Stompa Casa

  1. Show Your Child How Easy It Is to Make a Bed

    A neatly made bed can make all the difference to the look of a bedroom, but busy working parents often do not have time to make all the beds. These tips from Children’s Bed Shop showing your child how to do this simple task will not only help to keep your house neat and tidy but also instills good habits... Read More
  2. Our Five Favourite Stompa Casa Beds

    Here at Children's Bed Shop we love the Stompa Casa High Sleeper range, and so do our customers. This well-known and reputable manufacturer really understands what makes kids and parents tick, and manage to combine what they want into one great space-saving and long-lasting bed. Kids will love the fun, the playtime, the imagination and the styles - parents will... Read More
  3. National Bed Month - 9 Beds your child will love

    Moving from a cot into a bed is a big step for any child, as is the move from a toddler bed into a bed more suitable for a growing boy or girl. Here we look at some great beds that both you and your children will love, whether they are going into a bed for the first time or... Read More

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