Steens for Kids

You need a kid’s bed that will grow with your family, and the Steens for Kids range is the perfect collection for this.

Here at Children’s Bed Shop, we understand that the needs of your children change as they grow up. So we are excited to introduce to you a variety of high-quality beds from Steens that do just this. From a girls mid sleeper bed to a Steens for kids bunk bed, this bed selection will have the perfect bed for your little people to rest their heads.

Choose a girls mid sleeper

The mid sleeper comes in white, whitewash, cool grey, two-tone and natural lacquer. The beauty of this bed is that it will grow or shrink, depending on what your family need. For £229 you can purchase the single bed with a mid sleeper kit. This means you have the choice of a single bed or a mid sleeper, depending on the size of the bedroom and the age of your child.

As your child grows, you can also purchase a high sleeper kit, transforming the bed into something for an older child. Or, you can buy another single bed and the bunk bed kit to make a Steens for kids bunk bed if your family is growing in numbers.

Accessorise with a mid sleeper tent

Turn going to bed into an adventure by adding a mid sleeper tent. These tents cover the bottom of the bed, transforming bedrooms into fun play areas. You can opt for a plain colour such a blue or pink. Or you could turn your child’s bedroom into a circus or a knight’s castle. By pairing your mid sleeper tent with a bed tunnel and a pocket tidy, you are making your child’s bedroom a place which will entice them to bed. And, we all want our tired little ones to go to bed without making a fuss!

If you really want to jazz up the sleeping experience, why not opt for a bed slide that attaches to the Steens for kids mid sleeper? Have your children sliding out of bed on a Monday morning eager for the day to start.

Consider bunk beds

A Steens for kids bunk bed is the perfect option for siblings who share a bedroom. Also available in a variety of colours, bunk beds help save space. They are also ideal for sleepovers and to help accommodate those extra guests so they will always come in handy.

Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that Steens for kids provide the perfect sleeping solution for your children. Buy a girls mid sleeper for £229 and enjoy free delivery!