuits to your neighbours. It doesn't have to be big but sharing the good cheer as a family will give you all a warm glow that makes a magical Christmas and keeps you smiling until the New Year.

However you celebrate the festive season, we hope it's a merry and magical Christmas for your whole family.