While most parents likely have a bunch of ideas on how they want their child’s bedroom to look, it’s important to remember to include your little one in the decorating process. Whether it’s picking out fun children’s themed beds, or being set on a particular shade of paint, children will love being involved in the process of designing their own bedroom. Take a look at these top three reasons why you should include your little one in the decorating process.



It feeds their creative side

We all know how important it is to encourage your child’s creative side as much as possible, and involving them in the creative process of their bedroom design is a great way to do this. Looking at all the colours, patterns and styles is beneficial to their cognitive development, and helps them think in a more visual way. You never know, you could end up with a budding interior designer on your hands!


It encourages independent thought

Even if they’d prefer children's themed beds over your choice of a more versatile style, giving your little one a say on how they’d like their room to look encourages independent thinking and more independence in general. Once the bedroom is finished, your child will also feel more of a sense of achievement knowing that they contributed to the decor, and enjoy their space even more.


It gives you some fun bonding time

Aside from the benefits decorating together will have on your child, another good reason to do so is that it gives you both some quality bonding time. From looking round furniture shops or online stores, choosing paint and wallpaper samples to working together to make sure everything’s in the right spot, you’ll be able to make memories that will last a lifetime!


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