We all know how important sleep is for kids - and parents too. While the long school summer holidays are a chance to unwind, they can also play havoc with your child's routine. Of course, without the rush of the school run, mornings will be lazier. But not allowing your child's routine to spiral completely out of control will pay dividends at night - and when it comes to going back to school in September.

Getting your child into a good night-time routine takes a lot of work and effort so you don't want it to go completely to pot. Ensure your child still sticks to a decent bedtime during the holidays. Your child may not be so tired without a full day at school and will probably want to stay up a bit later. Try not to let it get too late. Chat with them to agree a bedtime you are happy with and stick to it. To encourage them to co-operate; why not give them some extra free time in the evening but come together to read a book before they go to sleep? This serves as a reward for them and a clear signal that it's time to go to bed.

Don't let the kids lie in for too long in the mornings either. Yes, it's nice to take advantage of the lazier mornings and revel in the lack of school run chaos. But if they lie in for too long, children won't be tired enough for bed in the evening. Try to mix the lazy mornings with some early starts. As back to school time approaches, reintroduce earlier starts so it is not such a shock to the system.

Try not to let them have too much screen time before bed either. It's so much harder for them to switch off after they've been staring at a screen. A high sleeper is one of the best childrens beds for preventing pre-bedtime TV viewing as it allows you to keep the television under the bed, away from the sleeping area. It also makes a great kids sleepover bed, as a sleeping space can be created for guests at the bottom.

Create a welcoming place where your children want to sleep and think about the best childrens beds for encouraging sleep. Choose a junior bed frame that your little one can't wait to hop into each night. A high sleeper, treehouse or tipi bed can be one of the best childrens beds for creating a cosy den where they feel snug and warm. A novelty junior bed frame can help to make bedtime feel less of a chore.

Finally, to keep kids in their routine during the summer holidays, it's important they get the chance to burn off some energy. If days out aren't always possible, set them challenges, such as an assault course around the garden or time them to do some engaging tasks around the home.