Choosing the right bed for your child can be time consuming with a wide range of fantastic beds available. There might be many factors to consider including your child’s age, size and space available. We’ve put together a few things you should think about before buying one of our favourites, the midsleeper.

Steens For Kids Midsleeper in Solid Plain White

What to Look For

Think about the height of the bed. Children move out of cots at various ages, often into a cot-bed, smaller version of a standard single or a single bed. Some parents consider a midsleeper or cabin bed, which gives some extra height and generally incorporates storage beneath.

A midsleeper is recommended for children of four or older. Alternatively, you might go straight for a high-sleeper, though they are not generally recommended for children under the age of six. Of course, these are guides, as all children are different.

Safe as Houses

Safety will be a big consideration. How the bed is constructed and how high are the safety barriers can be important factors. Will your child be comfortable with the steps or a ladder? Our midsleepers are a good height from the ground with only small ladders to climb.


Consider the mattress height when you’re looking at the safety bars. The recommended height for a midsleeper mattress depth is 6 inches. This keeps the rail high and is safer for a child.


Midsleepers are the perfect choice for children with small bedrooms. With different styles of storage on offer they give you the extra space you and your child needs. The storage options can be a chest of drawers, shelving, desk space or a cupboard. These are great for tidying away toys or keeping clothes neat.


Midsleepers are also a great option for play. With space for a little one underneath the bed they can make the greatest adventures with their own imagination. If your child’s imagination needs a little help a Steens bed in the bedroom with their creative tent options will help them have fun all day.

Many midsleepers will come flat-packed, so make sure you have space to put it together and someone to help you. It will be worth it in the end!