Getting your children to keep their rooms tidy can be a challenge at the best of times, but in the midst of a pandemic and as we head into shorter days and increased play inside, some help will be needed. We have the tips you need to keep bedrooms mess free without having to resort to shouting.

Make it a game

This tactic works particularly well for younger children. They are likely to need help with tidying but getting them involved at a young age helps make it a habit and makes them understand it is their responsibility. A boy or girls bed with storage is ideal for this tactic as you can open up the appropriate drawer, cupboard or box and use a timer, challenging them to do as much as they can before it pings. Or have a race and see how many things each of you can tidy!

Be specific

Whether young or older, children often need direction to make sure they get it right. Just saying 'tidy your room' can be a bit daunting or confusing. Instead give directions and make specific requests. For example, 'please can you tidy up the books in your room and put them back on the shelf' or 'the toys on your floor need to be put back in their box please' make it clear what needs doing.

If they are younger this method may require you to stay in the room and give them instructions as they complete each set. As children get older you can make a checklist so they can tick off each task as it is completed.

Consider a mid sleeper bed with storage

If you want to encourage your children to tidy their room then it is vital to ensure there is a place for everything.

Children accrue so many things, from clothes to toys to books, but they can be kept tidy if they all have a home. Space can be tricky but a boys or girls bed with storage can help solve this issue.

Alternatively consider a bed with underbed storage, which can be easily accessed by children of any age. Shelves for books can be put directly on the wall or you can use a specific shelving unit. A mid sleeper bed with storage is also worth consideration as the added height maximises the space in the room.

Be age appropriate and prepared to let things go

Be realistic when setting your own expectations. Children are unlikely to get things done perfectly every time, particularly when they're younger. As they get older there may be more difficulty as they try to assert their own autonomy and take control of their own space.

Sometimes it is easier and healthier for all of you to just let things go and shut the door on the mess. Pick your battles and actually enjoy your time with your children as much as you can!