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  • Making New Year’s Resolutions as a Family

    Start the new year fresh by making resolutions and encourage your little ones to do the same. You could turn the tradition into a goal for the whole family and encourage one another to stick to the new year’s resolutions you put in place. This activity will act as a valuable lesson to your children about setting goals and sticking to them. You can make this a fun way for kids to develop their decision-making skills and help them evaluate ways to make their ideas a reality. It is also a great way to get them to make promises to you whether it be to tidy away their toys under their new Julian Bowen mid sleeper Santa brought them or eat all their greens to put that all important smile on your face! It will bring you together as a family and allow you to share creative ideas encouraging your little ones to think of ways how they can achieve their new year’s resolutions and in doing so will also develop their problem-solving skills.

    Learn new things

    Working towards improving your children’s education is one of the most important resolutions you can make and encouraging them to learn new things is top of the list for 2019. Perhaps your little one would love to learn how to sing or play a musical instrument. Music will give your child the chance to express themselves. Sometimes children do not have the words to release their emotions and so music could be a great way for them to channel their feelings. Evoking movement through dancing is also a good way to help with their development and growth.

    Perhaps you wish to encourage your children’s listening skills in order to improve or continue good behaviour. It works both ways, as parents, you should take the time to listen to your children as they cannot always clearly explain their needs and how they are feeling. Learning to read outside of school is also a crucial step to aiding their learning development, encouraging them to take the lead during the bedtime story routine is an excellent way to enhance this.

    Child Bedtime Story - Help Child Unwind Before Bed

    Eat healthy

    When the new year starts, we look for ways to improve our lifestyle. Deciding to cut down on fast food such as pizza’s and burgers and opt for more vegetables and fruit will benefit both you and the kids. Base meals on the main food groups and include carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as fruit and veg. in order to boost their energy levels and limit the sugary food intake that sends them into crazy, hyper, out of control territory! Instead, use junk food as a treat so they don’t rely on the stodgy substances. Family pizza and film night on the weekend is an amazing way to treat everyone after a long week!

    Sleepover Food

    Help mummy and daddy tidy up

    Do you feel like you are forever picking up children’s toys after standing and injuring yourself on the latest Lego pieces? Making a new year’s resolution for your children to help you with the tidying up provides them with more responsibility and helps you with the chores – win, win! Perhaps investing in some new equipment for your little one’s bedroom isn’t such a bad idea? The Julian Bowen mid sleeper may be a great new addition as it has plenty of room for a play box underneath or attach a pocket tidy for their new Christmas books and toys.Julian Bowen midsleeper bed - Children's Bed ShopMaster milestones

    Milestones are great stages in our children’s lives that are so important to us and to them. Their resolution might be to learn how to use the big potty or tie their shoelaces using the legendary bunny ears or loop, swoop, pull routine. A resolution you might wish to set for them is learning how to walk. Take the time to show them how to master these skills and it will be equally rewarding on both parts.

    Always have fun!

    Embrace your inner child and always try to have fun with your kids! As overworked parents sometimes you need it! So, don’t be afraid of playing with children and acting like a goof in public. Actively playing, joking and having unlimited amounts of fun with kids really does create the best memories! Encourage their ‘out there’ ideas of becoming an astronaut to teleporting themselves to Legoland. A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing and will help to bring out the child in you that we often leave behind when we become adults.

    We hope that you all have your new year family goals written down and are working towards to achieving them!

  • Magical Ideas for your Children’s Bedroom

    Children’s imaginations often run wild, whether they’re slaying dragons, rescuing Princesses from high towers, running around as Cowboys and Indians or playing hide and seek before snuggling up with a bedtime story. Whatever excites them, why not help bring their fantasies to life and keep their childhood magic alive! Make the most of their fun and magical manner and decorate the bedroom to match. From blushing pinks and royal blues to their favourite themed character’s. Some of the ideas below can even be done as a family activity, aiming to create a sleeping space your child will always remember. Whether you’re showcasing artistic talents, sliding out of bed in the morning, or keeping it neutral by adding a pop of colour to the Children’s Bed Shop white mid sleeper cabin bed.

    Paint a mural

    Some prefer the neutral tones of a blank wall but why not use your white canvas to add a pop of colour to your child’s room.  Even if you’re thinking of adding a plain coloured wall, why not create a mural instead. Use anything from stencils to your own artistic talent or your children’s handprints, for that truly unique touch. Create an enchanted forest scene, a Joey JCB construction site or a Peppa Pig paradise and bring the bedtime stories to life! A feature wall is perfect to keep your child’s room different and can be updated in the future to coincide with their colour of the month, as their minds will often change…

    Be clever with colour

    As desirable as a coloured wall or mural might be, don’t go overboard, everything in moderation, right? You want to still be mindful of using colour sparingly, to keep the room open and as spacious looking as you can. If you can’t quite bring yourself to splash the paint on your beautifully blank painted wall, then perhaps add splashes of colour via a bedframe or bedding, or through a lampshade, cushions and rugs. We suggest the Children's Bed Shop white mid sleeper cabin bed. Add their favourite colour as a backdrop to the bed, include a coloured tent or simply add some playful accessories.

