captains bed in the UK

The aptly named captains bed is inspired by space-saving furniture designs found on sailing ships. Space is at a premium on a boat so beds are designed to be higher off the ground with cleverly built-in storage underneath.

These beds are just as popular on-land as they are at sea. They are the perfect beds for children as they provide clever storage spaces that don't intrude on bedroom floor space. They are also perfect for adults so there will be no need to replace your child’s bed even as they grow.

The rise in popularity of the captains bed in the UK proves how versatile and helpful these beds can be. These multipurpose items provide fantastic storage solutions. Moreover, some captains beds also include pull out beds that are perfect for sleepovers.

Why choose a captain’s bed?

As parents, we all know that children accumulate stuff and you need somewhere to put all that stuff. Having a kids bed with drawers is the perfect solution for clearing away the clutter and stopping toys from invading your own space. Not only do they have drawers, but you can also choose beds that have shelves and even hidden extra beds.

When you look for a captain’s bed with storage, you should consider the following:

  1. Where the access to the storage is. This will dictate where the bed is positioned in the bedroom.
  2. What bedding you will need. You don’t want to hinder access to drawers and cupboards.
  3. What furniture you will no longer need. A captains bed with storage will mean you need less furniture in the bedroom, giving you more floor space.

Captain beds also come in many different designs and colours. You can choose from natural wood colours to the enduringly popular white which many people opt for in their child’s bedroom. The design of a typical captains bed in the UK is stylish and modern. Your child will just love spending time in their bedroom reading or listening to music.

How to choose a captains bed.

When you start shopping for a captains bed in the UK, you'll find that suppliers have a wide range of styles and storage solutions.

Maybe having a kids bed with drawers means you can put away out of season clothes or spare bedding. Perhaps a captains bed with storage that includes shelves means your child has easy access to books and toys. Plus, there is no excuse for them to leave them lying on the floor!

When choosing a captains bed in the UK, furniture suppliers, including us, have it covered.