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Childrens Single Beds & Low Sleeper Beds

Children don’t just need comfort and support from their beds, they also need somewhere to feel safe and secure, as well as being fun! Here at the Childrens Bed Shop, we have a fantastic selection of Childrens Single Beds and Low Sleepers to suit any design and budget. We are proud to call ourselves Childrens Beds and Bedroom Furniture Specialists and this is evident through the wide range of single beds and low sleeper beds that we offer.

All of the single beds that you see on our website are supplied from some of the best names in children's bedroom furniture, from both British and European manufacturers, each specialising in the design and production of single beds for children and offering flexible, practical beds with simple and child-friendly designs.

We happen to think that our children’s single beds and low sleeper beds with storage are some of the best quality beds around. Offering not just quality, but the fun and stylish designs of our kid’s single beds will complement the look of any bedroom – and little ones are sure to love them too!

Kids single beds are also known as low sleeper beds and are all for sale at the best prices at the Childrens Bed Shop. No matter what style of single bed or low sleeper bed you are looking for, we will have it here at the Childrens Bed Shop.

When to move child from toddler bed to single bed

Moving your child from a toddler bed to a regular single bed is a big step. Most toddler beds use a standard crib mattress and are intended for use by children up the age of five. Beyond that age, your child may need more space or feel they’re ready for a more grown-up bed.

How long can a child use a single bed

Your child can sleep in a single bed from the age they transition from sleeping in a cot until they’re a teenager. There’s a trend towards double beds for children but budget and room size generally means that people opt for a toddler bed and then an adult size single for a growing child.

Single beds and low sleeper beds are the perfect bed for your child, whether you are looking to buy their first bed or perhaps a stylish low sleeper for your teenager, you are sure to find some inspirational ideas within this category.

What age can a child have a single bed

There’s no ‘ideal’ age when your child makes the transition to a regular single bed but it usually happens naturally between the ages of 2 and 3. If your child is climbing out of their cot or needs to use the toilet during the night, then it may be time to get a single bed.

If you are in the stage of planning the design of your child's bedroom or have any further questions about our range of Childrens Single Beds and Low Sleeper Beds, then please don’t hesitate to contact us where one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to help.