Self Sleeping Habits for Infants and parents

When it comes to catching those all-important zzz’s the sleeping position you and your children choose could be affecting the quality of sleep as well as having negative impacts on the body. Your most loved sleeping pose could be the cause of aches and pains, tummy troubles and even premature wrinkles (for the parents). We wanted to address some of these issues and help you discover the best sleeping positions and childrens beds for you and your little ones.

Let them sleep alone

Babies ideally, shouldn’t co-sleep with a parent or adult for any reason. This is easily said than done. You could consider having your baby or infant sleep in the same room as you, just not in the same bed, especially for the first six months as recommended by the NHS. Placing your baby on their back to sleep from the very beginning, both during the day and night will reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) which brings us to our next point.

Put them on their back

Place babies on their backs to sleep every time. This position has reduced the amount of SIDS nationwide by more than 50% according to recent studies. As babies grow, it’s ok if they roll over on their own during their sleep. So long as you keep their sleeping area clear and have a tightly fitted sheet and firm mattress this should ensure a good sleep.

Making their sleeping space safe

It’s important not to allow babies or infants to sleep in an adult bed, on a sofa or in a chair. Instead, use safety approved cots, bassinet’s or for infant’s appropriate childrens beds. Make sure all sleeping spaces are kept clear, include a firm mattress, and are covered with a tightly fitted sheet. Objects such as toys, cushions and blankets should be kept out of the way. You may want to consider a one-piece wearable blanket rather than loose blankets to keep children warm.

Sleeping positions that are good

Sleeping on the back is recommended for a good night’s sleep. This posture also prevents neck and back pain by maintaining a neutral position for the head, neck and spine. It can also reduce the risk of acid reflux by keeping your head elevated above your stomach. And for adults, you’ll be please know can minimise wrinkles as there is nothing pushing against your face. The only downside to lying on the back is that it can encourage snoring.

Sleeping positions that are ok

So, if you wish to reduce the snoring perhaps you may want to try sleeping on the side as this elongates the spine. This, like sleeping on the back will also help to prevent acid reflux by keeping the head elevated above the stomach. For mums to be, however, this can be a useful position during pregnancy as sleeping on the left is ideal for blood flow. Unfortunately, though, it is considered bad for the face and breasts as it pushes on the body parts and can cause prominent sagging. 

Sleeping positions that are bad

Although another position that can be useful during pregnancy, the fetal pose can be considered bad for others. This position can have a bigger effect on adults as it increases arthritic pain as knees are bent for long periods of time. It can also be bad for the neck and spine posture and it is crucial not to curve your back too much. As well as this, curling up in your sleep can restrict deep breathing which is useful to slow your body and heart rate down making it easier to drift off to sleep.

Sleeping positions to avoid

Sleeping on the stomach should be avoided as it is difficult to maintain a neutral spine and can put pressure on joints and muscles which can irritate nerves leading to tingling, numbness and sometimes pain. This is usually the position that causes aching in the neck, shoulders or back. However, if you don’t suffer from body aches and pains and you often snore, then keeping the face down will help keep your upper airways open so perhaps this is the position for you.

As well as sourcing the right childrens beds we encourage you to find the perfect pillow and mattress to ensure you and your little ones get the best night’s sleep you deserve!