Themed beds for kids - tipi cabin bed


Children’s themed beds could not only be the answer to resting those tried sleepy heads, but could also be an incredible alternative to redecorating, and splashing out on an entire new wardrobe - pardon the pun!  From regal ranking Princesses, to speed demon motorcar cyclists, we have a themed bed to fulfill every child's fantasy.

Fun and trendy beds not only add to children’s experiences of playing with their friends, but makes bedtime a lot more pleasant.  All the children’s themed beds at the children’s bed shop are manufactured using the highest quality pine, and finished to the best standard in order to complete a luxury design that suits children and parents alike.  From heightening kids imaginations, to keeping the bedrooms polished, we have a themed bed that can slot perfectly into your home.
Themed beds - JCB beds

A Variety of Themes to Choose From


The children’s bed shop offer unique screen printed designs, cleverly modeled around exciting characters and hobbies.  The Kidsaw JCB Digger bed takes inspiration from ‘Joey the JCB’, providing the ideal hangout for all those wannabe ‘fixer uppers’ and little builders.  The bold, bright, colours are not only attractive to children, but the Kidsaw also comes complete with a great toy box storage unit, to store all the handy tools.  Useful if you’re constantly digging your way out of children’s toys!


Sleepovers are More Fun

From time to time, there may be the need for your child to have a friend or relative stay over.  With little ones, there will always be the back of the mind worry - ‘will they settle?’ ‘What can I do to make their stay more enjoyable?’ Why not bring the den indoors, and recreate the space where children can spend time playing as well as sleeping.  Some of the themed beds include space underneath for a guest bed, so topping and tailing doesn’t even have to be an option!


Themed beds - house cabin bed


Space saving solutions


The children’ themed beds are not only good value for money, but provide the biggest benefit of all to parents - extra storage space!  Most beds come with the option of drawers and shelves to tidy away those clothes and toys. Matching furniture is also available to adapt the whole bedroom’s experience, from bookshelves to desks for all the homework tasks before playtime can commence!

From sailing ships, to busy buses, and all things glittery for the little girls, there are some fantastic sleeping ideas available on the website.  Bedtime will never be boring again! Allowing your children to be excited from the moment they awake from their cosy beds, to when they rest their sleepy heads!