Children's Lowsleeper Beds

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A lowsleeper bed is a single bed on a low frame which is accessed by a simple step, so young children can safely and easily get into bed by themselves. This helps to both support children's independence and promotes a positive bedtime routine. Lowsleeper beds are a perfect transition option for children moving on from toddler beds and are generally suitable for children aged 4 and up.

If you're looking for a space where your child can feel snug and safe, a lowsleeper cabin bed features raised ends and sides to give a sense of comfort and security, which is perfect for younger children but also a brilliant option for teenagers too. A lowsleeper cabin bed is also a great space saver, as they include additional storage which is especially handy for smaller rooms. Many lowsleeper beds feature desk space, drawers, shelves, or cupboards to store boxes and trays, allowing you to keep clothes, toys, and books tidy, maximising your child's space to play.

Each lowsleeper bed on our site is manufactured from quality materials for practical use. Our lowsleeper beds can also be complimented with comfortable mattresses and many come with complementary ranges of bedroom furniture. We have a huge range of lowsleeper beds from the top British and European brands including Julian Bowen, Thuka, Stompa, and Kidsaw, which are available in a variety of colours and fun, stylish designs to suit every child's individual personality, guaranteeing a great night's sleep for everyone!