Children's Highsleeper Beds

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When it comes to choosing a new bed for your child, a highsleeper bed is a popular choice. Typically taller than cabin beds, they are usually around the height of a set of bunk beds, but the lower space is given over to storage or other usable space.

They make a good solution as they help you make the best use of room space. They also offer flexibility: you can choose a high sleeper with desk, wardrobe, or play space beneath. They are enduringly popular with children, who enjoy sleeping at height.

The traditional childrens high sleeper is best used for children aged six and over to minimise the risk of falling. You will need to choose your mattress with care, making sure that it will sit safely below the guard rail as this will prevent your child from rolling out of bed. If your child isn't ready for a highsleeper bed, then consider a mid-sleeper or captain's bed, both of which offer space-saving functions at a lower height.

While some highsleeper beds come with built-in furniture underneath, such as a high sleeper with desk, others have an empty space beneath giving you the versatility to use it for play or to fill it with your own furniture or storage for toys and clothes.