Nightmares are extremely common for children but there are things you can do to help them cope starting with your children's beds. Adults know that nightmares are not real but even then they can leave you feeling scared and upset. Imagine how a child must feel when they do not understand that the terrifyingly lifelike images they have experienced are simply a result of their imagination. Here's a few ways you can handle their nightmares.


Ghostly Giggles in your Children’s Beds


It can be tempting to laugh at your child's fear of the monster under their bed, the ghoul in the wardrobe or the cheese with legs that has been chasing them all night. It is important to remember that these things can seem very real to youngsters, however, and you don't want them to stop telling you about their fears. Instead, explain to your children that nightmares are just made-up things created by their brain and are not things that can ever hurt them.

Children’s Beds

If it’s monsters under the bed they are worried about, the Julian Bowen Stella Low-Sleeper Bed will show them the only thing under their bed is great storage place to make sure their room is always clean and tidy.  Encourage them to be brave, perhaps offering a treat if they manage to stay in bed all night. Just make sure they know you are nearby if they really need you and perhaps offer to keep checking on them regularly throughout the night.


Banish the Darkness Fear


Get out the torches and play games with your children in the dark. This will help them to understand that everything is still the same in their room even when the lights are off. It can also help explain how shadows are created, making them less frightening when they are alone. If your child is still worried, invest in a subtle night light to make them feel more secure like our Bendy Bunk Light. A teddy or blanket can also make them feel less alone and safer.

Children’s Beds

Monster Bashing


Use your imagination to battle the effects of theirs by inventing creative ways to keep the monsters and bad dreams at bay. How about having your own monster repellent spray to use before bed or a magic pillow that will frighten ghosts away? If that doesn't work maybe sleeping in a fairytale Knight’s castle will give them a sense of security. This Steens For Kids Two Tone Midsleeper with Knight Accessories is high off the ground and includes a protective tunnel to shelter them from the figures of their imaginations.

Children’s Beds

Watch What You Watch


Don't feed your child's imagination further by allowing them to watch scary films or listen to frightening stories. Even something youngsters see first thing in the morning can come back to haunt them late at night.


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