A bedtime routine with a toddler bed with storage by Children's Bed Shop


Most parents will agree that life becomes that little bit easier once a child learns to fall asleep independently and can sleep through the night. A good night’s sleep is essential to a child’s development, ensuring they can concentrate and learn, aids good behaviour and improves their mental and physical wellbeing.

Sleep deprivation is tough on both parents and children; tired children find it harder to regulate their emotions, leading to more tantrums and ‘bad’ behaviour, while in turn, tired parents find it harder to cope with these outbursts and the overall juggle of parenting.

Finding, and sticking to, a sensible bedtime routine can make significant improvements to a family’s day to day living. A bedtime routine begins with a regular and predictable wind-down, which will promote healthy sleep patterns.

For younger children, this can include bath time, using a night light and being read a story to help them relax before falling asleep. Each stage acts as a trigger for sleep. For older children, they should stop using phone, tablet or television screens at least an hour before going to sleep, instead perhaps reading a book to help them relax.

At the Children’s Bed Shop we stock a range of childrens beds that are both exceptionally comfortable and designed to appeal to children. A toddler bed with storage can help little ones making the transition from a cot to a bed; the excitement of a new ‘grown up’ bed can allay any fears of change and help cement their bedtime routine.

A toddler bed with storage, as well as meeting their growing needs for sleep, also adds places for their ever-expanding toy collection, or for books and clothes. The Kidsaw JCB Digger toddler bed with storage, for example, is both fun and has handy toy storage built in.

For older children, a high sleeper can help reinvigorate a more childish room, meeting older children’s increasing need for independence and promoting good sleep patterns that they will carry forward into teenage years and beyond. A high sleeper bed with desk is cleverly designed to maximise the available space in a bedroom, making it ideal for smaller rooms. The built in desk future proofs the high sleeper, ensuring it will continue to be useful as children get older and need a quiet place to study.

The Gami Duplex high sleeper bed with desk is a great example of the range we stock, with a high-end design suiting both younger and older children, which the Kids Avenue Noah C high sleeper also incorporates a stylish sofa bed, perfect for sleepovers.

The Children’s Bed Shop has a range of beds, toddler beds and high sleepers with options for extra storage, to help children find their sleep routine. And stick to it.