At long last, we think that it is safe to say that the summer months are on their way! This year, summer 'starts' on Tuesday 21st June and 'ends' on Friday 23rd September. Now, we all know that this will be good news for those of you who love the heat and bad news for those of you who prefer a mild or cold climate. We understand why it might be bad news as over the last few years, the UK has had some absolutely scorching summer days with the highest temperature ever recorded being 38.7C.

Our homes were built with specific materials and in such a way so as to keep the heat in to help us stay warm during the winter months. Additionally, most of us do not have the benefit of air conditioning in our homes. This can result in some uncomfortable nights for all of us including our children. If you like sleeping, summer can sometimes stand in your way! Our bedrooms can still get quite hot on warm nights, not just on sweltering nights alone. You therefore may be wondering whether your child should use a child's blanket, duvet, or nothing at all in their child's bed on a summer night.

What to do with Babies

A child under one should use a cotton cellular child's blanket or a sleeping bag as duvets are a suffocation risk and may make your baby too hot. If the temperature in the room is between 24-27 degrees Celsius then your baby should be wearing either a sleeveless vest or just a nappy and a blanket or sleeping bag that is 0.5 tog. If the temperature in the room is higher than 27 degrees Celsius then your baby should be wearing just a sleeveless vest or a nappy.

Once your baby is over a year old then you can introduce a duvet if you wish, although, there are still quite a few benefits of keeping a blanket on your child's bed instead of a duvet. You can add and take away as many blankets as you please depending on the temperature, so it is easier for you to help regulate your child's body temperature. Your child can go to bed with a very thin cellular blanket during the summer months so that they are cool but still feel protected, for example. Blankets are also easier to store and wash.

Why Use a Duvet?

Duvets are a great option too as you can purchase hypoallergenic versions and colourful sheets with your child's favourite cartoon character on. If you think that you'd prefer a duvet on your child's bed, then make sure you purchase one with a 4.5 tog for the summer that your child can easily kick off if they are feeling the heat.

How Can We Help?

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