Midsleeper Beds

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Kids midsleeper beds are amongst our most popular products here along with loft beds and bunk beds at the Children’s Bed Shop. And for good reason - they are the ultimate storage solution. As well as providing a fun, safe and comfortable place for your kids to sleep, they also offer an abundance of space for storing all of their toys, books and games.

Because they come in a range of specifications and sizes, it is a simple to task to find the Kids Midsleeper bed that is the perfect fit for your child. The adaptability of our children’s Mid Sleeper Beds isn’t just limited to size though. We stock a huge variety of styles, meaning that you can be sure to find a design that you and your child love. Whatever your budget, we are sure you will leave with a bed that complements your bedroom completely.

From board games to cuddly toys, it can seem impossible to find the space to store the growing pile of all of your children’s things. Similarly to cabin beds, Midsleeper beds create space where previously none existed. By raising the position of the single bed and mattress, Midsleeper Beds innovatively create a space for storage beneath. What makes this really advantageous however, is the level of control over this space you have. The space can just as easily be used to install a wardrobe and a chest of drawers as a castle with a desk or a circus with a slide.

As always, the safety of your children is one of our primary concerns here at Children’s Bed Shop and because of that concern; we would advise that Midsleeper Beds are best suited for children above the age of six.

If you have any questions about our range of children’s midsleeper, please do not hesitate to get in touch - one of our friendly representatives will be on hand to help.