At Children's Bed Shop, we have hundreds of children’s beds, each with their own unique benefits. However, high sleeper beds are some of our most consistently popular bed options.

In this post we're going to explore why high sleeper beds are some of our customer's favourites, and the types of high sleeper beds you can find on our website.

What is a Kids High Sleeper Bed?

High sleeper beds are a space saving, sleep encouraging piece that's great for any bedroom. They feature a high bed frame with space underneath. This space can have furniture included or can be left blank.

High sleeper beds are slightly taller than cabin beds and are suitable for kids aged 6 and up.

Why Get a High Sleeper Bed?

There are lots of reasons to buy a high sleeper bed, including:

1. Free Up Space

First and foremost, kids high sleeper beds are very popular for their space saving abilities. As the sleeping platform is raised above the ground, that frees up space below for furniture, such as a desk, or for extra storage. This means that you can cut down on the other pieces you need in the room and enjoy more floor space.

2. Future Proof Your Child's Bedroom

Another big benefit of high sleeper beds is that they are multifunctional, so can adapt to your child's needs as they change. For younger kids, the space below the sleeping area can be a fantastic play area. For school aged kids, it can have a desk added for reading and studying. Plus, a chair that transforms into a pull out bed is ideal for teenagers having friends over to stay.

3. Make Tidying a Breeze

A kids high sleeper bed is one unit, making it perfect for keeping bedrooms neat and tidy. Rather than having lots of pieces of furniture and storage, high sleepers keep everything in one place so cleaning up can be quick and easy.

4. Let Kids Express Themselves

High sleeper beds are a complete sleeping unit so they're a great way to let kids show off their individual tastes. This is especially the case if they're sharing a room.

High sleeper beds also give each child their own space and a sense of privacy. They can be easily personalised with different decorations and setups to suit each child's unique interests.

High Sleeper Beds at Children's Bed Shop

You'll find a wide variety of high sleeper beds within our wesite, all made by the very best manufacturers, from Julian Bowen to Kids Avenue. They're produced from high quality materials, and every bed you buy through us comes with a minimum one year warranty, as standard.

Gaming beds are perfect for esports enthusiasts. These high sleepers feature a comfy bed above and a dedicated gaming space below, complete with a comfortable desk and lots of storage for extra consoles, headsets and monitors. They make sure that your young gamer is maintaining good posture and help to keep things organised.

High sleeper beds with desks are perfect for older children. They're available in a range of colours and can come with additional storage such as shelves and wardrobes.

You'll also find a broad range of high sleepers that offer both a desk and a comfortable seating area/ pull out bed below. For ultimate functionality, these beds are hard to beat, and some also include some extra storage.

If your kids are sharing, then a high sleeper with a fixed bed below can be a good option. These are different to bunk beds because the bottom bed faces outwards, but they still retain some of the same space saving practicality that a bunk bed offers.

If you're looking to maximise space for younger kids, then our collection of high sleeper bed frames only are ideal. The space underneath is completely open for playing but you can easily decide to add pieces, such as a desk, later on.

Combining functionality and fun, it's no wonder that high sleeper beds are some of our most popular options. Our range features dozens of high sleeper beds, all of which come from the best brands and are available in a huge selection of colours and designs. You can even add a mattress to your purchase during the checkout for added convenience.

You can have a look at the complete range here on our website to find your little one's ideal sleeping solution.