Children’s bedrooms tend to get into a mess, no matter how inventive you are with the design. Fortunately, there are some great ways to brighten up your child’s bedroom and build-in some must needed storage space.

Fitted cupboards are one option. They enable you to pile up all the clutter in one space and shut the door! The internal space of fitted cupboards is also very versatile and can be arranged to suit your needs. They can contain a combination of clothes rails, drawers, shoe racks and shelves.

You can even install lighting so that you can see clearly when you are looking for things. There is an endless choice of door designs and space can be adapted as your child grows.

Central to the design of any child’s bedroom is the bed itself. To create a fresh and airy feel, girls white metal beds are a great option. The timeless design does not date and is just as suitable for a teenager as it is for a toddler. This means that you will get your money’s worth from the purchase. Because the headboard is not solid, it gives the room a sense of space and can make it appear larger.

Pair girls white metal beds with crisp cotton duvet sets for a contemporary feel or with patchwork bedspreads for a cosy country cottage vibe.

For keeping clutter out the way, you can’t go wrong with a boys bed with drawers. They come in a range of attractive designs and are robust enough to stand up to kids leaping on and off them. The drawers can be used for spare clothes and bedding and for toys that would have been strewn all over the floor. They work best with simple bed linen designs in geometric patterns and bold bright colours.

Why choose beds with underbed storage?

If you don’t have underbed storage, you have essentially wasted the space under the bed and this adds up to quite a large area. This space is highly likely to end up being. However, with random bags and storage cases pushed at various angles, it will end up looking untidy. Beds with underbed storage are the neatest option.

Another advantage is that you can reach the stored items easily. This is the main advantage over loft storage or storing things in high up cupboards.

Your child is able to take ownership of the space and organise their own things which encourages independence. It can be used to store toys that they play with infrequently.

In the summer, it is a useful space in which to store winter coats and boots. It can also be used to store spare bedding if you do not have space elsewhere in the house.