    Make a den

    Rather than a mismatch of bed sheets, poles and pillows, why not invest in a den your little one can crawl into every night they go to bed. Create a cosy corner underneath the bed complete with a coloured tent, add some fairy lights and it will be like you’re camping under the stars. The Children’s Bed Shop white mid sleeper cabin bed is perfect for adding coloured sheets, and they can be removed if you fancy striping it back to basics. Complete the den with bunting, books, soft toys and a little chair to provide the best tea parties a child could ask for.

    Add a bunk bed slide

    What could make a bunk bed more exciting? Perhaps the option to slide down from your bunk…that might help with the school run in the morning. Add some fun to your child’s room, especially when the darker evenings draw close and the cold wind is just too unbearable at the park.

    Theme it around something they love

    Use a theme to bring your child’s magical fantasies to life! Whether you base it on their favourite book character, Disney hero, or simply highlight their favourite colour. Watch their little faces light up and make their dreams a reality as they drift off to sleep and get lost in the magic of their bedroom.


  • Tips On Getting Your Children Back Into A Routine After Christmas


    bookcase for kids from Children’s Bed Shop

    If you have children, then once the beginning of December comes around it is difficult not to get caught up in the Christmas madness. There is the run-up to the big day itself, which is likely to be filled with Christmas plays, parties and fairs, while the actual holiday period can be a merry-go-round of visiting, hosting visitors, late nights and upheaval for your little ones, with no time to even read a book from a bookcase. So getting them back into a normal routine once Christmas is over will be a high priority. Follow some of our tips below to help you not only get your children back to normality but to encourage them to embrace it.


    Healthy Living

    Always associated with Christmas is over-indulgence in food and drink that we would not normally be having. One way to pull children back to normality is to start the new year with some healthy eating, but in order for them to embrace the idea, it needs to be fun as well as healthy. If they take packed lunches to school, then try to add a healthy twist by using creative ways of giving them fruit and vegetables. It may be that children received outdoor toys such as bikes and scooters for Christmas. If this is the case, then these are great reasons to get outdoors and get some exercise.


    Re-introducing a Routine

    The re-introduction of a routine, particularly for school, is something that can prove difficult after the excitement of the Christmas holidays. The main thing is getting children used to having a day with some sort of structure, as well as getting them back into the habit of going to bed at their normal bedtime. The routine can be disrupted not only because of Christmas itself but also because you may have had relatives staying over and people visiting, or you might have been away on holiday for Christmas.


    The best way to restart the routine is to begin a few days before school is due to start. Try to have a couple of days where breakfast is at a similar time as it would be on a regular week day, and then try making sure everyone gets dressed at a decent hour. Follow this by maybe having a day out. This will provide an opportunity to draw everyone away from the television and computer games and get them used to being out of the house. Bedtime will always be the most difficult to get right after a period of disruption. Starting earlier bedtimes in the couple of days running up to the return to school is a good idea, and rewarding good bedtime behaviour once school goes back may be worth considering. A bedtime story is a great way to settle a child ready for bed. Investing in a bookcase for kids from Children’s Bed Shop to fill with imaginative bedtime stories will make bedtime more exciting for even the most difficult of children.

    Hopefully, this has provided some useful ideas for returning to normality after the Christmas madness.


  • Back to School: 6 Tips for Getting Back into a Good Bedtime Routine

    Julien Bowen midsleeper bed

    A good sleep routine is essential to support growing bodies and minds. Naturally, we relax our routines during the summer holidays, but it’s important to make sure they’re re-established in time for the new school year. It’s easier said than done, but aspects like reintroducing a bedtime and investing in good bedroom furniture like the Julien Bowen midsleeper beds for your child can help.


    1. Re-establish Bedtime Two Weeks Ahead

    It may seem excessive, but studies show it takes at least two weeks for our body’s internal clock to fully adjust. A two-week transition makes it as effortless as possible.


    2. Take All Electronics Out of the Bedroom

    This includes games, TVs and phones. There’s no point sending children off to bed at a reasonable hour if they’re going to stay up two hours later without your knowing. What’s more, the blue light emitted from computers and tablet screens interferes with our brain's' ability to fall asleep for up to three hours after they’ve been switched off.

    3. Make Beds for Sleeping Not for Playing

    For many children, their bed is their only private space in the house, and as such it becomes a haven for reading and playing computer games. Offer your child a bean-bag in their room which it also theirs alone. This will help strengthen the association between the bed and sleep.


    4. Remove Distractions from the Room

    Make sure all toys and clothes are tidied away every evening before bed. If you’re short on storage space, consider investing in a Julian Bowen mid sleeper or other bed with added drawers and cupboards.


    5. Take Caffeine off the Menu

    Fizzy-drink consumption tends to rise as the weather heats up, but it’s important to remember most types contain caffeine that disturbs sleep. In the last two weeks before school, impose a ban on all sugary caffeinated drinks after midday. Prepare fruit juices with sparkling water as an alternative to take to the park so you’re not tempted to buy when you get there.


    6. Set a Good Example

    It’s no good telling the kids to watch less TV and go to bed at a reasonable hour if they know their parents aren’t doing the same. Make having a good and consistent bedtime routine a family thing. You’ll soon feel the benefit for yourself as well.


    These strategies are tried and tested, but remember consistency is the key. If you enforce the rules one day and not the next, your children will soon learn that bedtime is fully negotiable.


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