Kids Fold Up Beds

For many people the idea of a folding bed brings to mind uncomfortable sleepovers, but things have changed significantly. Now a childrens folding bed can be a realistic, practical option for many people with a number of advantages. Fold up beds have been gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons and they could be the solution you are looking for.

Space and money saving

One of the clearest advantages to a fold up bed is the space it can save. If space is limited or at a premium in your home then a fold up bed may be the answer. With children, the ability to fold the bed away increases the space they can play in and all kids will be in favour of that! If budget is a consideration too then consider a childrens folding bed as traditional beds can be a more expensive option than space saving beds.

Versatile designs

A kids fold up bed can come in different designs to suit every situation. Some can be pulled down from the wall like a shelving unit, completely masking the true use and providing much more floor space for play.

Others can be folded and hidden away in a cupboard or wardrobe during the daytime. A certain type of a kids fold up bed can even be folded into a chair or sofa to allow seating during the daytime and extending out to a bed at night. Have a look at the options available and find the best storage solution for the space you have available.

Ideal for children

Kids can quickly get used to the mechanics of a fold up bed and, depending on their age and abilities, manage it themselves. Children may sometimes like to fold it away and spread out their toys on the floor space it frees up.

However, its a flexible solution and sometimes they may want a cosy reading den. The right sort of kids fold up bed can easily be rolled out and relax with some stories or use the bed as the basis for their play. A kids fold up bed also tends to be closer to the floor so could be safer for children who have a tendency to roll and fall from beds.


Modern versions of the mattresses for fold up beds offer more support and comfort than you may expect, despite tending to be made from foam. There are also thicker mattresses available.


Your requirements may actually be to accommodate guests or for your child to easily have sleepovers with their friends. Let your children entertain their friends in your home and have an easy, comfortable bed for the kids staying with you.

The advantages of a fold up bed are clearly extensive and varied. Have a look at what is available and if they could suit the needs of your family.