Kids love doing arts and crafts, it’s a great creative outlet and it’s also a lot of fun. With so much time to spend with your kids over Christmas, why not get arty with some of it? Before you start reaching for the A4 paper to make snowflakes, remember, they’ve probably been forced to make paper snowflakes every year since they were able to hold a pair of scissors! Shake it up this Christmas with our list of craft projects that are just that little bit different…

1. Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

If you’re struggling to think of things to stick on your Christmas tree, have you ever thought about… mini Christmas trees? All you need for each tree is three popsicle sticks, a piece of twine, some card, glue and scissors! When it comes to decorating your tree, you get license to be even more creative. Pictured here with pom-poms, One Little Project used glitter and buttons to beautify them.






2. Mickey Baubles

A perfect way to bring Disney to you... These lovely baubles are simple to make and would look great on anyone’s tree. You can even stick a bow on top of the baubles if you want to make yourself your very own Minnie’s!









3. Snowman Milk Jugs

Do you live somewhere that doesn’t see much snow but your kids still want to build a snowman? We’ve got the solution. Reuse your empty milk bottles to create some indoor snowmen! Even if you do get a bit of snow, are you sure you really want to get your hands cold?










4. Christmas Tree Hand Prints

Probably the simplest project on here, get everyone in the family to make a paint handprint on a piece of paper and then they can decorate it like a tree! Perfect for hanging over the mantelpiece like bunting, be sure to get creative with the glitter and stickers! Who doesn’t love to make handprint art anyway, it reminds us of a simpler time!






5. Cardboard Tube Christmas Elf

Is it a true arts and crafts project if it doesn’t involve repurposing a toilet paper roll? Make some adorable little elves to guard the presents under your tree! Paint them all in different colours and give them all different faces – they’re all special to us.










6. Reindeer Finger Puppet

Make your own little finger puppets this Christmas using the best craft utensil there is: googly eyes. Once you’ve made a whole army of these puppets, try your hand at making a finger puppet Santa to go with them. You’ll soon have your very own finger puppet theatre – Santa Claus with his stable full of can-canning reindeer!










There we have it, a few creative ideas to get arty this Christmas. Be sure to display them proudly on your trees, mantelpieces or they’d look great hanging from our thuka cabin beds for kids. Whatever project you decide to undertake this Christmas, be sure to be merry while you’re doing it!