Boys Cabin Beds

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A cabin bed is a great choice for a boy's bedroom - not only does it provide a comfortable sleeping place but also it adds storage and a play area. Here at the Children's Bed Shop UK, we have a wide selection of boys cabin beds with storage and you are sure to find the perfect match for your space and budget. A cabin bed is a raised bed that usually comes with built-in storage solutions underneath. The bed is reached by a short ladder or steps, freeing up the space under the bed.

Cabin beds are not usually too high, although we supply high sleeper beds if you are looking for something with more space underneath. This type of bed is suitable for a wide range of ages. Our boys cabin beds come with a variety of storage options - depending on the model, you will find drawers, cupboards and/or shelves. Many cabin beds also come with a desk area, which is perfect for homework or play. You will also find cabin beds with plenty of room underneath for children to build fun dens, hiding places or tent. With some models, it is possible to add your own furniture underneath such as a desk or wardrobe Cabin beds are a fun and practical addition to any child's bedroom and an excellent space saver.

If you are furnishing a small room, a cabin bed is the perfect way to maximise the available space. They are also great in shared rooms, giving each child a clearly defined area in which to sleep, play, study, and keep their belongings.