shutterstock_155717339A neatly made bed can make all the difference to the look of a bedroom, but busy working parents often do not have time to make all the beds. These tips from Children’s Bed Shop showing your child how to do this simple task will not only help to keep your house neat and tidy but also instills good habits at an early age.

The Right Age to Start

There are no hard and fast rules, but most children can begin to contribute to the bed -making process at around age five. At first they may simply plump up the pillow and straighten the duvet, but they will soon progress to more steps. Begin by encouraging your child to watch and then help when you make the bed.

Showing Your Child What to Do

If you use a top sheet on the bed, pull this up first. Then pull up any blankets and the duvet. Finally, place the pillow at the top of the bed. Your child can watch a few times and then begin to help.

Becoming Independent

When your child is familiar with the routine, allow them to do a little more on their own. After a few days you may be able to stop helping altogether, and just watch and encourage. When your child is successfully making the bed alone, you should be able to leave them to it, but remember to show your appreciation for the help.

Changing the Bed

Older children will be able to help with changing beds when they are strong enough. Firstly, clear any toys or books off the bed and strip off the sheets and other bedding. Show your child how to pull the fitted sheet on to the mattress by first fitting diagonal corners and then the others.

Show them how to pull a pillowcase on to the pillow in the same way as they would put a sock on. It is probably far too ambitious to expect your child to put on a duvet cover successfully, but they can help with the buttons, ties or poppers once you have fitted it.

High Sleepers

Stompa Casa 2 High Sleeper Bed


Mid sleepers, high sleepers and bunk beds are all very useful in terms of versatility and saving space. High sleepers
such as the stompa casa bed can sometimes prove a challenge for adults to climb up to a high sleeper or bunk bed so encouraging children to help you can make this an easier task.

They will be able to pull on a fitted sheet in no time however, when it comes to changing the duvet, they will need help to complete the task successfully. Teaching your child to help with household chores as soon as they are old enough is doing both you and them a favour.