Celebrating new life and the coming of spring, Easter is the perfect time to make some memories as a family. Here are 10 fun ideas for Easter activities and crafts which everyone can get involved with this Easter.

1. Easter Egg Hunt - Egg hunts have been one of the most popular Easter activities for at least 100 years. As symbols of new life, eggs have long been associated with Easter, but it wasn't until 1873 that Fry's produced the UK's first chocolate egg. Now, around 80 million are sold in the UK every year!

An outdoor egg hunt, if you have the space, is a great way to avoid melted chocolate on your carpets (or finding that last lost egg months later), and it gives kids a chance to burn off some energy, too. Or, if you have older children, you could create an Easter egg treasure hunt with clues that they have to solve to find a cache of sweet treats.

If you want to cut down on the chocolate, you can switch to plastic eggs and make a chocolate version the prize for taking part.

2. Get Outside - Easter is the beginning of spring and, hopefully, the herald of warmer weather. That makes it the perfect opportunity to get outside. Some fun garden activities the whole family can take part in are an Easter bunny hop race, or an egg and spoon race. If your kids are younger, then you could opt for an Easter egg roll instead where everyone uses a spoon to roll the eggs along the ground. Just don't forget to hard boil them first! 

4. Create Easter Cards - Just like Christmas, Easter is an excellent opportunity to send a message to your loved ones. Kids will love making and colouring in cards with you, and you'll find lots of inspiration and templates on the web.

5. Get Out and See The Flowers - One of the best parts about spring is seeing new flowers. Daffodils and narcissus, sunshiney yellow aconites, delicate crocuses, and primroses are all emerging at this time of year.

6. Get Planting - Easter is the time to think about planting seeds. This is something kids will love to get involved in, and you don't need to have any outdoor space to get started. Sunflowers are a perfect choice for outside because they grow quickly, but you could also plant tomatoes, watercress, or pea shoots on a sunny windowsill.

7. Think Outside The Egg - Chocolate eggs are the traditional Easter gift, but if you want to cut down on sugary treats then you could go for some alternatives. An Easter box with seeds, small games and puzzles, crayons or felt tips is a brilliant option to keep kids amused.

7. Decorate Your Child's Bedroom - Decorations aren't just for Christmas; Easter is a great time to add some festive touches to your child's bedroom. Little ones will love getting involved with making an Easter garland. Cut out some simple egg shaped pieces of paper and get everyone colouring in. When these egg-straordinary creations are ready, string them together and hang from the wall. 

Or, you could create an Easter tree by popping a few branches in a vase. Then add paper cutouts of bunnies and eggs, sweets, chocolates, or pom poms for a colourful, seasonal centrepiece.

8. Fly a Kite - In Bermuda, it's a tradition to fly a kite on Good Friday. If the weather is fine, why not head outside and give it a shot?

9. Decorate Easter Eggs - Decorating Easter eggs has been a tradition for hundreds of years. You can make simple dyes at home with food colouring combined with hot water and vinegar.

10. Make Some Easy Easter Treats - It just wouldn't be Easter without a few sweet treats, and chocolate nests are always a firm favourite. They're super easy to make, and kids can get involved too. Melt some chocolate (dark, milk, or white all work perfectly) and stir in some corn flakes, rice crispies, or shredded wheat cereals and spoon the mixture into individual cake cases. Pop in the fridge for a few minutes (while your little helpers lick the bowl!) and decorate the top with mini chocolate eggs.

Whatever your Easter traditions, old or new, we hope you have an egg-celent time (OK we'll stop this now) and create some wonderful family memories.